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Influences on Voter Turnout

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1 Influences on Voter Turnout
Political Participation, Public Opinion, and Political Parties

2 Factors Affecting Voter Turnout
Schooling and Information Most educated vote the most Age 40-70 year olds – highest turnout 18-25 year olds – lowest turnout Race African-Americans vote at about the same rates as whites when comparing socio-economics

3 Maps to Load Before Class

4 Factors Affecting Voter Preference
Geography South (Republican), Northeast (Democrat) Stronger Candidates Time Realigning or critical elections (ex: 1932) Party Affiliations (strongest predictor) Demographics Sex, race, social class, religion Issues Retrospective (have things gotten better) Prospective voting (looking ahead at what will be done)

5 Factors Affecting Voter Turnout
Level of Education Income Age Race

6 Cross Pressured Voter Caught between two conflicting elements in his or her own life Religion High Income Peer Group

7 Strong vs. Weak Party Voter
How likely are you to vote for the other party? Straight Party Ticket?

8 Other Factors Candidates Image How is a candidate perceived?
Which candidate would you rather have dinner with?



11 Percentage of Voter Turnout
Year % Turnout 1964 61.9% 1968 60.7% 1972 55.2% 1976 53.5% 1980 52.6% 1984 53.1% 1988 50.1% 1992 55.1% 1996 49.1% 2000 51.2% 2004 55.3% 2008 61.6% 2012 58.2%

12 What About Positions on Issues?
Social Security Health Care Taxes Education Marriage Equality Abortion War on Terror Environment

13 Election 2014 What are the issues being decided by the 2014 Gubernatorial election?

14 Some Maps

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