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The Desert Indians By Alex, Joe, Cole, and Daniel.

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1 The Desert Indians By Alex, Joe, Cole, and Daniel

2 Features In the desert it is really hot and also followed by bitter winter cold They used clay to build ovens to cook their bread In the Pueblo like their ancient pueblo ancestors they lived on pueblos built on mesas or on the sides of steep canyons The climate on desert southwest provided little rainfall so then fewer trees grew

3 The Indians living in the Desert The Hopi and the Zuni were able to adapt to the life ways of the changing environment. The Pueblo were able to grow crops in the dry environment. The Navajo did not call themselves the Navajo, which was given to them by the Pueblo. The Anasazi also don’t call themselves the Anasazi.

4  The labor was divided between everyone.  Women would make pottery and wooden Kachina dolls.  The government was lead by the chief.  There were lots of ceremonies for healing.  The Native Americans would play baseball.  There were harvest and rain dances.  They would trade with other tribes.  Sand paintings were thought to help people. Special Cultural Activities By Cole

5 The Housing Of The Desert Indians The HOPI & ZUNI Indians made houses called Pueblos made from stones and mud Other groups in the desert region made houses called adobe from sundried bricks made with clay and mixed with straw NAVAJO built houses called Hogans by covering bark with mud, but later in their life they decided to start making their houses out of adobe The ANASAZI Indians Made houses on a natural stone shelf on a steep hill with at least 200 rooms

6 Food The Desert tribes grew corn, beans, and squash. Women spent hours grinding corn. Adobe ovens were used to make bread. The Hopi grew 24 different kinds of corn, but blue and white were most common All the Desert Indians ate corn, beans, and squash.

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