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Pre-Qualification. Early Data Collection Opportunities Capitalize on any signature gathering Don’t just wait for opponents to qualify Utilize partners.

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1 Pre-Qualification

2 Early Data Collection Opportunities Capitalize on any signature gathering Don’t just wait for opponents to qualify Utilize partners and partner data Ongoing growth and development of your voter file/data Look for opportunities to help potential allies

3 Voter Contact

4 Basic Elements of Voter Contact Targeting – Identifying your voters Voter File – Tracking voters Direct Voter Contact – Reaching out to Voters through direct communication. ID the ones that support you and get them to the polls!

5 Targeting

6 The Basics The most crucial thing you need to know in any campaign? How many votes will it take for you to win? GOAL: Turnout 50% of the vote + 1 more vote Comfortable Margin of Victory is 52%

7 Types of Targeted Voters Base/Supportive Voters – voters who will always vote for you as long as you get them to the polls.  GOAL: Maximize turnout Persuadable Voters  GOAL: Move to them to your position Opposition Voters  GOAL: Figure out who they are, where they live and never go there!!!

8 Vote Goal Base Vote? + Persuadable Vote? = Number of Votes Needed to WIN!

9 Target Support Turnout Base VotePersuadable Voters Always Opposition Always Vote Sometimes Vote Never Vote DFF F F Persuasion A GOTV Persuasion #2 C A B/C

10 Types of Targeting Geographic /Precinct Micro Targeting Nano Targeting

11 Targeting and Your Voter File The more information on your voter file, the more targeted your universes can be!

12 Voter File Basic Content List of Every Registered Voter –Name –Address –Phone Number –Date of Registration –Birth Date –Gender

13 Voter File Enhancements Previous election history Changes in addresses (NCOA) New phone numbers Commercial data Email addresses Ethnicity Census block information

14 Voter Contact Tactics

15 Phones Canvassing Direct Mail Internet Constituency Organizing

16 Phones Purpose: Identify Voters** Persuasion Volunteer Recruitment Event Notification Voter Turnout Type of Calls: Paid vs. Volunteer Calls

17 Canvassing Face-to-face contact is the most effective Labor intensive and costly (most important universes) How many households do you need to reach? How many canvassers do you need to complete the task? Volunteer vs. Paid

18 Direct Mail Purposes: Fundraising Persuasion GOTV Effective tool for message delivery, especially when mail is targeted to specific universes of voters (segmenting the universe)

19 Internet Capturing Supporters and Volunteers- building communities online Community Organizing Tool Re-enforce online activism through other organizing methods

20 Visibility (low-impact contact) Earned Media Draw Be creative! Energizes Volunteers Low or no-cost events

21 Base Voter/Constituency Organizing Constituencies Outreach to community Leaders and Activists Importance of Messenger GET THE DATA and MATCH IT BACK!

22 Vote By Mail

23 What Vote By Mail Is Some states allow all registered voters or voters within a specific age group (ex. senior citizens) to vote by mail, whether they are absentee voters or not. Restrictions may include requiring a notary or witness on the ballot.

24 What Vote By Mail is NOT Absentee voting Early voting X

25 VBM Pros and Cons A good VBM program has high costs in money, time, and labor. VBM requires months of pre-Election Day planning However, a good VBM program can triple the odds that an occasional voter will cast a ballot.

26 Is a VBM Program Right for Your Campaign? Cost-benefit analysis Use volunteers wherever you can Be realistic High-end program/low-end program If you can’t afford a good VBM program, don’t waste your time.

27 Recommended VBM Activities Mail #1: An announcement that the VBM application is on its way, possible application Mail #2 (2x): VBM application with instructions Phone #1: Push the application Mail #3: Thank you to voters for applying for VBM with ballot instructions and a phone number to call for help Phone #2: Push the ballot Mail #4: GOTV mailer with motivation piece to encourage voters to get their votes in NOW Phone #3:Last minute phone ballot chase the weekend before Election Day


29 VBM Preparation Integrate the VBM program into all facets of the campaign Consider - Your goal: Increase turnout? Get more people to vote early? Your audience: Who votes by mail and why?

30 Technology and Voter File Use technology if it makes your life easier Early ID and quick turnaround time are critical Keep track of who has applied to VBM, sent in their application, and sent in their ballot.

31 Vote by Mail Phones and Mail Phones Train staff to handle calls well – make sure they know what the application and ballot look like so they can talk voters through it. Don’t get your ballots DQ-ed because of voter error Mail Avoid sending mail heavy junk mail days so voters don’t accidentally toss out VBM applications or ballots Take care of postal permits early

32 Don’t Forget! Vote by Mail is requires a good investment of time, money, and labor to be successful, but can make a difference in a close election. Pay attention to laws and deadlines. Vote by mail is just another tactic that will help you reach your vote goal.

33 AND REMEMBER... Go! Fight! Win! Lewis Granofsky FieldWorks 2528 Connecticut Ave NW Washington, DC 202-667-4400

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