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Public Involvement and Outreach Pinellas Planning Council September 14, 2006.

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1 Public Involvement and Outreach Pinellas Planning Council September 14, 2006

2 Agenda for Public Involvement Minimum Requirements Effective Participation Tools Public Meeting Logistics Exercises Questions and Discussion

3 Minimum Requirements for Public Involvement Development of the Plan Amendment Transmittal to DCA for review During revision (if any) of the Plan Amendment Adoption of the Plan Amendment

4 Proposed Amendment Procedures for transmitting the proposed amendment: LPA public hearing Governing body public hearing

5 Transmittal Hearings Draft amendment may be revised after workshops Result is the “proposed” amendment to be transmitted to DCA

6 Adoption Hearings Present to LPA, if desired Adoption by the elected body Provide notice Adopt by ordinance (two readings) Transmit the adopted amendment to DCA for compliance review

7 Program and Process Available resources Limited, moderate, high Staff Budget Select appropriate participation tools How many meeting/workshops? How many locations? Who facilitates the public meetings?

8 Outreach Community Participation Program Guide for involvement throughout process Who is involved? Consultants? Stakeholder groups Staff and volunteers Committees Media

9 Effective Tools for Public Involvement Tools for use on the municipal web site Tools for use in meetings Newsletters, press releases, and other forms of information dissemination Questionnaires and surveys – when to use them and what to do with the results

10 Web Site Participation Tools Website – Information Only Schedules Announcements Draft goals and objectives Preliminary recommendations Maps Website – Response Capability One or more “contact the planning team” buttons Send email to planners Website – Interactive with Surveys Provide interactive feedback opportunities Online surveys, questionnaires, and e-mail

11 Sample Public Meeting Formats Kick-Off Public Information Meeting Workshop Vision, Goals & Objectives Meetings Facilitated: “What do you have?” “What do you want?” and “How will you get it?” Design Charrettes Highly interactive meetings Work in groups to draw maps Design the community Develop goals and policies

12 Meeting Logistics Agenda Beginning, middle, and end Meeting supplies Food? Opportunity for written comment – provide forms Point of contact Phone and E-mail Follow up

13 People and Materials Meeting leader – facilitator Prepared Leader – not dictator Stick to schedule Materials Power point – good and bad Handouts Maps and graphics

14 Getting the Word Out Media Plan and Press Releases E-mail “blast” Database Cable TV Information Speakers Bureau Kiosk/Lobby Displays

15 Questionnaires and Surveys Printed Public Information Flyers, newspaper inserts, brochures, or newsletters Mailed or made available at libraries or city hall or both Web Surveys Direct Mail Surveys When to use them and what to do with the results

16 Questionnaires and Surveys Reach residents that do not attend meetings Some folks do not to speak up at public meetings Non-scientific (budget), straw poll Neighborhood or other organized groups may push their own agenda Access to internet limited; but rapidly increasing Report back results in next public meeting Helpful for identifying & refining issues

17 Exercises Start the process to create a participation program for your community 2 brief questionnaires Discuss the results of the exercises

18 Questionnaire #1: Issues to Consider For each issue, consider your municipality’s level of available resources: Limited Moderate High

19 Questionnaire #2: Identify Tools &Techniques For each public involvement tool, apply priority: Low Moderate High Required

20 Public Involvement and Outreach DISCUSSION, NEXT STEPS & QUESTIONS

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