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Drinks Etiquette Know your drinks.

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1 Drinks Etiquette Know your drinks

2 Whisky

3 Introduction Whisky is made with barley for fermentation and aged for very long periods, in barrels, usually made from Oak (Wood) Whisky can be served on its own with ice (on the rocks) with water Could also be mixed with Coke Ginger ale (Canada Dry) Tonic water It is served in Whisky glasses

4 Types of Whiskies Scotch whisky Irish whisky
Kentucky and Tennessee whiskies

5 Scotch Whiskies Produced with malted barley –
Bells – nutty & spicy taste Teachers – high percentage of malt Glenfiddich – single malt whisky, 12 to 20 years Singleton – malt whiskey, 10 to 12 years medium weight, fruity and malted Chivas Regal – Prestigious deluxe blend Johnnie Walker Black Label – 12 year Johnnie Walker Red Label – All 40% alcohol

6 Irish Whiskies Main difference with Scotch Whisky – Made with Rye and unlike Scotch, non-smoky. It is also smoother in texture Jameson: Blended whisky, world’s number one Irish Whisky. Jameson is the Irish whisky used in the Irish coffee.

7 Kentucky and Tennessee whiskies
*These whiskies are made from Indian corn. *They have a strong wood, toffee and vanilla taste *Jack Daniel’s is the number one spirit in the USA. Aged for at least four years. Liked by a large majority of whiskey drinkers.

8 Brandy Spirit distilled from fruit. - Any fruit that ferment may be used in different ways to produce brandy. The most familiar type of brandy comes from wine made from grape. Wine is usually distilled and then aged in oak barrels, a process which mellow the spirit and add colour, aroma and flavour to it. The longer the brandy remains in wood the better it is likely to be. Brandy is served on its own in a brandy glass as an after dinner drink. It can be used as an aperitif with ice in which case it will be served in a tall slim glass.

9 Cognac Cognac can be divided in different categories
VS – less aging time in Oak, VSOP - XO – more aging time More the Cognac is aged, the better and expensive it will be.

10 Vodka Traditional spirit produced in Poland, Russia and other part of Eastern Europe. Made from fermented grain, potatoes or similar plants. It is a clear neutral spirit Served on its own, chilled (mainly for Russian customers) or with a mineral or fruit juice. Served in a slim Jim glass with or without ice.

11 Vodka Finlandia – one of the best selling vodkas in the world, no specific aroma. Usually taken with a mixer. 37.5% Stolichnaya – Russian vodka, Very authentic. Should to be served chilled.

12 Gin Made from juniper berries, Gin originated from Holland.
Gilbey’s is one of the highest selling gin in the UK. Served with a mixer of tonic water or orange juice, and ice and lemon in a slim Jim glass. 37.5%

13 Rum – White/ Golden/ Dark
Made from sugar cane -originated from the West Indies. White – Light in body and subtle in flavour Golden – Medium- comes in flavours Dark - Heavier in flavour and body. May be served on its own or mixed with soda or coke - on ice in a slim Jim glass.

14 Rum Bacardi Rum: Largest brand in the world, originated from Cuba. It is a white rum. 37.5% Captain Morgan: Dark rum, very popular. Served when “dark rum” is requested. 37.5%

15 Liqueurs and Spirits Disaronno Amaretto:
Italian almond and apricot liquor. Popular “ladies” drink, may be served on ice or straight in a club goblet. May also be served in coffee and cappuccino 28% Bailey’s Irish Cream: Made from Irish whisky and dairy cream. Sold as and aperitif as well as an after meal drink. Served in a club goblet over ice. 17% Benedictine DOM: Liqueur made from over 20 different herbs such as nutmeg, angelica, thyme, cinnamon, coriander, It is a sweet liqueur served in a club goblet with ice or a liqueur glass with out ice. 40%

16 Cointreau: French orange liqueur, medium sweet. Served in a liqueur glass on its own. 40% Drambuie: Scottish herb and whisky liqueur. Honey and herbs are added to malt whisky to make a medium sweet liqueur. Served on ice in a club goblet or on its own in a liqueur glass. 40%

17 Grand Marnier: Kahlua:
French orange liqueur, very similar to the Cointreau. Served in a liqueur glass on its own. 40% Kahlua: A Mexican coffee and vanilla liqueur made from cane spirit. Served on ice in a club Goblet or on its own in a liqueur glass 25.5%

18 Pimm’s No. 1: Strictly speaking, not a liqueur, but made with fruit extract and a Gin base. Commonly served as “Pimm’s Cocktail” – Served with ice in a slim Jim glass with a straw. 25.5%

19 Southern Comfort: - Tia Maria: -
An American liqueur with a dominant peach flavour made with Bourbon whiskey. Served with or without ice in a whiskey glass. 40% Tia Maria: - Coffee liqueur from Jamaica. A dominant coffee flavour with a touch of chocolate. Served on its own in a liqueur glass or with coffee and cream (Calypso Coffee) 26.5%

20 Campari A bitter drink originally from Italy.
Made from roots and other botanicals and very little fruit and sugar. Usually served with a mixer such as orange juice or soda water with ice and a slice of orange in slim Jim glass. 25.5%

21 Sheridans A combination of Irish spirits and Irish whisky with a coffee and chocolate flavour to be topped with the cream supplied with the bottle. Served in a club goblet Pour the spirit first and then the cream. A special measure is supplied to ensure the right quantities are used. 17%

22 Port Red wine fermented until half of the sugar content is converted into alcohol. Neutral alcohol is added (15% of the total volume) to stop fermentation and kept in oak barrel to age. Served in port glasses on its own. Could be served with cheese. 20%

23 Sherry 3 types of Sherry – Originated from Spain.
White wine is fermented in barrels using the solera technique (wine being transferred in bigger barrel every set period of time) until it reaches 12 to 16 degrees. Then neutral alcohol is added to reach 15 to 18 degree and left in oak barrel to age. 3 types of Sherry – Dry Sherry (Tio Pepe 15.5%) - served chilled. Medium dry (Amontillado17.5%) served at room temperature Sweet (Bristol Cream17.5%) served at room temperature Served in Port glasses usually as an aperitif.

24 Martini (Dry/ Bianco / Rosso) CINZANO
A white or red wine aged for 2 years in an oak barrel and 1 year in an open air barrel and infused with different herbs. Served on its own or with a mixer in slim Jim glass with or without ice. 14.7%

25 B 52 Ingredients & Qty. Kahlua 10ml Baileys 10ml Grand Marnier 10ml
Glass: Small Shot Glass Method: Pour baileys from the bottle nozzle first. Pour Khalua from the bottle nozzle second. Pour Grand Marnier from the bottle nozzle last As Baileys is the heavy liqueur it will settle at the bottom. Kahlua should be poured slowly and smoothly on top of Baileys and Grand Marnier should be poured the same way. It is a short drink and so does not need a garnish.

26 Kir Royale Ingredients Crème de cassis 10ml Champagne 15ml
Glass: Champagne Tulip Method: Pour crème de cassis (10ml) first in the glass. Top up the glass with champagne, sliding the champagne through the wall of the glass Make sure a stirrer stick is served with in the glass to mix the drink if guest wish. No garnish required for the Cocktail.

27 Long Island Iced Tea Ingredients: Bacardi Rum 10ml Odessa Vodka 10ml
Gordens Gin 10ml Triple Sec 10ml White Tequila 10ml Lime Juice 10ml Pepsi Full Bottle 180ml Glass : Tom Collins Method: Shake all the ingredients except Pepsi in cocktail shaker with some ice. Pour the mix from cocktail shaker into the glass top it up with Pepsi. Garnish 2 slices of lemon on the rim of the glass 1 stirrer stick Straw Umbrella inserted on the slices of lemon

28 Black Russian Odessa Vodka 25ml Kahlua 25ml Ingredients:
Glass: whisky glass Method Fill ¾ glass with ice Add vodka and Kahlua one by one. Stir the ingredients in the glass slowly without spilling Garnish 1 straw cut into half 1 stirrer stick broken into half

29 Tequila Sunrise Ingredients: White Tequila 50ml Orange Juice 180ml
Grenadine dash Glass: Slim Jim Method: Fill in half the glass with ice, pour 50ml of tequila over the ice Top up with orange juice. Add dash of Grenadine to give it a sunrise colour Garnish: Full slice of orange, slit from the centre, put it on the rim of the glass 1 straw 1 stirrer stick Umbrella pierced on full slice of orange

30 Manhattan Canadian Club Whisky 50ml Martini 20ml
Ingredients: Canadian Club Whisky ml Martini ml Angostura bitter a dash Glass: Martini Method: Mix all the ingredients in the cocktail shaker. Shake well with ice A few ice cubes should remain in the drink when serving Garnish: A cherry and slice of orange on cocktail stick

31 GAL

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