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Election Management Project

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1 Election Management Project
State Election Commission, Maharashtra

2 Objectives Authentic Organized Local Touch Transparent Self Sufficient
Following are the FIVE major parts of EMP – 1) Website for SEC, Maharashtra, 2) Web based software for Voter List Preparation, 3) Voter Search Engine & Web pages for LB / ULB, 4) Voter Auto reply able SMS, 5) Voter List Printing – Draft Roll, Final Roll & Booth wise Roll Authentic Organized Local Touch Transparent Self Sufficient Quick & Efficient

3 EMP Services Portfolio
Centralized Management Bilingual website for State Election Commission Election website for Corporations, Councils , Zilla Parishad Web based Voter Search Engine Auto Reply SMS Voter Search Electoral Ward Maps integrated with Google Call Center / Voter help line Centralized Voter List preparation Software Printable electoral roll (with voter photo) Reliable and secure messaging RO ARO Management Candidate nomination management Authentic Election results publishing Voter awareness Street plays in local languages Flex hoardings Public appeal Citizens and Media Election Staff Initiatives and campaigns Easy Content management Cloud based web hosting Customizable Platform

4 State Election Commission Website

5 Website for Each Local Body
Election Websites for – 17 – Corporations 220 – Councils 10 – Zilla Parishad

6 E-Yadi Web Application

7 E-Yadi Photo - Roll

8 Search Engines – Web and SMS

9 Google Maps Integration & Visitors Hits
Visitors List More than 6 lakhs visitors in 2 years to Total 18 lakh visitors to all websites

10 Staff Training and Support
EMP induction training provision at 6 divisional offices in Maharashtra Election staff never left alone. Onsite coordinators help staff for updating websites, preparing electoral rolls 24x7 availability of Technical support staff during election times Thank You!

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