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Word Pieces – Week One Preview

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1 Word Pieces – Week One Preview
What word best describes your personality if you: Are interested solely in your own welfare? Constantly talk about yourself? Dedicate your life to helping others? Turn your mind inward? Turn your mind outward? Hate humanity? Hate women? Lead a lonely, austere existence? Mon.

2 Word Pieces for Week One How to Talk about Personality Types
Prefix, Root, Suffix Meaning Ego Alter Intro- Extro- Verto Ambi- Misein Anthropos Gyne Gamos Asketes Centrum self, I Other Inside Outside Turn Both Hate Humankind Woman Marriage Monk Center Mon.

3 Word Pieces for Week One How to Talk about Personality Types
Prefix, Root, Suffix Meaning Madness Right hand Left hand One Two Many Male Person who (noun suffix) Practice, custom, etc. (noun suffix) Adjective suffix Quality, condition, etc. (noun suffix) Mania Dexter Sinister Gauche Droit Monos Bi- Polys Andros -ist -y -ous -ity Mon.

4 Egoist Egotist Altruist Introvert Extrovert Ambivert Misanthrope
Misogynist Misogamist Ascetic Mon.

5 Egoist – believes in self-advancement
Egotist – talks about accomplishments Altruist - is interested in the welfare of others Introvert – turns thoughts inward Extrovert – turns thoughts outward Ambivert – turns thoughts both inward and outward Misanthrope – hates people Misogynist – hates women Misogamist – hates marriage Ascetic - does not pursue pleasures of the flesh Mon.

6 Bellringer YES NO Is an egoist selfish?
Is modesty one of the characteristics of the egotist? Is an altruist selfish? Does an introvert pay much attentions to himself? Does an extrovert prefer solitude to companionship? Are most people ambiverts? Does a misanthrope like people? Does a misogynist enjoy the company of a woman? Does an ascetic lead a life of luxury? Does a misogamist try to avoid marriage? YES NO

7 Tuesday – Guided Practice
Who lives a lonely, austere life? Whose interests are turned outward? Who is supremely selfish? Who hates people? Whose interests are turned both inward and outwards? Who is incredibly conceited? Who is more interested in the welfare of others than in his own? Who hates women? Whose interests are turned inward? Who hates marriage? Ascetic Extrovert Egoist Misanthrope Ambivert Egotist Altruist Misogynist Introvert Misogamist

8 Practice with Similar Words
Ego Egocentric Altruism To alternate To alter altercation One who is excessively fixated on her own desires, needs, etc. To change Argument One’s concept of oneself To take one, skip one, etc. Philosophy of putting another’s welfare above one’s own

9 More Practice with Similar Words
Egomaniacal Altruistic Alternative Alteration Alter ego Alternate (adj.) A change Other possible Interested in the welfare of others One’s other self A choice Morbidly, obsessively wrapped up in oneself

10 Bellringer - Wednesday
YES NO Is rejection usually a blow to one’s ego? Are egocentric people easy to get along with? Does an egomaniac have a normal personality? Are egomaniacal tendencies a sign of maturity? Is altruism a characteristic of selfish people? Are altruistic tendencies common to egoists? Is an alternate plan necessarily inferior? Does an alternative allow you some freedom of choice? Does alteration imply keeping things the same? Does excitable people often engage in altercations? Is your alter ego usually quite similar to yourself?

11 Wednesday – Guided Practice
one’s other self To change A heated dispute Excessively, morbidly obsessed with one’s own needs, desires, or ambitions Unselfish; more interested in the welfare of others than in one’s own Utterly involved with oneself; self-centered A choice One who substitutes for another Alter ego Alter Altercation Egomaniacal Altruistic Egocentric Alternative alternate

12 Various Forms of Words Person Practice, etc. Adjective
Misanthrope or misanthropist Misogynist Gynecologist Monogamist Bigamist Polygamist Polygynist Polyandrist Philanthropist anthropologist Misanthropy Misogyny Gynecology Monogamy Bigamy Polygamy Polygyny Polyandry Philanthropy anthropology Misanthropic Misogynous or misogynistic Gynecological Monogamous Bigamous Polygamous Polygynous Polyandrous Philanthropic Anthropological -ist = person -y = practice, attitude, etc. -ic or –ous = adjective

13 Wednesday – Guided Practice
Ambidextrous Dexterous Sinister Gauche Misanthropic evil, threatening Hating mankind Skillful Awkward Capable of using both hands with equal skill

14 Wednesday – Guided Practice
Anthropology Gynecology Monogamy Bigamy Misogyny System of only one marriage Hatred of women Illegal plurality of marriages Study of human development Study of female ailments

15 Wednesday – Guided Practice
Polygamy Misogamy Asceticism Philanthropy adroitness Devotion to a lonely and austere life Skill, cleverness Custom in which one man has many wives Love of mankind Hatred of marriage

16 Wednesday – Guided Practice
Polygynist Polyandrist Anthropologist Gynecologist Philanthropist Student of the development of mankind One who engages in charitable works Male with a plurality of wives Women’s doctor Female with a plurality of husbands

17 Bellringer - Thursday Can ambidextrous people use either the left of right hand equally well? Should a surgeon be manually dexterous? Is a sinister-looking person frightening? Is gaucherie a social asset? Is an adroit speaker likely to be a successful lawyer? Is a student of anthropology interested in primitive tribes? Does a gynecologist have more male than female patients? Is monogamy the custom in Western countries? Is a misogamist likely to show tendencies toward polygamy? Is a bigamist breaking the law? Is a philanthropist generally altruistic? Does a misanthropist enjoy human relationships? Does a misogynist enjoy female companionships? Are unmarried people necessarily misogamous? Are bachelors necessarily misogynous? Is asceticism compatible with luxurious living and the pursuit of pleasure? Does a polyandrist have more than one husband? YES NO

18 Thursday – Quiz Review Asceticism Misogyny Misogamy Misanthropy
Philosophy of living austerely Hatred of women Hatred of marriage Hatred of humankind Skillful Awkward Evil, threatening Describing hatred of women Skill Pertaining to hatred of marriage Pertaining to hatred of mankind Social custom of plural marriage Unlawful state of having more than one spouse Doctor specializing in female disorders Custom of one marriage at a time One who hates the human race Able to use both hands with equal skill Study of humankind One who loves humankind Skill in the use of both hands Asceticism Misogyny Misogamy Misanthropy Dexterous Gauche Sinister Misogynous or misogynistic Adroitness Misogamous Mistanthrophic Polygamy/polyandry/polygyny Bigamy Gynecologist Monogamy Misanthropist/misanthrope Ambidextrous anthropolology Philanthropist ambidexterity

19 Teacher Planning Mon: teacher gives roots and meaning, students come up with words they know, teacher goes over slide 1, slides 4-5 Tues: BR slide 6, whole class slides 7-9 Wed: BR slide 11, whole class slides 11-16 Thurs: BR slide 17, whole class slide 18, Fri: quiz

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