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Indiana Masonic Home and Masonic Home Foundation

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1 Indiana Masonic Home and Masonic Home Foundation

2 IMH – A Century of Trust Opened in 1916
8,000 Master Masons, their wives and widows and members of the Order of the Eastern Star Currently, we have over 380 residents The Indiana Masonic Home has welcomed over 8,000 Master Masons, their wives and widows, and members of the Order of the Eastern Star during its 95 year history. This special community has continued to parallel the steadfast legacy of the Masons it honors. Their tenets of brotherly love, relief and truth form the cornerstones of our dedication to uncompromising care. We also operated an orphanage and school (elementary and high school). The last “Home Kid” left in the 1970s, but a number have returned in retirement. The school building, which later was operated by the Franklin schools and ended its life as the home of the Indiana Freemason magazine and gift shop, was demolished in the early 1980s to make room for the north campus cottages.

3 Continuing Care Retirement Community
Independent Living Cottages Duplex Homes Residential Apartments Assisted Living Skilled Nursing Memory Care Indiana Masonic Home is a continuing care retirement community, offering a variety of lifestyle options for every level of care. This means that no matter what your needs – independent living, assisted living, skilled nursing or memory care – you’ll find a residence here that’s just right for you. With one decision, you’ve planned for the lifestyle you love today as well as any possible care needs in the future.

4 Financial Options Fraternal Care Pay Plan Rental Option
Assign assets and income More than 40% of residents are on fraternal care Includes continuing care agreement Pay Plan Pay entrance fee and monthly maintenance fee (no assignment of assets and income) Rental Option Terminate at any time No continuing care agreement Fraternal Care and the Pay Plan (Entry Fee Residency) admissions are available to members of Indiana Lodges and Eastern Star Chapters, as well as widows of Master Masons. Residents must be 62 years of age and must have been members of the fraternity for five continuous years prior to application. Fraternal Care and Pay Plan residents have continuing care agreements . As their needs change, their services and residence change. Rental residency is available to Masons and OES members from Indiana and other states, as well as relatives of Masons, former “Home Kids,” and retired IMH employees who served 20 years. Residents must be 62 years of age. They must meet financial requirements. Rental residents do not receive a Continuing Care Agreement. They are not eligible for fraternal care. The plan is strictly pay as you go.

5 IMH Board Vision To Become the Retirement Community of Choice for Indiana Freemasons Noble goal, and one we at IMHF share, but ... Oldest apartments are 100 years old, and newest apartments are over 30 years old; Newest part of the Medical Center is 33 years old, and oldest part (where our memory care patients live) is 57 years old; We do not have the amenities that today's retirees, including Freemasons, want. Noble goal, and one that we at IMHF share, but ... Oldest apartments are 100 years old, and newest apartments are 40 years old; Newest part of the Medical Center is 40 years old, and oldest part (where our memory care patients live) is 60 years old; We do not have the amenities that today's retirees, including Freemasons, want. And, more than 40% of our residents have outlived their financial resources and need our fraternal care. That's where IMHF comes in - to provide fraternal care and support projects that benefit the campus.

6 Indiana Masonic Home Foundation
Helping to preserve our Indiana Masonic Home for 76 years by providing funds for the Home’s fraternal mission and projects that benefit the entire campus.

7 Mission The Indiana Masonic Home Foundation successfully raises, prudently invests, and faithfully distributes charitable funds to support causes that promote the principal Masonic tenets of brotherly love, relief and truth.

8 The Results Since 1980, the IMHF has remitted $65.5 million to the operating fund of the Masonic Home and $71.5 million overall. The need continues because more than 40% of the residents are on fraternal care, and the campus needs improvements.

9 We walk by Faith IMHF recently announced gift of up to $12 million to:
Construct a community center on the ground formerly occupied by Bretzlaff Hall and the Scottish Rite Memorial Building. Make associated improvements. Grand Master broke ground May 18, 2014; cornerstone will be dedicated September 7, 2014; completion is expected Spring 2015.

10 New Community Center

11 New Community Center The yet to be named community center will:
move the Indiana Masonic Home closer to realizing its vision of being the retirement community of choice for Indiana Freemasons. result in happier and healthier residents, a home for Masonic and other meetings, and a potential source of revenue to help continue and expand the Home’s good works.

12 The [insert your name here] Community Center will include:
Three lane pool for lap swimming and exercise. Banquet space for 300 Divisible into three rooms for lodge and chapter meetings, meetings and dinners, and exercise and other classes. Fitness center. Locker rooms. Bistro casual dining area. Patio. Gathering and welcome areas. Serving kitchen for the bistro and banquet rooms. Bus drop off and pickup. We already have had a York Rite body express interest in holding a state convention in the new facility. We believe business groups will use the space for meetings and dinners. Couples, both young and young at heart will find the indoor and outdoor space attractive for weddings and receptions.

13 Floorplan

14 Bus Drop Off and Pick Up Drop off and Pick up

15 Welcome Center Welcome center

16 Bistro Bistro

17 Gathering Area Gathering area

18 Life goes on At the same time that we open the new facility, life goes on in the rest of the community – residential, healthcare, activities, and religious. Operational costs must be supported. Fraternal care continues. Other facilities need to be updated. Even as we look to exciting possibilities, we have to deal with the present.

19 Why should you donate? Your Obligation to Help, Aid, and Assist
It feels good You or a loved one may need the services provided by the Home.

20 Numerous Ways to Give Bequest; Trust; Life Insurance
Charitable Gift Annuities Stocks Donor Clubs Gift of Auto, Truck, RV Bricks Major Gifts and Naming Opportunities Charitable Gift annuities are irrevocable gifts that provide: A charitable tax deduction when given Lifetime income (some of which is tax free during the first years of payment) Attractive interest rates (currently 4.7% for someone who is 65 and higher rates for folks who are older) Appreciated stocks are an attractive gift because they may: Provide a tax deduction Help avoid capital gains tax Vehicle donations are easily made through the Foundation’s website. The vehicle is taken away, and the donor gets a receipt for tax purposes when the vehicle is sold. Contact the Foundation for more information.

21 Donor Clubs Gold Card – $100 per year Quarry Club – $500 per year
Platinum Club – $1,000 per year Master Builder Club – $2,500 per year Grand Master’s Circle – $5,000 per year Every member gets a personal gold Card. Higher donation levels get plaques. There is a special Eastern Star Gold Card.

22 Brick Program Bricks purchased either in memory of someone or in honor of a person or organization, like a Lodge or Star Chapter. Viewable online.

23 Brick Program Lasting way to honor or remember
Great for parents, grandparents “who have everything” $125 for a 4” x 8” brick $175 for an 8” x 8” brick. Since August 2012, about 150 bricks have been donated, fpor a total of almost $20,000. Almost 10% of Eastern Star chapters have donated a brick. (Lodges have not done so well. Consider that a challenge.)

24 Major Gifts and Naming Opportunities
May be combination of: Cash Securities Planned Gift Real Estate May be pledged over time

25 Planned Giving – Corinthian Society
Simple bequest to the IMHF in a will or trust Designate IMHF as a beneficiary of a lifetime insurance policy or retirement account Charitable, testamentary, or living will trust Charitable gift annuity Gift of real property Tax-wise gift of securities

26 Joining and Benefits Join by signing simple gift agreement form.
Benefits include: Corinthian Society medallion clock and pin Listing on the IMHF donor wall and Honor Roll Invitation to Society Dinner and special events Fellowship with Society members, Foundation and Home officials, and Grand Lodge Officers updates and alerts

27 Remember According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics consumer price indexes calculator, it took a donation of $ in 2013 to equal the buying power of $100 in 1985. Using the Indiana Masonic Home rental plan rates as a guide, a $100 Gold Card will support a fraternal care resident for about one day in an efficiency apartment in the Ball Brothers. It takes 243 Gold Cards to support a resident in a one-room apartment for a year.

28 We must act on Faith If we are not annual donors, become donors.
If we are donors, consider increasing our $100 donations to $365 (only a dollar a day), our $250 donations to $500, our $500 donations to $1,000, and our $1,000 donation to $2,000 or even more.

29 We must act on Faith When the time comes…
that we will no longer need our assets, and after we have provided for the welfare of our families, keep the Indiana Masonic Home Foundation in mind. The future of the Indiana Masonic Home will be assured. Many of us, including our friends and loved ones, may depend upon this care during the declining years.

30 Charles O. Riddle Award Award – 3% of a Lodge’s members contribute $100 or more Award with Distinction – 5% of a Lodge’s members contribute $100 or more Award with high Distinction –7% of a Lodge’s members contribute $100 or more Memorial contributions, contributions in honor of someone, and Lodge contributions count toward the award

31 IMH Adopt-a-Resident Program
Some IMH residents have outlived their families or have no close by family members. Under Adopt-a-Resident, the adoptive Lodge: sends a “Care Package” of goodies, toiletries, edibles, other friendship tokens Remembers their birthdays and holidays Displays their pictures on Lodge wall Assigns someone to call them at least monthly Visits the adopted resident

32 IMH Adopt-a-Resident Program
Administered by Donnie Robinette, PM and Rhonda Johnson:

33 IMHF Team Jeff Zaring, Executive Director
Past Grand Master 33 years in state education policy Assists Board with policy development; responsible for overall management of IMHF Ken Ayers, Director of Development Master Mason, Charles F. Frank Lodge 760 25 years in nonprofit field Plans, administers, and implements all fund development activities for IMHF Cherie’ Cannon, Office Manager 6 years of service with IMHF Handles accounting, human resources, and record system; assists with yearly audit

34 IMHF Team Kate Miller, Development Assistant
3 years with IMHF Several years of customer service experience Manages annual giving program and donor software database; assists with fundraising materials and Ambassador program  Danyelle Hoshauer, Fundraising Associate 10 years of nonprofit experience Responsibilities include solicitation of major gifts, donor event planning, creation of marketing materials, and volunteer recruitment  Steve Sonafrank, Fundraising Associate Past Master of Bunker Hill Lodge 683 25 years experience in education and sales Responsibilities include solicitation of major gifts, lodge presentations, donor event planning, and working with volunteers

35 IMHF Contact Information 525 North Illinois Street PO Box 44210 Indianapolis, Indiana Telephone: (317) Toll Free: (800) Website:

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