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Ancient Greece. Location Ancient Greece

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1 Ancient Greece

2 Location

3 Ancient Greece

4 Ancient Greece Greece Characteristics Southeastern Europe Balkan Peninsula Hot, dry and rocky land with many islands

5 Ancient Greece

6 Ancient Greece Turkey Asia Middle East And Eastern Portion of Europe

7 Turkey

8 Ancient Greece Timeline Early Helladic 2750—2000 BC Middle Helladic 2000—1550 BC Late Helladic 1550—1150 BC

9 Ancient Greece Myceneans Peloponnese Peninsula --Society based on warfare --Traded with Minoans --Ruled by a monarch

10 Ancient Greece

11 Ancient Greece Minoans --Located on the island of Crete --Socially and artistically advanced

12 Ancient Greece

13 Ancient Greece Troy --Western edge of Turkey --Near the Dardanelles Hellespont “Where the Fish Swarm” --Wealthy city founded on trade and commerce

14 Ancient Greece

15 Ancient Greece Dark Ages 1200 — 750 B.C. --People living in small groups --They moved constantly in accordance with their new lifestyle. Which was?

16 Ancient Greece Dark Ages 1200 — 750 B.C. Pastoralist Their needs were based on the needs of their livestock. Additionally, trade was halted and there was no new technology. The Dorians from northern Greece occupied much of the Peloponnese during this time.

17 Ancient Greece Archaic Era 700 — 480B.C. --The Greek population covered in numbers and organized politically in city-states (Polis). --The city-states were comprised of citizens, foreign residents and slaves. --These city-states required an advanced social and political structure.

18 Ancient Greece Persian Wars Persian Empire Aegean SeaIndia Tolerant and efficientMany ethnic groups Conquered groups kept traditions No heavy taxes

19 Ancient Greece

20 Ancient Greece

21 Ancient Greece Persian Wars How do they start? Greek City-state of Lydia conquered by Persians in 546 BC

22 Ancient Greece Persian Wars What do the Greeks do? In 498 BC, the Athenians conquered and burned Sardis, the capital of Lydia

23 Ancient Greece Persian Wars How do the Persians respond? In 490, the Persians attack Athens, the Battle of Marathon

24 Ancient Greece

25 Ancient Greece Battle of Marathon --The city-state of Plataea assisted Athens --Greeks loose 192 men the Persians 6,400 --Phidippides ran from Marathon to Sparta 1)to request help from Sparta and 2) to announce an Athenian victory

26 Ancient Greece Battle of Salamis Themistocles on the right According to Herodotus, Themistocles lured the Persians by having a slave tell them to enter the Straights of Salamis and thereby easily defeat the Greeks.

27 Ancient Greece Battle of Salamis

28 Ancient Greece Battle of Salamis On September 29, 480, the Persians started to enter the narrow straight Xerxes was watching from a hill and saw that his ships were attacked. An Egyptian flotilla tried to block the Greek retreat north but were neutralized by Corinthian ships. A third of the Persian ships were defeated.

29 Ancient Greece The Delian League It was formed on the island of Delos in the Aegean Sea in 478 BC. It was used for defense and to free other city-states from Persian control. The Greek city-states of Asia Minor and the islands in the Aegean swore oaths of allegiance.

30 Ancient Greece By 465, the island of Thasos was unhappy with the payments and attempted to secede but this failed. By 454, the treasury moved from Delos to Athens. Persia is no longer a threat and Athens becomes wealthy from tribute. As the Delian League grew so did Athens

31 Ancient Greece Peloponnesian War (431-404 BC) Major Causes --The Athenians moving the treasury from Delos to Athens. --Sparta distrusted Athenian wealth and power --Alliances, Athenian and Spartan Alliances

32 Ancient Greece

33 Ancient Greece Sparta --physical and disciplined --women ran farms and businesses --Age 12 started training for combat, 60 men left military --Elected two kings every nine years, emphors watched over the king Athens --thoughtful, creative --women could read and write --Athenians developed minds and imaginations --Individualistic, looked for ways to improve government

34 Ancient Greece By 410, Sparta turns to Persian for help, why?

35 Ancient Greece The enemy of my enemy is my friend SpartaAthens Persia Enemies Friends EnemiesEnemies

36 Ancient Greece Results --Spartan victory in 404 --Athens barred from having a navy --Oligarchy set-up in Athens

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