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Wangfujing ( 王俯井小吃街 ) Night Food Market at Beijing.

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2 Wangfujing ( 王俯井小吃街 ) Night Food Market at Beijing


4 This 100-meter long snack street is open from 6:00pm to 9:00pm every day. The night market is home to about 100 stalls selling snacks from all over China For adventurous dinners, it is a food paradise with such unique snacks as centipedes, lizards, deep fried crickets available to eat on a stick

5 The first stall sells Tanghulu, (sugar-coated haws) and fruits on sticks Each stall has a signboard overhead indicating the stuff to be sold with a pricelist

6 Each seller wears clean uniforms with red caps

7 Each stall has a sign hanging at the back with the name of the stall owner

8 At the first plane Goubuli, at the back inserted on sticks, hippocampus along with an informative note about them About Goubuli (literally dogs don’t pay attention) Is a famous kind of Bāozi, the Asian equivalent of sandwiches in the West. With a savory meat (chiken or pork) and vegetable filling wrapped in dough and steamed, they make a complete meal that can be eaten on the go without utensils

9 Sheep’s particular parts, offal soup

10 Beijing local desserts and their oxidental translations

11 Since it is a street food market, you have no table for sitting and eating You are supposed to stand eating just before the food stalls

12 A protected line is set to separate the food stalls from the driving lane So people feel quite safe eating along the protected line and make jokes at turists

13 Centipedes and insects on sticks !!!

14 Scorpions and more insects on sticks !!!

15 Not plastic recipients but Chinese earthenware containers and plaited straw or reeds

16 Seafood and smelly vean curd


18 Sneak meat with a salat, always interesting to watch by foreigners turists



21 A different culture (probably the older one) and quite another taste for food They, as Mexicans, like insects in all forms and shapes, here is an example of the way they are offered, clean, ordered, in sticks and with a touch of color and elegance given by the orange starfish


23 Seafood

24 Noodles made with rice flour and some vegetables



27 Barbeque, corns and more

28 All the food stalls are well organized with strict hygiene requirement

29 By María Royal Krabs Music: Traditional Chinese Hope you enjoy the visit at this very typical food market located at the center of Beijing

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