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A Walk Through the Bible With Bro. Bill Parker The New Testament The Kingdom Parables The New Testament The Kingdom Parables Praise Chapel Puget Sound.

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1 A Walk Through the Bible With Bro. Bill Parker The New Testament The Kingdom Parables The New Testament The Kingdom Parables Praise Chapel Puget Sound

2 A Walk Through the Bible Revelation 2 & 3Matthew 13 EphesusThe Sower and 4 soils SmyrnaThe Tares and the Wheat PergamosThe Mustard Seed ThyatiraThe Woman and the Leaven SardisThe Treasure in the Field PhiladelphiaThe Pearl of Great Price LaodiceaThe Dragnet The Seven Kingdom Parables

3 A Walk Through the Bible The Sower and The Seed This parable starts from the last part of (Matthew 13) verse 3 and continues on to verse 23. Here, Jesus tells of a sower who went into the fields and sowed seeds. This depicts the preaching of the gospel throughout the world. The stony ground in this parable represents the people who will reject the gospel. Then there are some people who will initially receive the gospel, but thorns or the sun will cause them to fall away.

4 A Walk Through the Bible Last, some people will initially receive the gospel, and ultimately bring forth fruit. Jesus is saying this: The gospel will be preached throughout the world. Some will hear it and reject it; some will hear it and accept it for a while, but then fall away; yet some will hear it and believe and bring forth fruit. The principle here is very simple: We will never win the whole world to Christ.

5 A Walk Through the Bible The Wheat and The Tares Jesus talks here of a man who sowed wheat in his field. While the man was asleep, an enemy came and sowed tares in the field. Tares look exactly like wheat, and crowd the wheat and ruin the crop. But you can't pull them out because you can't tell the difference between the two until they're ready to harvest. The Lord is saying that there will be true believers and false believers during the Church Age. There will be people who say they belong to the Kingdom,

6 A Walk Through the Bible but in reality don't, and they will be alongside those who are genuine believers. Ultimately, God will put the wheat (true believers) in the barn, and burn the tares (the false believers). The principle here is that we will never fully purge the church. The true and the false will coexist in the church until judgment. That is why we know there are unbelievers in the church.

7 A Walk Through the Bible The Mustard Seed This parable is in verses 31-32. It's about a mustard seed, which is one of the smallest of all seeds. This seed, when planted in the ground, grew and became a huge tree. The tree was so large that birds lived in it--it had large branches. Normally a mustard seed just produces a small bush. This parable is saying that the Kingdom will begin small, and it will become worldwide. It will become widespread and influential, and will be a haven for many people.

8 A Walk Through the Bible The Leaven Here, Jesus likens the Kingdom of heaven to leaven. The leaven represents the Kingdom buried in the dough of the world, which ultimately will penetrate and permeate the whole earth. This parable shows the internal, permeating influence of the Kingdom, which touches every dimension of human life.

9 A Walk Through the Bible The Treasure This parable, in verse 44, talks about a treasure hidden in a field. A man was in this field (probably working in it), and he stumbled across the treasure. Rather than steal the treasure, he is honest and buys the whole field to get the treasure that's in it. Here, the treasure represents salvation. When the man found it, he sold everything he owned to get it. The principle is that there will be people in this Kingdom period who will give up everything they have to get salvation.

10 A Walk Through the Bible The interesting thing about this parable is that the man wasn't looking for the treasure; He found it in the routine of his work day. It was while he was working that he was surprised by the reality of redemption. That tells us there will be many people who will come to know Jesus Christ by "stumbling" upon the grace of God.

11 A Walk Through the Bible The Merchant And The Pearl Jesus describes here a man with the desire to find fine pearls. In his search, he finds a pearl that he wants very badly, and sells everything he owns to purchase it. Just like the man in the last parable, this man is willing to pay the supreme price, which always involves giving up everything. They both gave up everything to purchase redemption.

12 A Walk Through the Bible The difference is that this man was searching for the pearl, and that tells us there will be people in the Kingdom who spend a great amount of time seeking the truth before they finally find it. Some people will come without ever seeking. They will be "surprised by joy," as C.S. Lewis put it. Other people will spend a lot of time and effort endeavoring to find the truth.

13 A Walk Through the Bible The Dragnet Here, a net was thrown into the sea, and many things were caught in it. After the net was pulled in, the good things were separated from the bad. This pictures the end of the Church Age, when Jesus brings everyone together and sorts out the true believers from the false.

14 A Walk Through the Bible All those parables are a tremendously profound insight into our time. We know each parable to be true of this time. The mystery Kingdom is big. We have influenced the world, and preached our message across the globe. The church has both good and evil--the wheat and the tares. We also know that as we proclaim the gospel, some reject it,

15 A Walk Through the Bible some accept it for a little while, and some truly accept it and produce fruit. We know that the enemy attacks us. We know that we'll never be able to purge the church. And we know that there are people who search diligently for God, while others seem to stumble across God. Those are the characteristics of our time, and that is how it will be before the King returns.

16 A Walk Through the Bible Seven Churches Jesus Paul the Apostle EphesusEphesians SmyrnaPhilippians PergamosCorinthians ThyatiraGalatians SardisRomans PhiladelphiaThessalonians LaodiceaCollossians

17 A Walk Through the Bible Letters To Seven Churches The Book of Ephesians Ephesians is addressed to a group of believers who are rich beyond measure in Jesus Christ, yet living as beggars, and only because they are ignorant of their wealth. Since they have yet to accept their wealth, they relegate themselves to living as spiritual paupers. Paul begins by describing in Chapters 1-3 the contents of the Christian's heavenly "bank account": adoption, acceptance, redemption, forgiveness, wisdom, inheritance, the seal of the Holy Spirit, life, grace, citizenship, in short, every spiritual blessing.

18 A Walk Through the Bible Drawing upon that huge spiritual endowment, the Christian has all the resources needed for living "to the praise of the glory of His grace" Chapters 4-6 resemble an orthopedic clinic where the Christian learns a spiritual walk rooted in his spiritual wealth. "For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus, (1-3) for good works..... that we should walk in them (4-6)".

19 A Walk Through the Bible The Book of Philippians Paul writes a thank-you note to the believers at Philippi for their help in his hour of need, and he uses this occasion to send along some instruction on Christian unity. His central thought is simple: Only in Christ are real unity and joy possible. With Christ as your model of humility and service, can you enjoy a oneness of purpose, attitude, goal and labor.... a truth which Paul illustrates from his own life, and one that the Philippians desperately need to hear.

20 A Walk Through the Bible Within their own ranks, fellow workers in the Philippian church are at odds, hindering the work in proclaiming new life in Christ. Because of this, Paul exhorts the church to "stand fast"..... be of the same mind..... rejoice in the Lord always..... but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known,... and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus,

21 A Walk Through the Bible The Book of Corinthians Corinth, the most important city in Greece during Paul's day was a bustling hub of world wide commerce, degraded culture and idolatrous religion. There Paul founded a church and two of his letters are addressed "To the church of God which is at Corinth". First Corinthians reveals the problems, pressures and struggles of a church called out of a pagan society.

22 A Walk Through the Bible Paul addresses a variety of problems in the life-style of the Corinthian church: factions, lawsuits, immorality, questionable practices, abuse of the Lord's Supper, and spiritual gifts. In addition to words of discipline, Paul shares words of counsel in answer to questions raised by the Corinthian believers.

23 A Walk Through the Bible Since Paul's first letter, the Corinthian church has been swayed by false teachers who stirred the people against Paul. They claimed he was fickle, proud, unimpressive in appearance and speech, dishonest and unqualified as an apostle of Jesus Christ. Paul sent Titus to Corinth to deal with these difficulties, and upon his return, rejoiced to hear of the Corinthians' change of heart.

24 A Walk Through the Bible Paul wrote this letter to express his thanks-giving for the repentant majority and to appeal to the rebellious minority to accept his authority. Throughout the book he defends his conduct, character and calling as an apostle of Jesus Christ.

25 A Walk Through the Bible The Book Of Galatians The Galatians having launched their Christian experience by faith, seem content to leave their voyage of faith and chart a new course based on works.... a course Paul finds disturbing. His letter to the Galatians is a vigorous attack against the gospel of works and a defense of the gospel of faith.

26 A Walk Through the Bible Paul begins by setting forth his credentials as an apostle with a message from God on the basis of faith, not law. The law declares men guilty and imprisons them; faith sets men free to enjoy liberty in Christ. But liberty is not license. Freedom in Christ means freedom to produce the fruits of righteousness through a spirit filled life.

27 A Walk Through the Bible The Book Of Romans The Book of Romans explores the Significance of Christ's sacrificial death. Using a question-and- answer format, Paul records the most systematic presentation of doctrine in the Bible. Romans is more than a book of theology; it is also a book of practical exhortation. The good news of Jesus Christ is more than facts to be believed; it is also a life to be lived.... a life of righteousness befitting the person "justified freely by (God's) grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus.

28 A Walk Through the Bible The Book Of Thessalonians Paul has many pleasant memories of the days he spent with the infant Thessalonian church. Their faith, hope, love, and perseverance in the face of persecution are exemplary. Paul's labors as a spiritual parent to the fledgling church have been richly rewarded, and his affection is visible in every line of his letter.

29 A Walk Through the Bible Paul encourages them to excel in their new found faith, to increase in love for one another, and to rejoice, pray, and give thanks always. He closes his letter with instruction regarding the return of the Lord, who's advent signifies hope and comfort for believers both living and dead.

30 A Walk Through the Bible Since Paul's first letter the seeds of false doctrine have been sown among the Thessalonians, causing them to waver in their faith. Paul removes these destructive seeds and again plants the seeds of truth. He begins by commending the believers on their faithfulness in the midst of persecution and encouraging them that present suffering will be repaid with future glory. Therefore in the midst of persecution, expectation can be high.

31 A Walk Through the Bible Paul then deals with the central matter of his second letter: a misunderstanding spawned by false teachers regarding the coming day of the Lord. Despite reports to the contrary, that day has not yet come, and Paul recounts the events that must first take place. Laboring for the gospel, rather than lazy resignation, is the proper response.

32 A Walk Through the Bible The Book Of Colossians If Ephesians can be labeled the epistle portraying the "Church of Christ" then Colossians must surely be the "Christ of the Church". Ephesians focuses on the Body; Colossians focuses on the Head. Like Ephesians the little book of Colossians divides neatly in half with the first portion doctrinal (1 and 2) and the second practical (3 and 4).

33 A Walk Through the Bible Paul's purpose is to show that Christ is preeminent.... first and foremost in everything..... and the Christians life should reflect that priority. Because believers are rooted in Him, alive in Him, hidden in Him, and complete in Him, it is utterly inconsistent for them to live life without Him. Clothed in His love, with His peace ruling in their hearts, they are equipped to make Christ first in every area of life.

34 A Walk Through the Bible

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