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T0wards Nigeria’s 2015 Elections By Attahiru M. Jega, OFR Chairman INEC, Nigeria.

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1 T0wards Nigeria’s 2015 Elections By Attahiru M. Jega, OFR Chairman INEC, Nigeria

2 Outline 4/24/2015 2 General Introduction  Nigeria: Basic Statistics  2011 General Elections  Subsequent Governorship Elections  Subsequent Bye-Elections / Re-run Elections  Accomplishments  Challenges  Lessons Learnt

3 Outline … 4/24/2015 3 Preparations for 2015  Retreats  Knowledge-Sharing Conference  Strategic Planning  Continuous Voter Registration  Constituency Delimitation  Review of Polling Units Conclusion

4 Nigeria: Basic Statistics 4/24/2015 4 Estimated Population (2011)167.913 mil Registered Voters 73.528 mil States 36 (+FCT) Local Govt. Areas (LGAs) 774 Registration Areas (Wards) 8,809 Polling Units119,973 Senatorial Districts109 Federal Constituencies360 State Constituencies990

5 2011 General Elections 4/24/2015 5 As Nigeria prepared for the 2011 general elections, doubts pervaded the atmosphere on whether Nigeria would get it right Most analysts thought it would be the same story of repeated failure While it was not perfect, INEC has raised the bar INEC now strives to make 2015 substantially much better than 2011, by drawing lessons and factoring them into our preparations

6 2011 General Elections… 4/24/2015 6  April 9:National Assembly Elections  April 16:Presidential Election  April 26:Governorship /State Legislative Elections  April 28:Kaduna and Bauchi Gov./Legislative Elections  May 5:Imo Governorship Election

7 Subsequent Governorship Elections 4/24/2015 7 December 4, 2011Kogi State January 14, 2012Adamawa State February 8, 2012Bayelsa State February 18, 2012Sokoto State February 25, 2012Cross River State March 31, 2012Kebbi State July 14, 29012Edo State October 30, 2012Ondo State

8 Bye/ Re-Run Elections 4/24/2015 8 Since April/May 2011, we have conducted 48 Bye/Re-run elections: 20119 201239

9 Challenges 4/24/2015 9 Tight time-frame Amendment to the Legal framework Compilation of a Biometric based Register of Voters Operational and logistics preparations Generating trust and confidence in the electoral process Dealing with politicians with a ‘do-or-die’ mindset

10 Accomplishments 4/24/2015 10 Compilation of a Biometric Register of Voters General improvements recorded, especially in Operations and logistics – Timely arrival of election materials – Early opening of Polling Units – Early commencement of Accreditation – Early commencement of voting – Timely result collation and declaration of results – Improvements in securing the environment for elections – Peaceful conduct and reduced conflicts – Much less no. of fraudulent cases recorded

11 Accomplishments… 4/24/2015 11  REMOBS  Decentralized distribution of materials  Serial numbering, security features and colour coding of ballot papers  Serial numbering of Ballot Boxes  Use of NYSC members and FTEI students as Ad hoc staff  Use of VCs, Professors as Collation Officers and Returning Officers

12 Accomplishments… 4/24/2015 12  Closer monitoring and supervision by RECs and National Commissioners  Improved security through the work of ICCES  Customized Result Sheets  Electronic Collation at the State, LGA and RA levels

13 Accomplishments… 4/24/2015 13 Revival of trust and confidence in the Commission Increased / Improved participation of CSOs and NGOs in voter education and election Observation Prosecution of Electoral offenders Reduced litigation and more favourable legal judgements

14 Lessons learnt 4/24/2015 14 Lessons learnt for the future include:  Commence early preparations to reduce pressure  Improve stakeholder consultations, especially political parties  Increase civic and voter education  Refine and improve use of technology in VR and accreditation  Improve training of electoral officials  Increase transparency and integrity of the electoral process  Improve institutional efficiency and effectiveness

15 Preparations for the 2015 Elections 4/24/2015 15 Retreats for Internal Assessment - with Electoral Officers - With Resident Electoral Commissioners Independent Studies / Reports - Registration and Election Review Committee (RERC) Report - PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PWC) Report

16 Preparations… 4/24/2015 16 Knowledge Sharing Conference for African EMBs Held in March 26-27, 2012 Attended by 22 EMB Chairpersons/representatives from across Africa Shared experiences, discussed common concerns and challenges and made recommendations on how to continue to improve effective and efficient delivery of elections on the continent

17 Preparations… 4/24/2015 17 Agreed on the need for follow-up meetings and experience-sharing and learning from one another at several levels Next steps may include: – Thematic conferences – Working groups on identified issues (e.g. pol party and campaign financing) – Short-term staff visits / exchanges – Sharing of resources

18 Preparations… 4/24/2015 18 Completion of Strategic Plan Supported by UNDP/Joint-Donor Basket Fund Facilitated by a Consultant Driven by an in-house Committee The details of the SP have been discussed and are being finalized A Stakeholder Validation Conference has been scheduled for December Restructuring and Reorganization Objective is to have a trim, efficient and effective institution for better service delivery, with a professional cadre of staff It’s been finalized and implementation to be completed by March of 2013

19 Preparations… 4/24/2015 19 Preparations for Constituency delimitation Preparations for Continuous Voter Registration Revision of Regulations on Party and Campaign Finances Engagement with the Legislature on amendments to the legal framework for elections

20 Conclusion 4/24/2015 20 INEC raised the bar on conduct of elections in Nigeria in April/May 2011 Challenges still remain; but progress is being made to address the challenges Biggest challenge: To prevent regression and consolidate the gains We are learning from other EMBs, adopting/adapting good practices and striving to make 2015 elections much better than the 2011 elections

21 Conclusion… 4/24/2015 21 We have finalized a Strategic Plan and are proceeding with restructuring and reorganization to make INEC one of the best EMBs in Africa by 2015 We are preparing to do Constituency Delimitation and Continuous Voters Registration within the next 18 months We expect further raise the bar and make the 2015 elections much more credible and peaceful than the 2011 elections

22 Conclusion… 4/24/2015 22 We hope to continue to attract and enjoy the trust, confidence and support of all critical stakeholders at home and abroad towards a successful, free, fair, credible and peaceful elections in in Nigeria in 2015. We shall not rest on our oars until this is attained

23 4/24/2015 23 Thank You!

24 4/24/2015 24

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