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The U.S. Government By 3A / Ms. Ness Third Grade November, 2010 By Caden Poole.

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1 The U.S. Government By 3A / Ms. Ness Third Grade November, 2010 By Caden Poole

2 Three Branches of Government By: Maren and Katie

3 The President of the the leader of the executive branch. The White House is part of the executive branch. The Executive branch makes sure the laws are fair. The Congress is the legislative branch. The legislative branch makes the laws. The U.S. Capitol building is part of the legislative branch. 3 Branches of Government continued: The Supreme Court building is part of the Judicial Branch. They have nine judges. These judges are appointed for life.

4 The Executive Branch By Tiegan Hoffman and Shealyn Gyger The Executive Branch makes sure laws are carried out. The President controls the Executive Branch. The Executive Branch is very large, so the President has help from the Vice-President. The President and his family live in the White House. The President works in the Oval Office in the West Wing. The President also controls the Armed Forces. He meets with Congress and suggests new laws. Tour of The Oval Office! z39aJ4I


6 LEGIslative branch BY: Devon W. And Mackenzie L. The Legislative branch is made up of the two houses of Congress. The Legislative branch makes laws. There are two groups of the Legislative branch called the Senate and the House of Representatives. The House of Representatives has more members because of population.

7 Pictures of the Capitol Building By: Devon W. Mackenzie L.

8 The Judicial Branch The judicial branch is made of judges, lawyers, and courts. The Supreme Court is the highest court in the USA. The Supreme Court is appointed by the President and confirmed by the Senate. The number of judges is determined by the Congress. There are nine judges on the Supreme Court. The lower courts have to follow the decisions of the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court has Corinthian columns. Both local and state governments have judges and courts. By Olivia Savoie and Kyle Robertson


10 Three Levels of Government By Ian M. and Emily F. Local State National Fountain Hills Arizona Washington D.C. Mayor Governor President

11 Local Government Mayor City Council By Anna Nichols & Seth Wright Ex-Mayor Wally Nichols (Grandpa of Anna Nichols) Local Judges

12 AZ State Capitol More pictures of Local, State and National buildings White House Fountain Hills Seal

13 Local Government (cont.) A Local Government governs just one community such as a town, like Fountain Hills. A Local Government often has their own courts, lawyers, and judges. A city council is a group of people who meet and make laws. A mayor is the leader of a community government. He/She goes to meetings. The mayor will help make laws. Some times they are in parades. The City Council makes laws and also collects taxes.

14 State Government By: Lauren Dresler & Case Parsons The governor is head of the government. The legislator makes the laws. The State Supreme Court makes sure the laws are constitutional.

15 NATIONAL GOVERNMENT  The National Government is also called the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT.  The Supreme Court is part of the Judicial Branch.  The President is part of the Executive Branch.  Congress is part of the Legislative Branch. By : Gina Woods and Sarah Brown Three Rings of GovernmentThree Rings of Government /you tube

16 The U.S. Capitol Building The United States Capitol Building in Washington D.C.,is where Congress meets to make laws. It was first built in 1793,when George Washington was president. Since then,the building has burned down, been rebuilt, and been expanded. The Senate meets in the North Wing. The House of Representatives meet in the South Wing. By Max and Sam Today, the building has 540 rooms, 658 windows, and 850 doorways. One famous room is the beautiful Rotunda. This 96-foot circular room is directly under the Iron Dome.

17 Tour of U.S. Capitol (you tube)

18 The Liberty Bell By: Blake Anderson and Hannah Barsema The Liberty Bell is in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It is a symbol of freedom. It weighs 2,080 lbs. It’s mostly made of copper. It was cracked twice. It was cracked first on March 1753. The Bell is an important piece of American history. It’s most important ringing was on July 8 th 1776, when the Declaration of Independence was read officially. It is a patriotic symbol.

19 Independence Hall John Hancock sat at the green table Ms. Ness @ the Bell Ringing of the Liberty Bell The Liberty Bell

20 The White House The White House was built by slaves. It was started in 1792 and was finished in 1801. President John Adams was the first to live in the White House. The White House has 132 rooms, 32 bathrooms, and 6 levels to accommodate all the people who live in it, work in it, and visit the White House. The White House kitchen is able to serve dinner for 140 guests. The White House requires 570 gallons of paint to cover the outside surface. The White House has a tennis court, jogging track, swimming pool, billiard room, and a bowling lane.

21 White House 3D Tour

22 Washington D.C. Memorials Washington Monument In 1833, at the 100 th anniversary of Washington D.C., they started getting the idea of building the Washington Monument.The cornerstone was laid on July 4,1848. The Monument was built on a hill on 37 acres and was donated by Congress. Jefferson Memorial The construction started in 1939 and was dedicated 4 years later in 1943.Since metal was rationed during World War 2, a plaster statue was replaced by a 19 ft./6 m tall statue all covered in bronze, sculpted by Rudolph Evans. Lincoln Memorial The construction of this building started in 1914.The design came from New York architect Henry Bacon, and was based on a Greek Temple with 36 Doric columns. It was completed on May 1922. The North wall of the memorial contains an inscription of Lincoln’s inaugural speech. By : Bryce & Sami

23 Franklin Roosevelt Memorial and his dog Viet Nam Memorial Wall World War II Memorial

24 The Bald Eagle 1. The bald eagle is the national bird of the United States of America. 2. Bald Eagles survive from 20-30 years. 3.Eagles have 1-3 baby eaglets, usually 2. They are only 3 inches. 4. Eagles only hunt during the day. 5. They have a 7 foot wingspan. 6. A bald eagle’s lifting power is about 4 pounds. They like to swoop down and catch fish. 7. They have huge nests, from 6-13 feet across. By John Hyde & Cole Calhoun

25 8. An eagle’s eyesight is 5-6 times better than a human’s eyesight. 9. Eagles fly 20-60 miles an hour and can dive at 100 miles an hour. Video of Eagle @ Football Game 10.THEY ARE NO LONGER ON THE ENDANGERED LIST, BUT STILL NEED TO BE PROTECTED!!

26 U.S. FLAG By: Zach & Jaedyn The thirteen stripes stand for the thirteen original colonies.. The fifty stars stand for the fifty states. The flag changes every time we get a new state. Betsy Ross made the first American flag Red is for Valor and Hardness, White is for Innocence and Purity, and Blue is for Vigilance, Preseverance and Justice.

27 U.S.Flag The first flag and the flag today.

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