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INSIGHT Tabulators Election Workers’ Training November 2, 2010 Election.

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1 INSIGHT Tabulators Election Workers’ Training November 2, 2010 Election

2 Louise Stine County Clerk Clerk of the Circuit Court Carolyn Toliver Election Administrator & Frank Sampsell Chief Deputy *



5 The Insight tabulator will print the zero totals report. Verify all counts are zero on this tape and that the public counter on the tabulator is at zero.

6 The Totals Tape Sign the zero tape where indicated. DO NOT DETACH THE TAPE! Only one copy of zero tape is needed. (Precinct number and public counter will be displayed on LCD display) Sara Jones Ann Green Joe Smith Mary Haines

7 WHAT HAPPENS TO THE ZERO TOTALS TAPE ? IN THE MORNING: After the tape has been signed, it is left attached to the printer - DO NOT DETACH. AFTER THE POLLS CLOSE: It is left attached to the first totals tape that is run. IT IS THEN PLACED INTO THE LOCAL CLERK’S ENVELOPE.

8 Ballots, Ballots, Everywhere! Due to the length of the ballot, there may be a need to remove ballots from the ballot container that is under the tabulator. If this occurs, two workers from different political parties shall remove the ballots and store them in a locked and approved ballot container. The container does NOT need to be sealed with a state-approved seal until after the election.

9 ASSISTING THE ELDERLY OR A VOTER WITH DISABILITIES vIf a voter asks the election workers for assistance, the voter does not need to give a reason for the request. vBe careful to not say anything that would influence the voter’s choices.

10 Assisting Voters Cast Ballots A complete record must be made on the Remarks Page whenever a voter receives assistance Under state law two inspectors of different political parties must assist the voter Under federal law a voter who is blind, disabled or unable to read or write may designate a person to assist him or her

11 ASSISTING THE ELDERLY OR A VOTER WITH DISABILITIES (continued) (continued)  The voter’s assistant may be of any age.  Ask the voter if he or she requires assistance due to blindness, disability or inability to read or write. Advise the voter that a simple yes or no answer is sufficient.  The assistant must be asked if he or she is the voter’s employer or agent of the employer or of a union that the voter belongs to.  Make a note on the remarks page of the poll book if a voter brings someone to assist them in the voting booth. If a voter brings someone to assist them in the voting booth, follow these steps:


13 REMEMBER Unlike a primary a general election a voter can vote a straight party and also vote for candidates in another party.


15 Are required when…… Voting for 1 st time in Michigan. (MVIP/ID will be next to voter’s name on Poll List.) If voter cannot satisfy ID requirement, they are issued a provisional/envelope ballot. 4 step process not required. Registered by a mail-in application. (MVIP/ID will be next to voter’s name on Poll List) If voter cannot satisfy ID requirement, they are issued a provisional/envelope ballot. 4 step process not required. Federal I.D. Requirements *Not allowed to sign affidavit on back of Application to Vote.

16 Photo I.D. Driver’s license (any state) Personal ID card (any state) Government-issued ID card Passport Student ID card Military ID Employee ID Tribal ID Acceptable Forms of Federal I.D.* *Must be current and valid. I.D. That Must Contain Voter’s Name & Address (Issued within last year) Paycheck or stub Social Security check statement Government or military paycheck or stub Tax return check or statement issued by IRS or State of Michigan Gas, phone, or other utility bill Bank or credit union statement Other Documents (Must Contain Voter’s Name & Address) Vehicle registration Electronic Benefit Transaction card (EBT) Dept. of Social Services card (DSS) Medicare or Medicaid card Veteran’s ID card Lease agreement for public housing or subsidized housing Public housing ID card Tuition statement or bill from public college or university Correspondence from federal, state or local government Discharge certificate, release papers, pardon or other official document issued in connection with the resolution of a criminal case, indictment or sentence. Discount card issued by public transportation authority Marriage license

17 If voters do not have photo ID with them… They may sign the affidavit on the back of the Application To Vote or… They may show other forms of ID. Michigan I.D. Requirements Are Required At All Elections

18 Acceptable Forms of Michigan I.D. Photo I.D. Driver’s license Personal state ID U.S. Passport Military ID Student ID from high school, college or university Tribal ID Procedure if Photo I.D. Leaves Voter’s Identity in Question. If voter offers a reason (hair loss, weight gain, etc.) and that resolves the issue, you may issue a ballot to the voter. You may also ask the voter for additional ID. If neither of these resolve the issue, you then issue an AFFIDAVIT ballot. The voter DOES NOT have to complete the 4-Step Procedure.

19 REMEMBER ! Michigan I.D. requirements apply for ALL elections. Federal I.D. requirements apply for: 1. Voters who registered by mail. 2. Voters who never voted in Michigan before.

20 What Do You Check On A Voter’s ID? 1. The voter’s photograph 2. The voter’s name Does The ID Need the Voter’s Address? No. Picture ID that does not show the voter’s address is acceptable. I. D. Questions

21 Can A Voter Be Challenged Because They Do Not Have Picture ID? No. However, if the challenger “has good reason to believe” that the voter is not qualified to vote in the precinct, the voter may be challenged. If You Know The Voter, Do You Still Have To Ask For ID? Yes, all voters are required to show ID or complete and sign the ID affidavit.

22 Federal ID Requirements This only applies to voters whose names appear on the QVF poll list with an I.D. requirement in the NOTES section (for voters who have never voted in Michigan or who registered by mail). Acceptable Forms of ID 1. Picture ID 2. Paycheck 3. Government Check 4. Utility Bill 5. Bank Statement 6. Government Document Which Lists Voter’s Name and Address Procedure If ID Cannot Be Established Voter must sign the affidavit for Michigan ID requirements. Voter must vote a provisional ballot and ballot must be secured as an “envelope” ballot. Perform the following steps: 1. Check the ID box on the outside of the provisional ballot security envelope. 2. Mark the outside of the envelope “Federal ID Requirement”. 3. Give voter the provisional ballot notice. The completion of the Four-Step Procedure Form is NOT necessary (this is only necessary when the voter’s name does not appear on the QVF list). ID REQUIREMENTS Michigan ID Requirements After voters complete Application to Vote forms, ASK EVERY VOTER FOR PICTURE I.D. Acceptable Forms of ID 1. Driver’s License Or Personal ID Issued By Any State 2. Federal Or State Government-Issued Photo ID 3. U. S. Passport 4. Military Photo ID 5. Student Photo ID From A High School Or Accredited Institution of Higher Education 6. Tribal Photo ID Procedure If ID Cannot Be Established All voters must sign the “Affidavit of Voter Not in Possession of Picture ID” before voting. This Includes voters that you personally know. Additional Implementation Points A voter not in possession of picture ID and who refuses to sign the affidavit may not vote and should be referred to the clerk. Such a voter would not be eligible for a provisional ballot. Picture ID that does not show the voter’s address is acceptable. Voters cannot be challenged just because he/she is not in possession of picture ID.; they may be challenged if a challenger has “good reason to believe” that the person is not qualified to vote in the precinct.


24 “MOVE” = Military and Overseas Voter Empowerment Act. This was signed into law in October Michigan passed 4 bills to conform with this federal legislation in the spring of THE “MOVE” ACT

25 MOVE ACT Continued The new laws allow: 1.Military and overseas voters the opportunity to receive AV ballots via the internet. The voter would receive the ballot via , print the ballot, vote it and then mail it back to the clerk. 2.Establishes a 45-day delivery deadline.

26 THE “MOVE” ACT & ABSENTEE BALLOTS On election day, if you receive an absentee ballot in a plain envelope and not a regular AV envelope, it is probably a ballot that comes under the “MOVE” Act. You will need to follow the following procedures to properly process a “MOVE” Act ballot.

27 Processing a “MOVE” Act Ballot 1.Open the envelope. 2.Without looking at the ballot, remove the signature certificate. 3.If there is no signed signature certificate, mark the envelope as “rejected”. 4.Compare the signature on the certificate with the signature on the Application for an Absentee Ballot. 5.If the signature does not agree, contact the clerk.

28 Processing a “MOVE” Act Ballot Continued 6.If there are multiple pages to the ballot, staple them together. 7.If the signature on the Application matches the signature on the Signature Certificate, place the ballot into the Auxiliary Bin. 8. After 8:00 PM duplicate ballot.


30 Types of Jammed Ballots 1.Ballot has been processed/counted: a. Workers unlock side door b. Ballot is pulled out of the bottom of the tabulator and dropped into the ballot container 2. Ballot has NOT been processed/counted: a. Workers unlock side door b. Ballot is placed into a secrecy sleeve and returned to the voter c. Voter re-inserts ballot into tabulator

31 1. Check VOTING BOOTHS to ensure pens are still working and no campaign literature has been left in booths. 2. Check tabulator PUBLIC COUNTER NUMBER - this MUST match the number of apps to vote AND the number of names listed in poll book. 3. Check outside your precinct; CAMPAIGNERS must be 100’ away from doorway to precinct. HOURLY PRECINCT CHECK

32 Campaigning at Polls Inspectors have the authority AND the responsibility to ask voters to remove campaign buttons and conceal literature or clothing bearing campaign information


34 WHAT IS AN EXIT POLLSTER ? How far away do they need to stand from the precinct door ?

35 Can the media film or take pictures in your precinct?


37 1.Only use marking pen in the voting booth 2.How to properly mark your ballot 3.Do not vote for more candidates than listed in the heading of each office 4.Remember to vote the front and back of your ballot 5. If there are “CERTIFIED” write-in candidates, explain the proper procedure for writing in a candidate’s name DO NOT OFFER VOTERS THE NAMES OF ANY WRITE-IN CANDIDATES. INSTRUCTIONS FOR VOTERS

38 REJECTED BALLOTS REMEMBER THAT ELECTION WORKERS CANNOT VIEW THE VOTER’S BALLOT. Election workers should read the following statements to any voter who has a ballot rejected due to a voting error.

39 REJECTED BALLOTS AND S.O.S. RECOMMENDED RESPONSES REJECTED BALLOT DUE TO BLANK BALLOT: and “If you do not wish to re-mark your ballot, we will be happy to accept it as presented; please know that no votes will count.” “The tabulator has rejected your ballot because it does not read any votes on the ballot.” “If you wish to cast votes on this ballot, return to the voting booth and re-mark your ballot with the marking pen in the voting booth.”

40 REJECTED BALLOTS AND S.O.S. RECOMMENED RESPONSES VOTER HAS OVERVOTED “The tabulator has rejected your ballot because you have (cast more votes for an office than allowed) or (voted in more than one party primary).” and “If you wish to correct this error, we will be happy to supply you with a replacement ballot.” and “If you do not wish to correct this error, we will be happy to accept your ballot as presented; please know that any invalid marks will not be counted.”



43 THE SIX THINGS YOU CHECK ON THE PRECINCT POLL LIST: 1. Name - correct spelling 2. Address - correct number & spelling 3. Date of Birth 4. Was voter mailed an AV ballot? 5. Is there a challenge or verification for this voter? 6. Is there a driver’s license or state identification number?


45 StatusCodeDescription What to do BEFORE allowing to vote AV Absent Voter Ask voter to surrender absent voter ballot before allowing to vote. If voter does not have ballot, call clerk’s office to confirm that it hasn’t been returned to city or township hall. CH1Age Ask voter for verification of age such as a driver’s license or birth cert. CH2Business Address Ask voter to verify that registration address is home address and not business address. CH3Citizenship Ask voter to confirm that he/she is a citizen of the United States. CH4ID Card Returned Ask voter to confirm address. CH5Residency Ask for identification, confirm address, and have voter fill out a change of address form if current address is different than that listed in the poll book. CH6Registered by Mail Ask for identification and make sure all information is correct. MVIP Must Vote in Person Ask for identification, confirm address and identity. ID Must show ID Voter must show identification before voting. V21Confirm Address Ask for identification, confirm address, and have voter fill out a change of address form if current address is different than that listed in the poll book. V22Correct Address Ask for identification, confirm address, and have voter fill out a change of address form if current address is different than that listed in the poll book. V23Date of Birth Ask for identification and make note on remarks page in poll book and include correct date of birth. V24Signature Needed This is required: Ask for identification and have the voter fill out and sign a new voter registration card. V25Confirm Citizenship Ask for identification. V30Confirm Address Voter surrendered Michigan driver’s license. Ask for identification with correct resident address. Poll List Notes AV = AV Ballot was issued CH = Challenged MVIP = Must Vote In Person V = Verify

46 Voters Who Have Moved Move made within same city or township... –Have the voter complete an Election Day Change of Address Notice –Deliver the completed notice to the clerk at the close of the polls

47 Voters Who Have Moved (Continued) Move made to a different city or township –If the move was made within 60 days of the election and the voter has not reregistered in the new city or township, have the voter complete a Cancellation Authorization –Deliver the completed notice to the clerk at the close of the polls


49 The Auto MARK Terminal

50 AutoMARK Reminders 1.Remove ballot stubs BEFORE voters use the AutoMARK terminal; place into plastic sleeve on front of secrecy sleeve with app to vote. 2.The terminal must be positioned so that the front is turned away from anyone in the precinct. 3.Voters requesting assistance in voting his/her ballot, must be offered the use of the AutoMARK. 4.Any voter who wishes to use the AutoMARK may do so. Voters should never be discouraged from using this equipment.


52 Under what circumstances would you override a ballot? When an absentee voter casts more votes than there are candidates to be elected. In the precinct, the voter would be offered a new ballot. With an absentee ballot, this ballot would NOT be duplicated unless the overvote was caused by an invalid write-in vote.




56 Reasons for Issuing a Challenged Ballot Challenged Ballot U.S. Citizenship AgeResidency Date of Registration

57 Reasons for Issuing a Provisional / Envelope Ballot * Provisional / Envelope Ballot Cannot Satisfy Federal or Michigan ID Requirement Name Not Listed On Poll List * Must complete 4-step affidavit form.

58 Would the following require a challenged ballot or provisional/envelope ballot? Different address than on poll list but in same city or township Address Form Question Regarding ResidencyChallenged Not on Poll List Prov / Envelope Question Regarding Age Challenged Not Registered By Deadline Challenged Question Regarding Citizenship Challenged

59 Question regarding ID if picture doesn’t match person Prov / Envelope Federal ID Requirements (never voted in Michigan) Prov / Envelope ID issued by another state No action Challenged vs. Provisional / Envelope Voter’s I.D. does not confirm identity Affidavit ballot, does not complete 4-step affidavit

60 CHALLENGED BALLOTS A voter who is issued a challenged ballot may vote the ballot and the ballot is counted in the precinct on election day. Voter is challenged for: Age Residency Citizenship Not on poll list (follow 4-step procedure) PROVISIONAL BALLOTS A voter who is issued a provisional/ envelope ballot may vote the ballot, seal the ballot into a provisional ballot envelope. The “envelope” ballot along with the 4-step affidavit form is returned to the city or township clerk at the end of the day. A provisional ballot is issued when a voter’s name does not appear on the poll list and AFTER the voter has completed the 4-step affidavit form OR if a voter is unable to satisfy federal ID requirements.

61 PROVISIONAL BALLOT 4 STEP PROCESS KEEPStub Attached. Allow Voter to Vote Ballot in Security Sleeve. Place in Provisional Envelope. Issue Notice to Voter. "YES" All4 Questions Detach Stub. Allow Voter to Vote Ballot. Deposit Ballot in Tabulator to be Counted. Issue Notice to Voter. Prepare Challenged Ballot. Write and Conceal Ballot Number on Reverse Side of Ballot. Enter Voter's Name in Poll Book. “AFFIDAVIT BALLOT" Prepare Challenged Ballot. Write and Conceal Ballot Number on Reverse Side of Ballot. Enter Voter's Name in Poll Book. "ENVELOPE BALLOT" "NO" Any 4 Questions Voter Registration Form Complete Affidavit CALL LOCAL CLERK

62 Remember To Write “ Envelope ” Next To Voter’s Name

63 CHALLENGED BALLOTS A voter who is issued a challenged ballot may : Vote the ballot Insert ballot into tabulator PROVISIONAL BALLOTS A voter who is issued an envelope ballot: Must complete the 4-step affidavit form Vote the ballot Seal the ballot into a provisional ballot envelope Return sealed envelope to election worker * *The “envelope” ballot along with the 4-step affidavit is returned to the city or township clerk at the end of the day.

64 CHALLENGING A BALLOT 1. Quietly and with as much tact as possible explain to the voter the reason his or her right to vote is being challenged. 2. Explain to the voter that if no cause is found to disallow the voter’s ballot, then all the votes cast on the ballot will be counted. 3. Follow the “Challenge Procedures” for challenging a ballot on the back of the page for CHALLENGERS/POLL WATCHERS in the Secretary of State’s flip chart.


66 Challengers are appointed by political parties and interest groups. Challengers may:  O bserve the processing of voters and ballots from within the voting area  C hallenge a person’s qualifications to vote.  C hallenge the actions of election inspectors.  S erve in more than one precinct.  E xamine all equipment, forms and records.

67 Challengers must: CHALLENGERS CONTINUED  Possess and display a challenger card to the chair upon entering the precinct; the card must be issued by a party or organization.  Conduct themselves in an orderly manner.  May not touch any election equipment or materials.  Be registered to vote in the state.

68 CHALLENGERS CONTINUED Challengers may NOT:  Each political party or interest group may appoint TWO challengers per precinct or one per AV counting board.  Be a candidate (except a precinct delegate candidate for a different precinct).  Be an election inspector.  Campaign in the precinct.


70 10:04Henry Walker Joe Miller Main Street Name not on poll list x

71 To write challenged next to voter’s name To complete information on challenge page in back of poll book REMEMBER:

72 Challengers and Poll Watchers may use cell phones in the polling place as long as they are not disruptive or intrusive.

73 It’s up to you to ensure that this is NOT an adversarial relationship!


75 WHAT DO YOU DO WITH A SPOILED BALLOT? Only four things: The voter then places the ballot into the Spoiled/Defective Ballot Envelope. 4. Keep a tally of the spoiled ballots and the defective ballots on the outside of the envelope. 1.Remove the ballot stub (while the ballot is still in the secrecy sleeve). 2. Write “spoiled” on the top of the ballot. 3.Write the new ballot number on the application to vote and next to the voter’s name in the poll book.


77 Bob Walters

78 llll lll Nov. 6, 2007 Best Twp. 1 Berrien

79 REMEMBER ! If you have a voter who spoils multiple ballots, direct them to the AutoMARK voter assist terminal.

80 If you have voters waiting in line to vote at 8:00 P.M., one election worker should stand at the end of the line so that more voters cannot join the line. All voters waiting to vote at 8:00 P.M. should be processed and allowed to vote. Announce the Close of the Polls


82 Write-in Votes If voters ask who the write-in candidates are, direct them to your city or township clerk. Your city or township clerk will give each precinct a list of VALID write-in candidates after 8:00 P.M. on election day. Any other write-ins are not valid and should not be counted or recorded on the write-in page in the poll book. Invalid write-ins CANNOT cause an “overvote” or a “split” ballot.

83 POLL BOOK WRITE-IN PAGE Valid write-in votes are tallied only on this page. After the tally is complete, this information must be transferred to the Statement of Votes. Henry Hudson Trustee What makes a write-in vote valid? Remember to enter total votes here! The number of votes listed here should be checked against the number of write-in votes listed on the tabulator tape. Hank Hudson Trustee H. Hudson Trustee Henry Hudsen Trustee1 1 2



86 FWAB = Federal Write-in Absentee Ballot This is a special write-in ballot used to vote for federal offices only. These ballots may be used by persons in the military, their spouses and dependents. U.S. citizens traveling/living overseas may also use the FWAB.

87 FWABs are counted in the following manner: After 8:00 PM all federal write-in absentee ballots shall be duplicated and electronically tabulated.

88 In This November 2 nd Election Federal Write-in Ballots May Only Be Used by Voters To Vote For U.S. Representative in Congress. IMPORTANT! Any other names written-in SHOULD NOT be counted.


90 1 Best Township Nov. 2, Jane SmithAnn Green Jane Smith Ann Green John Doe Mary Ann Byrd Alice Jones

91 What is so important about balancing the ballot summary?

92 If the summary page of the poll book does not balance, the precinct cannot be recounted!


94 Note this! 1 Best Township Nov. 2, Henry Hudson Trustee 10 Hank Hudson Trustee 3 H. Hudson Trustee 4 Henry Hudsen Trustee 2

95 CAN’T BALANCE? 1. Did you check that ALL AV’s are accounted for? 2. Have ALL ballots been removed from auxiliary bin? 4. Did you record ALL of the spoiled ballots? 5. Did you make a note of ALL jammed ballots? 6. Have ALL names on apps to vote been entered in poll book? 7. Have ALL provisional ballots been accounted for? 8. Has any voter’s name been entered in poll book twice? 3. Have ALL duplicated ballots been accounted for? 9. Have you checked the tabulator tape that ran throughout the day? 10. Count you ballots – make sure the number matches the number of voters listed in the poll book.


97 Duplicating Ballots WHY ? WHO ? WHEN ?

98 If a voter in the precinct votes his/her ballot and the ballot is defective and the voter does not have time to vote another ballot, what would happen to this ballot? This ballot should be: 1.Placed into the auxiliary bin. 2.Duplicated after 8 P.M.

99 How to duplicate a ballot ? 1.Take the original ballot and mark it “original 1”. 2.Take one blank ballot and mark it “dup 1”. 3.Follow this pattern for all ballots to be duplicated i.e. “original 2” – “dup 2”.

100 ITEMS NEEDED TO SEAL A BALLOT CONTAINER: 1.Plastic Pull-Tight Seal 2. Flat Metal Seal With Ball at end with a Black Horseshoe 3.Ballot Container Certificate *If you use a plastic seal, you do NOT need the black horseshoe.

101 MEMORY PACK TRANSFER BAG (BLUE NYLON BAG) The only items that need to go into the transfer bag are: 1.Memory Pack inside pink, bubble envelope 2.Flashcard inside the plastic case 3.A completed Precinct Transfer Container Certificate in clear plastic sleeve DO NOT USE ANY TYPE OF WIRE SEAL ON THE TRANSFER BAG.

102 What should you do if the ballot container is sealed and you find something else that needs to go into the container?

103 Who is Entitled to a Copy of the Vote Totals After 8:00 P.M.? I recommend that an extra tape be run and posted in the precinct for the media and all interested parties.

104 Close of Registration: October 4, 2010 Moved within 60 days: September 3, 2010



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