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The bare bones of the CTU election campaign PSA YOUTH CONFERENCE MAY 2014.

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1 The bare bones of the CTU election campaign PSA YOUTH CONFERENCE MAY 2014

2 We can change politics There are more than enough registered voters who do not support the current policies of National and its support parties – they can change politics in September with their votes. The gap between the National+ bloc and the Labour/Green+ bloc is very narrow already – even when you only count those most likely to vote in September The story of the 294,000….

3 The big difference this time One non-partisan union movement campaign Main focus is on mobilisation, rather than advocacy or persuasion Election runs from 3-20 September Voters can enrol and advance vote at about 10% of polling places until 19 September - and can vote in all polling places on Election Day

4 Volunteers All volunteers will be asked to collect and record Voter Pledges. Volunteers can also:  Help VOTERS make and record their Voting Plan  Organise around the Voting Plan (eg where the VOTER needs transport or where the plan is a collective plan at the workplace)  Follow up with VOTERS following their vote

5 1, 2, 3 ………. Voters 1. Make a Voter Pledge 2. Make a Voting Plan 3. Vote Campaign – staff, volunteers and system 1. Identify potential progressive non-voters at work and in community and record their Voter Pledges on our database 2. Record Voting Plans 3. Follow up Voting Plans

6 Nationbuilder: Public website – basic information, option to sign Voter Pledge and Volunteer work, online, home and community actions – click to order resources, view videos etc Co-ordinator details – for questions and support Tally of voters signed up Link to form to with Voter Pledge to sign up more voters and volunteers Access to names of other volunteers in workplace Private volunteer pages Email blasts Surveys and petitions Event promotion and management Create and manage door knocking and phoning lists Organising tools Back end database

7 Where will we find our VOTERS? In the workplace At home and on-line  Volunteers’ and voters’ families and social media networks In target neighbourhoods – where there is a lower vote but where we know there is support for progressive policies and parties  Doorknocking  Phoning  Community events  Volunteers’ own community networks – like churches and sports clubs

8 100 (and a few more) days to win In the first two weeks of June we will be running volunteer training – 90 minute sessions On June 13 we will launch the online campaign There are 100 days from June 13 to September 20 (inclusive) In July we will undertake a large workplace activity to collect more volunteers In August we start to talk to voters By 3 September (and no later than 19 September), all voters will have a Voting Plan and we will follow up on their plans

9 CTU Field Plan Phase 1Phase 2 Phase 3 Phase 4 Union members sign on CTU - NationBuilder First round of coordinator/volunteer training in June Volunteers Workplace activity (Voter Pledge) CTU - NationBuilder More events & trainings to for volunteers Volunteers Events Online Community CTU - NationBuilder Volunteers Voting Plans F2F contact & email Voting Plan Follow up

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