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Unlayering Autism with Complex Homeopathic Methods: Releasing Causation and Blockages to Recovery Cindy Griffin & Lindyl Lanham.

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1 Unlayering Autism with Complex Homeopathic Methods: Releasing Causation and Blockages to Recovery Cindy Griffin & Lindyl Lanham

2 Disclaimer: We are not medical doctors, and homeopathy is not the practice of medicine as defined by the FDA, AMA and other governing organizations. This is an educational presentation about homeopathy, an alternative or complementary healthcare practice. This presentation is not meant to be construed as medical advice, nor a substitute for counsel from a health professional. If you are ill, you must work with a health professional who can provide individualized help for your problems.

3 Homeopathy Based upon the “Law of Similars,” or “Simillia similibus curentur:” “Like treats like.” Uses tiny, highly diluted amounts of any sort of substance as medicine Sources: –Plants –Minerals –Animals –Drugs & other chemicals

4 Homeopathy based upon “Like treats like” Samuel Hahnemann, M.D. established that any medicine will cure the same set of symptoms if given in tiny, highly dilute amounts, that the same substance in a toxic dose causes in a healthy person. Homeopathic application can be harnessed to provide relief of current symptoms, as well as to address chronic symptoms or inherited weaknesses (miasms)

5 Homeopathy based upon “Like treats like” Homeopathic remedies work by boosting the vital force (the immune system/life energy) to over come the illness(es) Chosen by matching the symptoms present to a remedy that is most similar to the symptoms seen at that time These symptoms also guide the homeopath identify the body’s immediate priorities –i.e., a particular rash can indicate time for clearing a particular insult (i.e. measles-like rash may indicate the body is ready to tackle measles virus)

6 Different Approaches Classical Homeopathy –Single remedies – works well for simple acute illnesses. Often encounters blockages with diseases of toxicity Homotoxicology or “homeopathic detox” –Uses combination remedies to remove toxins and reverse disease progression Complex Sequential Homeopathy –Multiple remedies – works well with simple, complex, acute or chronic illness –Overcomes blockages by unlayering –Can directly address causational factors –Medical science only addresses symptoms by suppression

7 A broad-ranging approach Homeopathy bolsters the overall vital force (immune system) by helping it overcome underlying illnesses based on: – current symptoms – constitutional type – timeline history/causation Allows body to heal itself without chemical force Has no side effects, such as increased gut dysbiosis or chemical toxicity

8 Homeopathy is Wholistic Looks at how illness affects the whole individual Addresses physical and emotional aspects Addresses any causations behind a problem A good homeopath examines the entire lifestyle –Diet & water quality –Stressors in the life –Rest –Activities –Body, Mind and Spirit

9 Wholistic View of ANY Illness Illness does not have just a single cause, i.e. a “germ” or one toxin Illness is the result of layers of insults and burdens on the immune system

10 Autism is Serious Illness Virtually every system and organ affected –Gut Digestion Immune function Neurotransmitter function –Immune system Underreactive to genuine attacks (“My kid is never sick! He never runs fevers or acts ill – he’s just autistic.”) Over reactive to self (Auto-immune)

11 Restoring health includes: Addressing Causation Arguments abound as to the “cause” of autism –Genetic predispositions/toxic inheritance –Emotional and Physical insults –Mercury in vaccines –Measles and/or Rubella vaccines –Environmental toxins Ingested Injected Absorbed Inhaled –Mitochondrial disorders and other cell malfunction

12 Emunctories--Lymphatics/Liver/Kidneys overloaded, underfunctioning (cannot easily detoxify) Skin problems (eczema, rashes, chemical sensitivity) Allergies, food sensitivities, asthma Inflammation

13 Social delays or inability to interact Apraxia or dyspraxia OCD behaviors Oppositional or Defiant behaviors Aggression Academic and educational delays Autism exhibits Behavioral & Developmental Problems

14 AUTISM: It’s OVERWHELMING!!!! So let’s take it apart and find some answers…

15 Healing and Unlayering This concept of illness has been observed and utilized by many different healing methods for millennia. How well or ill we are now is a result of layers of prior events. Hering’s Laws of Cure: true healing happens naturally as follows: – From Top to Bottom – From innermost (most vital) to outermost (least vital) – In Reverse Chronological order to onset of illness

16 Insults and Burdens Build Genetic predispositions Insults to the system from –Physical injuries –Emotional injuries and events –Invasive Medical Procedures Toxins –Inherited from parents –Environmental Ingested Injected Absorbed Inhaled

17 Disease: Result of Many Layers Each toxin, injury, or acute exposure to disease antigens layer one upon another Each weakness exploits previous imbalances and weaknesses, and add burden to the overall immune system. When the burden is too much the entire system ultimately breaks down and we see serious illness and disease.

18 A simple layer: not so simple A vaccine contains: –Metals –Chemicals –The vaccine “germ” or disease antigen(s) –MAY be contaminated with strep or staph A vaccination event includes –Vaccine –Puncture wound –Emotional trauma –May have been the “Straw that broke the camel’s back” or caused an injury

19 Unlayering Autism with Complex Sequential Homeopathy Homeopathic remedies are uniquely suited to this “layers concept of reversing illness – by reversing its causes. As highly diluted energetic medicine, homeopathic remedies cannot add toxins to an already burdened system Can not create a new pathology – it is impossible for energy to create disease Can only help the body identify and release toxins, insults, imbalances that already exist in the body Can help the body reorganize its efforts toward detoxification, elimination and balance Can spur the body to heal and renew itself

20 Homeopathy Covers It ALL! At any time, homeopathy can address: Causation: –Chemical Toxins –Emotional or Physical Traumas –Suppression Relief of current symptoms Detoxification of the system Spurring of immune system Strength and signaling for long term healing

21 Disease antigens: Viruses & Bacteria Introduced normally, by “catching” the illness Immune system seeks viruses entering thru mucus membranes. Vaccines inject the same viruses into tissue/bloodstream May naturally occur in some parts of body when healthy, but can migrate for many reasons –I.e., Strep naturally occurs in the mouth. However tooth decay allows it to migrate into tissue/bloodstream –May be introduced thru accident, or injection Broken or cracked tooth Infection in physical injury site Vaccines Nosocomial infections (hospital/medical procedure infections)

22 Antigen/Toxin Binding Yeast/fungus binds to metals and other toxins Bacteria can bind to fungus or viruses Viruses can bind to toxins and bacteria Parasites can contain metals, toxins, fungus, viruses, bacteria All of the above build up to harm the host and become very difficult to remove one at a time, if it is possible at all

23 Sequential Homeopathy and Isopathy Sequential isopathy uses homeopathic remedies made from actual toxins, bacteria, viruses, drugs, vaccines, etc. that may have caused problems The remedies help the body to identify and release specific viral and bacterial toxins This is done most efficiently when introduced in reverse chronological order of their introduction in the person’s timeline or personal history. (Sequential Homeopathy)

24 Sequential Isopathy/Homeopathy: Directly addressing causation When viewing a person’s chronological timeline, cause and effect often are easily seen Sequential Isopathy can directly reduce disease antigens, toxins, insults, traumas and their effects with isopathic remedies Isopathic remedies: Made from substance that cause the problem originally.

25 Homeopathy and Detoxification Homeopathy offers a safe and effective means of “draining” or naturally allowing organs to clear themselves of toxins. Homeopathy clears and enhances function of elimination pathways that allow homotoxins to leave the intra- and extra-cellular fluids –Homotoxicology remedies –Complex low potency combination homeopathic remedies –Gemmotherapy remedies This is like opening the floodgates on a dam – the body will then clear out what lies upstream

26 Support remedies open the gates: Detox support, or drainage remedies –Custom combinations –Organ or system- specific combinations –Sarcodes or organ-derived remedies These are aimed at opening up: –Liver –Kidneys –Lymphatics Throughout the process, they allow the deeper detox from Sequential Isopathy and Homeopathy with less strain and “clogging” of the system

27 Signs of metal or chemical detox through homeopathy Increased urinary volume or frequency Very clear urine, often with little smell, or a chemical/metallic odor Black, tarry stools Increased mucus on/in stools Symptoms that fit each toxin’s toxic effect – as a toxin mobilizes on its way out, it may bring up old symptoms of that toxin.

28 Homeopathy and Toxins Homeopathic remedies create a “reverse osmosis” setting for toxins to leave the cells –Organ and system specific combos clear liver, kidneys, then lymphatics –Homotoxicological combination remedies clear the intracellular matrix fluid –Oligotherapy remedies, made from minerals, work to exchange toxins for nutrients and metabolites by enhancing the permeability of cell membranes Homeopathic support remedies enhance cellular repair to reduce the damage from toxins.

29 Immune System Support and Symptom Relief Complex remedies provide more consistent responses for immediate relief of pain and discomfort and support the vital force (immune system) to mount a more vigorous defense against infection.

30 No Side Effects with Homeopathy Homeopathy doesn’t suppress symptoms. Suppression makes a bad situation worse. Homeopathy doesn’t add more toxins (i.e. pharmaceutical drugs) or add insults and injuries to the vital force (i.e. invasive procedures). Homeopathic won’t compound the symptoms of autism. Homeopathy offers alternative remedies for acute ailments and symptoms that does not cause damage to the gut flora as is typically experienced with antibiotics.

31 Effects of Toxic Elimination Clients do have symptoms while undergoing this approach The symptoms are not and cannot be caused by homeopathic remedies The toxins themselves will elicit specific symptoms that are actually the body’s means of elimination - caused directly by the mobilization of the toxin, virus, bacteria, fungus or parasite being eliminated

32 Support Remedies Critical Support remedies are critical to making the process of the timeline clearing as gentle as possible, given that illness-producing toxins, viruses, bacteria, yeast, etc., all create symptoms Support remedies allow the symptoms to do their job (cleansing) but make sure that it is short-lived. We do not recommend that anyone attempt any detoxification without supportive remedies on a daily basis.

33 Safety Homeopathic remedies have well over 200 years of proven safety Used in hundreds of countries, with millions of consumers and practitioners for 200 years Never has there been a single recall of a homeopathic remedy or product for safety No death or permanent harm has ever been attributed to a homeopathic product or practitioner

34 The 21 st Century Challenges: 80,000 chemicals added to earth since WWII – most are petrochemicals and toxic to humans, plants and animals Vaccines were minimal until early 20 th century – now hundreds are under development for pharmaceutical profit Drugs became complex petrochemical by-products after 1950’s instead of plant-based simple medicines as the basis Most food is pasteurized, processed, genetically modified, irradiated, and full of drugs and chemicals Water is polluted Electromagnetic radiation is unavoidable

35 Complex Homeopathy: Meeting today’s health challenges Sequential isopathy can address causation –Toxins –Radiation Sequential homeopathy can address symptoms as they arise –Chemical insults –Emotional insults –Physical insults Homotoxicology and drainage remedies –Support systems of elimination –Detox the matrix or “body chemistry”

36 Classical homeopathy spurs healing and recovery –Symptom based –Constitutional basis Body type How affected by illness, weather, variables –Inherited weaknesses and tendencies Miasmatic remedies for genetic inheritance Higher potency remedies to clear inherited toxins

37 ASD-specific Applications Clearing vaccines, antibiotics, inherited toxins that contribute to illness Supporting the body’s natural detox and healing abilities Drawing from biomedical & genetic research in ASDs and applying all usages of homeopathic remedies to the person’s uniqueness Addressing constitutional and inherited tendencies

38 Homeopathic Definition of Recovery “The physician’s highest and only calling is to make the sick healthy, to cure, as it is called.” “The highest ideal of cure is the rapid, gentle and permanent restoration of health; that is the lifting and annihilation of the disease in its entire extent in the shortest, most reliable, and least disadvantageous way, according to clearly observable principles.” -Samuel Hahnemann, M.D., “Father” of Homeopathy, 1755-1843

39 Children Recovered from Autism Achieved normal functioning in all areas: –Behavior –Academics (usually outshine their age peers) –Immune System Fastest and easiest recovered children received little or no allopathic medical treatment. Children eventually leave “special diets” but a “healthy diet” is strongly recommended.

40 Take Home Recommendations Remove causation factors first! –Environmental sweep of the home/school/play areas Mold and mildew Chemicals: paint, carpet, pesticides, fluorescent bulbs(Hg content) ElectroMagnetic Frequencies (radio, MW, cell towers, wireless, electric blankets, etc.) STOP VACCINATIONS!

41 Take Home Recommendations cont’d Dental checkups and repair (compromised teeth allow for strep to directly and continuously enter the bloodstream!) NO JUNK FOOD. A diet full of organic, locally grown, seasonal produce with low amounts of animal protein from organic, free range, cruelty- free sources (stressed animal meat or products are higher in acid) is strongly recommend. An alkaline, high mineral diet such as vegan, ovo- vegan or vegetarian if possible is best.

42 Homeopathy or Allopathy? Regardless of your approach to healthcare, the more natural the better. Fix the diet: Eliminate GMO foods, chemicals (MSG, preservatives, colors, etc), pasteurized products as much as possible (Raw diet, raw milk and cheeses eventually may be OK, once the gut is recovered.), eat organic, fresh, local produce, avoid standard grocery store meats. Find a clinician who leans more heavily toward supplements and some homeopathy. Avoid antibiotics and antiviral drugs more often by learning homeopathic self care.

43 Heal Thyself! All true healing is self healing – it starts with YOU! Empower yourself and family: Join a homeopathic study group. You can choose how your child will heal. We hope that you will find homeopathy a good source of power over illness for your whole family.

44 Many thanks to our Parents! We thank you for sharing your testimonials, test results, and kids with our audience!

45 We thank you for your attention to our presentation on Releasing Causation and Blockages to Recovery from Autism Cindy L. Griffin, DSH-P, D.I.Hom. Lindyl Lanham, DSH-P, B.S.Sp.Ed.

46 References National Center for Homeopathy Homeopathy Center of Houston

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