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Empowering, mobilizing and protecting the rights of Asian American and Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander (AANHPI) Voters. 1.

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1 Empowering, mobilizing and protecting the rights of Asian American and Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander (AANHPI) Voters. 1

2 Low-Propensity AANHPI Voters Outreach -First time, youth or infrequent voters -Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Japanese, Filipino, Thai, Cambodian, South Asian, & Pacific Islander -Southern California -Partnering w/ 13 community organizations -Five $1,000 Innovative Youth Grants Direct Voter Contact -Education Mailers -Bilingual & Culturally Component Phone Banks -Priority Issue Surveys -Community Outreach Voter Kits -Tabling at community events, churches & schools -Media (mainstream, ethnic & social) -Bilingual Voter Hotlines in 5 languages Voting Rights - Poll Monitoring on Election Day 2

3  Census  Count our community  Redistricting  Draw district lines  Citizenship  Naturalization  Advocacy  Meet w/ Electeds to push public policy  Legal  Lawsuits against voter suppression  Voting Rights  Poll Monitoring  Research  Ballot Box reports & Surveying Voters  Campaign  Empower & Mobilize voters APALC & Civic Engagement 3

4 Asian American, Native Hawaiian & Pacific Islanders 17 million Asian Americans 1.2 million NHPIs 15% of Asian Americans live in California 1,552,129 Asian Americans and NHPIs live in Los Angeles County 68% of people old enough to vote are citizens 55% of people eligible to vote are registered 4

5 Voting AANHPIs…. Need to be naturalized Need to be registered Largely unaffiliated with a party politics Need to be educated on issues Need to be supported to vote 293,000 AANHPIs in LA County voted in 2008 November Elections 3.37 million voters total in Los Angeles 5 Source: Asian Americans at the Ballot Box 2008 by APALC

6 Why is Voting Important Asian American & NHPI Community VOTE Money Media Politicians -Public Policy -Legislation - Budget LAW Barriers to AANHPI Voting -Access to information -Access to mechanics of voting -Access to engagement -Access to in-language resources -Access to protection of voting rights ISSUES - Health issues - Immigration - Civil rights - Education 6

7 Tax the Wealthy for Schools and Services (Prop 30) Budget Process Reform (Prop 31) Corporate Power Grab (Prop 32) Mercury Insurance Rate Grab (Prop 33) End the Death Penalty (Prop 34) Human Trafficking Sentences (Prop 35) Reform Three Strikes (Prop 36) Food Labeling (Prop 37) Across the Board Income Tax Increase for Schools (Prop 38) Green Jobs (Prop 39) Senate District Lines (Prop 40) What’s On the Ballot?

8 What does Prop 30 Do? Invest in Our Future Raises $6-9 billion a year in new revenue for schools and essential services Creates a protected trust fund for K-12 Education Makes Everyone Pay Their Fair Share 90% of the funding comes from the wealthy Begins to Restore Cuts Raises $5.6 Billion each year to begin the process of restoring cuts If it doesn’t pass, we’ll face $6Billion more in cuts

9 90% of revenue comes from incomes above $500,000. The sales tax amounts to a penny more on a $4.00 Hamburger 7 Year Income Tax Increase on the Wealthy How is the Money Raised

10 10 What else is on the ballot? PROP 38 PROP 30 PROP 39

11 Why should you vote? Voting Allows Your Voice to Be Heard Represent Your Community Influence Important Public Policy Decision It is Your Right to Vote People Have Fought For Your Access to Voting We Have a Legacy to Voting: Prezi Link 11

12  A U.S. Citizen  At least 18 years old on or before Election Day  Not in prison or on parole for a felony  Not declared mentally incompetent  Need to be a US citizen living in a state (and not in a US territory or commonwealth) Who Can Vote 12

13  Pick up a voter registration form at a library & post office  Register online – widget w/ 18 Million and Rising  Register by October 22, 2012  Verify if you’re registered to vote: 1. Register to Vote 13

14  Learn about the various ballot initiatives and candidates   Request bilingual sample ballots and resources at 2. Get Educated What Am I Voting On? President US Representative CA State Senators CA State Assembly members Propositions 30-40 Local Races Election Day is Tuesday, November 6 th, 2012 14

15  Vote By Mail  Last day to request is Oct 30 th  Vote at the Polls  Tuesday, Nov. 6 th, 2012  Find your polling place and what you are voting on: 3. Vote! 15

16 16

17 Questions? Comments? Voter Hotline: 213-241-0213 Korean Hotline: 213-241-8840 Chinese Hotline: 213-241-8841 Khmer Hotline: 213-241-8842 Vietnamese Hotline: 213-241-8843 Thai Hotline: 213-241-8844 Tagalog Hotline: 213-241-8845 17

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