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Priya L.Hiranand Founder 15A Queens Gate Terrace,SW75PR London Dubai Creek Tower,Suite 21C, 21 ST Level P.O.Box 42260,Dubai UAE UK Mobile:+44(0) 78.

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3 Priya L.Hiranand Founder 15A Queens Gate Terrace,SW75PR London Dubai Creek Tower,Suite 21C, 21 ST Level P.O.Box 42260,Dubai UAE UK Mobile:+44(0) 78 1040 4068 HK Mobile: +852 91086208

4 I founded Lili K Rock one and a half years ago establishing my headquarters in Hong Hong & Dubai and now introducing my line to London. My company is named after my two cutest friends in the world, my dogs, Lilikoi and Rocky. Lili K Rock, a costume jewelry line, created an opportunity for me to merge my passions in life…charities for special needs children and animals, event planning and accessories. The sole purpose for starting this company is to raise awareness and funds by donating the majority of the profits to the charities that I support.At the heart of Lili k Rock is a wish to contribute to the development of the Human Spirit, Conciousness & Healing. My line only uses mock skins; everything is ensured to be cruelty free. Other materials are sourced worldwide; from Indian semi precious stones, intricate Italian metal dye cast to Chinese jade The line attempts to express an elegant, flirty fun feel with an Eastern twist. It emotes the essence of a women’s spirit - powerful, intuitive, yet centered. Pieces are designed as an invitation to invoke each ones own creativity. “To be masters of their own creations”… Lili K Rock infuses awareness and ethnicity with a flirtatious elegance and most importantly a purpose to aid and serve.

5 LKR-001 TRA-D TZARISTA Swarovski Crystal Silver Tarantula Crystal Diamond Brooch £60.00 TZARISTA DINARA’S STING LKR-004 ALI ALEXEI Swarovski Gold & Black Alligator Emerald Crystal Brooch with silver cuff £62.50 LKR-002 TRA TZARINA Swarovski Crystal Silver Baby Tarantula Brooch with black cuff £57.50 LKR-005 SCO SKOJACK Swarovski Crystal Scorpion Brooch with lilac cuff £62.50

6 LKR-006 GEC GRISHA Swarovski Crystal Multi-coloured Girl Gecko with pink cuff £62.50 TZARISTA DINARA’S STING LKR-007 CAT KOSHKA Swarovski Cat Brooch with silver cuff £47.50

7 LKR-008 GSNK Gold Original Snake Necklace £27.50 LAKSHMI LKR-009 GSNK PND Gold Snake Pendant £24.00

8 LKR-010 GRAA Gold Mama Rattle Snake Necklace £35.00 R A A LKR-011 GCFF Gold Snake Charmer Cuff £32.50

9 LKR-012 G/S/BRA Gold & Silver Rattle Snake Necklace £27.50 BABY R A A LKR-014 B/GR/CCFF Black & Grey Reptile Cousin Cuff £25.00 LKR-013 B/S/CFF Black & Silver Garden Cuff £30.00 LKR-015 ANTBG Antique Black & Teak Bangle £22.50

10 LKR-016 OWLNEC Chic Diamante Midnight Owl Necklace £97.50 SHAKE RATTLE & ROCK LKR-018 RSIL/SNK Rockin' Rattle Snake Necklace with Red Swarovski Eyes £44.00 LKR-017 RDCFF Red Hot Reptile & Diamante Cuff £97.50 LKR- 019 BLK/RK/RG Hot Rock Black Ring £40.00

11 LKR0-020 M/FL/RG Midnight Flower Ring £25.00 SHAKE RATTLE & ROCK

12 LKR-021 B/GCRC Black & Gold Ribbon Maze Pendant Necklace £32.50 A- MAZE LKR-022 B/MAREPCFF Black & Gold Mama Reptile Cuff £57.50

13 LKR-023 B/STUD/BG Black Mock Leather Studded Bangle (x2) £22.50 each BROWN EYED GYPSEA LKR-025 G/BBY/BCFF Baby Gold & Black Reptile Cuff £35.00 LKR-024 G/RPCFF Gold Roped Cuff with Diamante Strand £30.00 LKR-026 B/GRIBB Black & Gold Ribbon Necklace with Gypsea Rings £25.00

14 LKR-027 G/FL/NECK Gold & Blue Flower Adjustable Necklace with Tassle £40.00 STARDUST LKR-029 W/BBY/RP/CFF White & Gold Baby Reptile Cuff £35.00 LKR-028 W/M/RP/CFF White & Gold Mama Reptile Cuff £57.50 LKR-030 W/RP/CFF White Reptile Cousin Cuff £25.00

15 LKR-031 BAUB/BRAC Multi-Coloured Bauble Bracelet £22.50 STARDUST

16 LKR-032 G/DSCCFF Gold Disco Sequin Cuff £40.00 GLITTER LKR-034 B/DSCCFF Bronze Disco Sequin Cuff £40.00 LKR-033 S/DSCCFF Silver Disco Sequin Cuff £40.00 LKR-035 S/GLD/BB/CFF Silver & Gold Baby Sequin Cuff £35.00

17 LKR-036 BRN/BBYCFF Brown Mock Leather Baby Cuff £35.00 GLITTER LKR-037 G/CHAIN Gold Seventies Long Chain £30.00

18 LKR-038 S/STD/BG Silver Mock Leather Studded Bangle £22.50 UNCHAINED LKR-040 LNK/CHAIN Silver & Gold Link Chain £30.00 LKR-039 S/GRK/BG Silver Grecian Entwined Bangle £25.00

19 Music by Lili K Rock O Fortuna –Carmina Burana After the Rains Poios Eisai Esy Pou me Koltas La Vie en Rose-Indien

20 LKR-041 TKWD/BLT Teakwood Belt £22.50 LEILANI LKR-042 AMB/TRQ Amber & Turquoise Crystal Necklace £47.50 LKR-042A DCR Diamond Head Circle Ring (Amber) £37.50 LKR-042B PELR Pele Ring (Amber Square) £35.00

21 LKR-043 S/NM/CHCFF Silver Num-Chuck Cuff £45.00 LETHAL WEAPON LKR-045 T/SHL/STN/NEC Tortoise Shell Stone Necklace £35.00 LKR-044 B/S/BLT Black & Silver Ruched Belt £25.00 LKR-046 DIMT/RG Diamante Recon Ring £45.00

22 LKR-047 R/MSH/CLTH Red Hawk Mesh Clutch Bag £40.00 ROCK’ IN KROCK LKR-049 DIMT/RK/RG Diamante Bauble Rock Ring £50.00 LKR-048 KRC/CFF Hot Krock Cuff with Red Swarovski Eyes £97.50 LKR-050 CPR/FLW/RG Copper Flower Power Ring £40.00

23 LKR-051 BLK/S/FLW/RG Two toned Gold & Silver Flower Power Ring £35.00 ROCK’ IN KROCK LKR-053 CPR/BLT Rockin Krock's Copper Cool Belt £47.50 LKR-052 CKTL/RG Circle of Trust Krocktail Ring £75.00 LKR-053 A REP/SAR/SRNG Reptilia Sari Sarong £65.00

24 LKR-054 S/CHM/CFF Silver Snake Charmer Cuff £35.00 CHOCOLATE CRYSTALS LKR-055 S/BH/CHKR Silver Boho Chic Choker £40.00 LKR-056 S/BNG Silver Moonwalker Bangle £22.50 LKR-057 G/BLT Grey Crystal Belt £55.00

25 LKR-058 PNK/RNG Pink Armadillio Shaded Ring £37.50 “ISHQ ISHQ” “KISS KISS” LKR-060 DMND/RNG Diamond Zircon Ring £27.50 LKR-059 AMB/DMND/RNG Amber Diamond Ring £37.50 LKR-061 BLU/FLW/RNG Powder Blue Flower Crystal Ring £42.50

26 LKR-062 MLTI/FLW/RNG Multi-Coloured Flower Ring £27.50 “ISHQ ISHQ” “KISS KISS” LKR-063 W/FLW/CRS/RNG White Flower Crystal Ring £37.50

27 LKR-064GRK/AMB/NECK ARETHUSA Grecian Amber Necklace £30.00 SWEET MYSTERY LKR-065 AMB/RNG ASTAREA Grecian Amber Ring £37.50

28 LKR-066 MUR/NECK Lime Murano Pendant £22.50 CHOCOLATE, LIME JUICE, ICE CREAM, TOFFEE AND… LKR-067 TOF/RNG Toffee Ring £37.50 LKR-068 TOP/RNG Topping Ring £32.50 LKR-069 GLD/SNK/CFF Gold Snake Tail Cuff £25.00

29 LKR-070 STL/REP/CFF Steel Reptile Cuff £40.00 CHOCOLATE, LIME JUICE, ICE CREAM, TOFFEE AND… LKR-071 GLD/TWN/CFF Gold Twin Snake Head Cuff £22.50

30 LKR-072 TURTL/CHAIN Ninja Glam Turtle chain £92.50 OSHO

31 LKR-073 GLD/BTIE/BLT Gold Bowtie Belt £35.00 24 KARATS LKR-074 GLD/HRT/BNG Gold Heart Bangle £20.00 each LKR-075 GLD/GRK/BNG Gold Greek Entwined Bangle £25.00 LKR-076 GLD/CRYS/ERNG Gold Crystal Amber Drop Earrings £25.00

32 LKR-077 G/S/SWT/BRA Two Toned Sweet Wrapper Bracelet £40.00 “TAKE ME OUT”… LKR-079 S/BLK/REP/JR/CFF Black & Silver Jr. Reptile Cuff £22.50 LKR-078 S/BTE/CFF Silver Bite Cuff £25.00 LKR-080 GLD/MGRND/CFF Gold Merry-Go-Round Cuff £22.50

33 LKR-081 GLD/LNK/CFF Gold Link Cuff £22.50 “TAKE ME OUT”… LKR-081A RD/DBL/LNK/CFF Red Double Link Cuff £22.50 LKR-081B GLD/IND/BNG Gold Indian Bangles £22.50 LKR-81C BLK/G/GX/CFF Black & Silver Galaxy Cuff £27.50

34 LKR81D GLD/SIL/SDUN/BNG Gold Silver Sand Dune Bangle £24.00 “TAKE ME OUT”… LKR-081F GLD/RTTN/WVE/CFF Gold Snake Hill Cuff £27.50 LKR-81E GRWC Gold Ratan Weave Cuff £25.00

35 LKR-081G GLD/STR/CFF BELIEF (Gold Star cuff) £62.50 ALCHEMIST LKR-081I GLD/MAYN/CFF FAITH (Gold Mayan Design) £52.50 LKR-081H GLD/GREC/CFF TRUST (Gold Grecian Design) £62.50 LKR-081J GLD/MAYAN/CFF IN THE DIVINE (Gold Mayan Design) £47.50

36 LKR-082 MD/FLW/RNG Midnight Flower Ring (Black) £25.00 MADEMOISELLE BUTTERFLY LKR-084 AVRY/BLK/GLD/NEC Avery Chain Silver, Black & Gold £37.50 LKR-083 S/BLK/AVRY/RNG Silver & Black Avery Ring £22.50

37 LKR-085 GLD/CHN MENEHUNE Gold Chain £27.50 MAUI GIRL LKR-087 BLU/S/RNG MAUI WOWI Blue and Silver Oynx Giltter Ring £25.00 LKR-086 GLD/BLT/CFF ALOHI Gold Belt Cuff £32.50 LKR-088 BLU/SARNG WAHINE Blue Sari Sarong £57.50

38 LKR-089 G/HRL/MSH/BG TIRAMISU Gold Inspired Harley D ' Mesh Clutch Bag £45.00 A LITTLE BIT “SHHH” LKR-091 SLD/GLD/CFF VOGLIO VEDERTI STASERA Solid Gold Cuff £25.00 LKR-090 G/RP/CFF TE PIENSO SIEMPRE Gold Roped Cuff £30.00 LKR-092 GLD/DNTD/CFF COMO SEI BELLA Gold Grotto Cuff £27.50

39 LKR-093 GLD/M/CFF TU SEI UN STELLA Gold Medium Cuff £25.00 A LITTLE BIT “SHHH” LKR-094 E/AMB/CHAN CARA MIA Elegant Amber Chain £22.50

40 LKR-095 G/BTE/CF Gold Bite Cuff £25.00 SONARA LKR-097G /BB/DCO/CFF Gold Baby Disco Cuff £35.00 LKR-096 BRN/G/BB/CFF Brown Gold Baby Cuff £35.00 LKR-098 G/L/BNG Gold Large Bangle £27.50

41 LKR-098A G/BB/EM/CFF Egyptian Gold Embossed Cuff £25.00 SONARA LKR-100 BS/BNG Brush Earthed Bangle £20,00 LKR-099 G/CFF/BAU Gold Cuff with Bauble Stone £24.00 LKR-101 G/WRD/BNG Gold Wired Bangle £20.00

42 LKR-102 GRE/NECK Grecian Chic Necklace £27.50 SONARA LKR104 YLO/SRI/SAR Yellow Sari Sarong £57.50 LKR-103 AMB/NECK Amber Long Necklace £37.50

43 LKR-104 G/COL/NECK Gold Coil Necklace £27.50 TAP THE MALIBU CHICK LKR-106 BLT/CFF Mock Leather Belt Cuff £22.50 LKR-105 G/BB/BLT/CFF Gold Baby Belt Cuff £27.50 LKR-107 BlK/MQ/RING Black Inspired McQueen Ring £27.50

44 LKR-108 BLK/G/DIAMNT/CFF Black & Gold Diamante Cuff £32.50 TAP THE MALIBU CHICK

45 Music by Lili K Rock O Fortuna –Carmina Burana After the Rains Poios Eisai Esy Pou me Koltas La Vie en Rose-Indien

46 LKR-109 BRN/CUS/CFF Daisy Duke Brown Reptile Cousin Cuff £25.00 YIPPE KAI YEY! LKR-111 G/DNTD/CHAN Daisy's Gold Dented Chain £27.50 LKR-110 BRNJR/CFF Daisy Duke Brown Jr. Cuff £22.50 LKR-112 G/BL/SNK/RNG Daisy's Gold & Black Snake Ring £24.00

47 LKR-113 G/MDLA/CHAN Gold Mandala Chain £40.00 AFTER 12… BEFORE 6 LKR-115 G/LMN/BLT Gold Lemon Crush Belt £25.00 LKR-114 G/TRNTY/ BNGLE TrinIty Tequila Bangle £30.00

48 LKR-116 B/CREM/SLVR/BNE/CFF Tri-Colour Bone Metal Cuff £40.00 ! OYE PAPI ! LKR-118 B/G/CRV/DRP/NECK Black & Gold Curve Drop Necklace £47.50 LKR-117 ZBR/CRS/RNG Zebra Crystal Ring £25.00 LKR-119 ZBR/SNK/STDD/BLT Zebra & Snake Studded Belt £60.00

49 LKR-120 SNKE/BLT Snake Belt £30.00 ! OYE PAPI ! LKR-121 BLK/STDD/MSH/BG Black Studded Harley D Inspired Mesh Clutch £45.00

50 LKR-122 REP/DMD/CFF Reptile Diamond Cuff £32.50 DIAL 911 LKR-124 REP/RND/CFF Reptile Round Cuff £27.50 LKR-123 S/SNK/HD/CKK Silver Snake Head Cuff £24.00 LKR-125 WS/GRY/NECK Whistler Grey Necklace £25.00

51 LKR-126 S/DENTD/L/CFF Large Silver Tyre Cuff £35.00 DIAL 911 LKR-128 BLU/REP/BLT Blue Reptile Belt £27.50 LKR-127 L/DMND/RNG Large Diamond (Zircon) Ring £50.00

52 LKR-129 ZBR/CRS/BLT Zebra Crystal Belt £62.50 POWER TOOLS LKR-131 G/PRL/OX/NECK Gold Pearl & Onyx Drop Necklace £25.00 LKR-130 W/MQ/RNG White McQueen Inspired Ring £27.50

53 LKR-132 SM/KCHAIN/RNG Small Purple and Lilac Key Chain Ring £20.00 DEBRIEFED LKR-134 LRG/KCHAIN/RNG Large Yellow Key Chain Ring £25.00 LKR-133 MED/KCHAIN/RNG Medium Baby Pink Key Chain Ring £22.50

54 LKR-135 BLK/G/GX/CFF Black & Gold Galaxy Cuff £27.50 CHILLIE CLUB LKR-137 CHIL/NECK Chillie Pendant Necklace £25.00 LKR-136 MNTR/G/CFF Mantaray Gold Cuff £25.00 LKR-138 BLK/SIL/SHLD/RNG Black & Silver Shield Ring £37.50

55 LKR-139 W/STDD/CFF White Mock Leather Studded Cuff £22.50 AMBROSIA LKR-141 CAR/CFF Caramel Cuff £22.50 LKR-140 G/EMB/WNDR/WM/CFF Gold Embossed Wonder Woman Cuff £22.50 LKR-142 REP/RNG Reptile Ring £25.00

56 LKR-143 BLK/S/LEATH/BRAC Harley D Inspired Mock Leather Bracelet £30.00 AMBROSIA LKR-144 TRI/CLOR/NECK Hot Wired Necklace £40.00

57 LKR-145 W/D/DMTE/RNG White & Gold Diamante Ring £40.00 HOT FLUSH LKR-147 ZBRA/DMTE/RNG Zebra Diamante Ring £37.50 LKR-146 B/S/DMTE/RNG Black & Silver Diamante Ring £30.00 LKR-148 W/S/DMTE/RNG White & Silver Diamante Ring £32.50

58 LKR-149 G/MSH/PEND Gold Magic Mushroom Pendant £77.50 TAHITIAN MOON

59 LKR-148 BLK/TOPZ/BNG Black & Blue Topaz Semi Precious Stone Bangle £400.00 LOTUS LKR-149 Y/AMB/BNG Yellow Amber Semi Precious Stone Bangle £400.00

60 LKR-150 PNK/GRN/FLW/VNE BRCH Pink & Green Flower Brooch £62. 50 LA VIE EN ROSE LKR-152 DRAG-FLY/ MULTCOLR Multi-Coloured Dragon-Fly Brooch £52.50 LKR-151 BLU /GRN/FLW/BRCH Blue & Green Flower Brooch £62.50 LKR-153 STRAW/PNK Pink Strawberry Brooch £27.50

61 LKR-154 CRYS/lLOTU Crystal Lotus Brooch £25.00 LA VIE EN ROSE LKR-157 PURP/BTRFLY Purple Butterfly Brooch £27.50 LKR-156 CRYS/LIZ Crystal Lizard Brooch £25.00 LKR-155 CRYS/STON/BB Crystal & Stone Bumble Bee Brooch £22.50

62 LKR-159 BLU/CRYS/TURT Blue Crystal Turtle Brooch £22. 50 each LA VIE EN ROSE LKR-160 AMB/HRT/MSE Amber Heart Crystal Mouse Brooch £22.50 LKR-159 A MULTCOLR/CRYS/TURT Multi-Coloured Crystal Turtle Brooch with Silver Cuff £40.00 VLKR-158 JDE/ BTRFLY Jade Butterfly Crystal Brooch £22.50 each

63 LKR-162 AMB/FLOW Amber Flower Brooch £22.50 each LA VIE EN ROSE LKR-162 B BLU/ FLOW Blue Flower Brooch £22.50 each LKR-162 A SILV /FLOW Silver Flower Brooch £22.50 each LKR-161 LALIC/HRT/FLWR Ocean Blue Lilac Heart Flower Brooch £22.50

64 LKR-164 PNK/CRYS/ DRAG FLY Pink Crystal Dragon-Fly Brooch £20.00 each LA VIE EN ROSE LKR-164B GLD/GRN/DRAG FLY Gold & Green Dragon-Fly Brooch £20.00 LKR-164A PINK/CRYS/GLD DRAG FLY Pink Crystal & Gold Dragon-Fly Brooch £20.00 each LKR-163 PNK/DLEC/FLOW Pink Delicate Flower Brooch £20.00

65 LKR-165A AMB/FRG/CRYS Amber Froggy Brooch £20.00 LA VIE EN ROSE LKR-167 CRYS/FETH Crystal Feather Quill Brooch £22.50 LKR-165 FRG/CRY/GLD Crystal & Gold Froggy Brooch £20.00 LKR-166 G/BMBLE Gold Bumble Bee Bangle £22.50

66 LKR-168A AMB/CRYS/ENMLD/LEF Amber Crystal & Enamelled Leaf Brooch £22.50 LA VIE EN ROSE LKR-168B SILV/LEF/CRYS Amber Crystal Leaf Brooch £22.50 LKR-169 HH/FLWR Powder Green Hawaiian Flower Hair Piece £25.00 LKR-168 MULT/LEF/FLWR Multi-Colored Crystal Flower Brooch £22.50

67 LKR-170 GLD/DIAM/TTH/BLKRP Gold Diamante Dant Tiger Tooth with Black Rope £40.00 LA VIE EN ROSE LKR-172 GLD/DIAM/TTH Gold Diamante Dant Tiger Tooth with Gold Chain £32.50 LKR-171 SIL/DIAM/TTH Silver Diamante Dant Tiger Tooth with Silver Chain £32.50 LKR-173 BLU/DSC/NECK Blue Summer Disc Necklace £24.00

68 LA VIE EN ROSE LKR-175 YEL/DSC/NECK Yellow Summer Disc Necklace £24.00 LKR-174 GRE/DSC/NECK Green Summer Disc Necklace £24.00 LKR-176 PNK/DSC/NECK Pink Summer Disc Necklace £24.00 LKR-177 LKRCHAM Lili K Rock (Rock Da Spirit) Charm Bracelets £24.00

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