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The CORE Problem Part 7 of 8 parts As seen through the eyes of Michael H. Keehn.

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1 The CORE Problem Part 7 of 8 parts As seen through the eyes of Michael H. Keehn

2 VIEW IN ORDER The file names of the Presentations in this series contain a two digit number, 01 through 08. Use this number to view the Presentations in order. It is necessary to view the Presentations in order so that the information flows logically and is not disconnected gibberish.

3 Disclaimer The information contained in this series of presentations is neither intended to deceive nor mislead. The information presented is true and factual to the best of my knowledge. Opinions are mine. The viewer is responsible for confirming anything upon which he has doubt. Nothing in these presentations is to be construed as legal advice.

4 Distribution This information is distributed either on a compact disk or as a ZIP file. In either case, the individual is welcome to distribute copies to anyone so long as the information is not altered and all files are included… Michael H. Keehn

5 References American’s is a reference to the people of these united States of America. The District is a reference to “the United States” (corporate), Washington, District of Columbia. These united States of America is a reference to the Union States, united by, and under, the Constitution, what we know as the Republic of these united States of America.

6 The CORE Problem Simply put, it’s the national debt. Some American’s think that we owe this debt to ourselves. We do not! It is owed to a cartel of private individuals through the banks they own. The Federal Reserve Bank is central to this issue here in the United States, and in a global sense, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) is included. By now, this should be evident.

7 Brass Tacks OK, we’ve traveled the path from the origins of the United States to 1933 and the Banking Relief Act. We have reviewed this path and now we are going to examine some of the results of the path WE HAVE CHOSEN.

8 Taking No Prisoners This presentation will require effort and thinking to comprehend. I don’t think that putting this delicately will be of benefit, so I’m giving it to you straight. If we are too lazy to expend the necessary effort to comprehend our situation and contemplate possible solutions, then we are probably not worthy of freedom, and economic slave status will be the plight of ourselves and our children.

9 You are an identified enemy! With the passage of the Banking Relief Act we became an identified enemy of the United States. DO NOT DISMISS THIS! GET IT THROUGH YOUR HEAD, YOU ARE AN IDENTIFIED ENEMY OF THE UNITED STATES! Once you can accept this, pieces of the puzzle fall into place, dots are connected and things begin to make sense.

10 Is it a waste of your time? How do your KNOW you are an identified enemy? Because you have had an act of war applied against you. Only ENEMIES have an act of war applied against them. If you are not convinced you are an enemy of the United States, it is a waste of your time to continue. You are free to set this presentation series aside, and I wish you well.

11 Everything We Do OK, the Trading with the Enemy Act of 1917 gave the President total authoritarian control over the commercial activities of an identified enemy, and the Banking Relief Act does the same, except that we the people have become an identified enemy. Therefore, it was only necessary to convert all of our normal and regular activities into a commercial activity in order to regulate us in everything we do!

12 License or Permit As a consequence, every commercial activity requires a license or “permit”, which is also a form of license. A “license” by legal definition is: Permission by competent authority to do what is otherwise illegal, a trespass or a tort, i.e., illegal. If the activity is either licensed or permitted by government, it is illegal. But if no one is injured, it’s only illegal in the corporate jurisdiction, not in the republic that so many people have died to provide for us.

13 Legal - Lawful Two words need greater comprehension, they are “legal” and “lawful.” “Legal” is a word of the corporate world, and “lawful” is a word of the “republic” of these united States of America. You need to remember this as you travel in deeper.

14 SO YOU’RE FREE? What, exactly are you free to do without government permission. Can you put in a sidewalk, pour a concrete patio, change your hot water heater or toilet, put new siding on your home, re-roof your house, install new windows, travel in your carriage (car), drill a well for your water, build a home, enter into marriage or own your newborn child? How free are you? Can you even be hired without a Social Security account number? Not likely until more people are educated.

15 Can we handle freedom? If you believe that neither you, or anyone else cannot do anything you, or they, wish that does not harm anyone, then you cannot be free, you can only be a slave! If you aspire to slave status, there is not much cause or reason for you to proceed, you are free to set this presentation series aside, and I wish you all the best.

16 Birth Certificate & Registration Let’s start with the newborn child. The first thing parents of today do, is to get a government birth certification (certificate). It’s not mandatory, but we do it anyway. A government issued birth certificate is registered with the Department of Commerce, transferring ownership of the child to the government! Registration identifies ownership!

17 Social Security Account By acquiring a birth certificate on your child, you have just made government the parent, and reduced yourself to babysitter. And right behind this, the parent will acquire a Social Security account for the newborn child as if he needs one at two- hours old. This too is voluntary, but…

18 Cradle to Grave But when you acquire a Social Security account for your newborn child, you are publically declaring that you are incapable of taking care of this child and are petitioning the government to be responsible for the child from cradle to grave! And…

19 Tax Paying Asset And the government is quite happy to do this, for with the parents signature, the child becomes the property (income tax paying asset) of the Federal Government, and all of its franchises (the corporate States, like the STATE OF CALIFORNIA (corporate), which is not California {republic of }).

20 Transferring Responsibility With the signature of the parent on the application for a child’s Social Security account, the child just became subject to all the unconstitutional laws of Washington, District of Columbia. In effect, the government is saying, if we have to be your parent and be responsible for you, then you have to follow our rules and regulations. The first tenant of freedom is that you must be responsible for yourself! If you cannot, then you cannot be free, only a slave.

21 A NEW PERSON What I’m attempting to point out here, is that there is a republic jurisdiction, and there is a corporate jurisdiction. We are born into the republic, and contract into the corporate. But there is a legal trick that is most difficult to perceive. The registered birth certification creates a new person…

22 THE STRAWMAN Straw man. A “front”; a third party who is put up in name only to take part in a transaction. Nominal party to a transaction; one who acts as an agent for another for the purpose of taking title to real property and executing whatever documents and instruments the principle may direct. Person who purchases property for another to conceal identity of real purchaser, or to accomplish some purpose otherwise not allowed. – Black’s Law Dictionary, sixth ed.

23 Legal Fiction The “straw man” is the new legal person created with the registered birth certification (certificate). The straw man is a legal fiction. A legal fiction is a creation of man’s mind, such as a corporation, or time. Without the mind of man, these fictions do not exist, and regardless, do not exist in reality for they are a fiction.

24 Intent in Creation But the intent of creating the straw man, is to make you believe the straw man is you. The language of the law is very technical, and capitalization plays a very important role. Therefore, the name you see on your drivers license or credit card, JOHN Q ADAMS is not you, it is the legal fiction, the straw man. More…

25 What’s in a Name Your name spelled in all caps is the straw man. For your name to represent you, it must be spelled properly, according to the rules of the English language. JOHN QUINCY ADAMS is the straw man, and John Quincy, Adams is the man of the land. The comma “,” separates the sir name or family name, which you do not own (it belongs to the family), from that portion of the name you do own. Only necessary due to the fraud and deception perpetrated upon us.

26 YES, I understand the charges However, because our public school curriculum is controlled, we believe the all caps name is us. And so the all caps legal fiction gets a traffic ticket, and you appear in court on his behalf, but you don’t know this. And the judge says, “do you understand the charges?” And you respond, “YES.” What have you just said “yes” to?

27 What the judge is really saying What the judge is saying when he asks you if you understand the charges, is this, “will you stand under the charges” (on behalf of the legal fiction, the straw man). The government cannot legally do business with the man or woman of the land, that’s why a legal fiction had to be created, so that you will put your body, productivity and life on the block for the straw man, for the benefit of government and Creditor.

28 Republic/Corporate Jurisdictions In the republic, there must be a cause for action. Generally an injury (physical or financial) resulting in a formal complaint, signed and filed by the injured party. This meets the due process requirement of knowing our accuser. But in the corporate jurisdiction, an injured party is not a requirement, nor is a complaint. But the legal system will have no problem causing injury to you, probably financial, but maybe incarceration (jail or prison) as well, which is also financial (more later).

29 The Key is in the “R” Since the passage of the Banking Relief Act, all law has become commercial, even murder. So, how do we know a commercial law at the federal level? Well, all acts have an identifier, for the House the identifier might be HR1234, and for the Senate, it might be SR5678. The key hangs in the “R”…

30 RESOLUTION v. LAW The “R” stands for resolution, which is corporate. If congress is passing law for the republic, there is no “R” in the identifier, and the law then meets constitutional muster. If the identifier contains an “R”, it’s unconstitutional corporate rules of the District, but they want you to believe it is law. And all rules (laws) being enforced today contain the “R” in the identifier. The District, is the United States (corporate). Remember this as we continue.

31 Knowledge is Power Therefore, acts without the “R” in the identifier are for the republic of these united States of America, and acts with the “R” are for the corporate legislative democracy (the United States) that has been created pursuant to the wishes of the creditor. And it is the corporate legislative democracy (the United States) who is bankrupt and controls your public school curriculum! And now you are beginning to see why knowledge is power.

32 Citizenship Obligations OK, let’s see why murder is a commercial crime. All unconstitutional laws that provide revenue for the District, come from the jurisdiction of the District, not the republic. For an individual to be subject to these revenue laws, he would have citizenship (obligation) in the District, generally through United States citizenship claimed on the Social Security application.

33 An Asset? Almost everyone, but not quite everyone, has a Social Security account and birth certificate, making them subject to the corporate revenue laws of the District. And each such individual has an accompanying straw man, who is obligated to pay taxes, traffic tickets, etc. Kill the human being, and the straw man is also killed and his cash register no longer rings. There goes the government’s revenue providing asset.

34 Retribution This is going to make the government (and creditor) upset, and they will want retribution, not because someone is dead, which is what we all think, including the police, but because they have lost a big chunk of revenue.

35 Death Certificate With a man, or woman, of the land murdered, the straw man was murdered as well. Now a “death certificate” (for the Straw man) is going to be issued to notify the Creditor of the United States that a straw man asset has died, terminating this asset’s account with the Creditor of the United States! And that’s why murder is commercial!

36 What about… But what about the individual who holds only state Citizen status? What obligations and burdens does his citizenship place on him? Is he subject to the laws of the corporate legislative democracy (the United States)? Does he have access to all the same government programs that United States citizens have access to?

37 Get Away? Let’s get our feet wet with driving. First, “driving” is a legal term, and a state Citizen does not “drive” when he’s behind the steering wheel, he “travels.” “Traveling” is a protected unalienable right, therefore the state Citizen has no drivers license nor tax identification numbers (license plates) on his car. But how does he “get away” with that? He doesn’t…

38 No Attachment He’s not getting away with anything. “Getting away” suggests that he has an obligation that he is, somehow, managing to avoid, and this perception is incorrect. Since he has no attachment to the corporate jurisdiction, he has no obligation to its corporation rules (corporate laws). Here’s the deal, if you can’t give freedom, you can’t have freedom! If you can’t come to terms with this, you’re wasting your time in this series of presentations.

39 Passengers - Guests It is also worth noting that the State Citizen does not have a passenger seat in his car, he has a guest seat. Passengers pay for their transportation, suggesting that our State Citizen occasionally receives payment for transporting someone, which is being on the road for profit and gain, which would require a license. Guests do not pay for their transportation. Everything is accomplished through fraud & deception and deceptive terms or language.

40 Traffic Citation What happens if the state Citizen were stopped by a traffic cop and given a traffic citation, for example, making an illegal “U-Turn”? First, we will note that there is no injured party as is the case in most traffic citations. So the state Citizen signs the citation and includes “without prejudice” with their signature, preserving their common law remedies, and promising to appear in court. Now what? …

41 The Common Law Let’s just speak a moment about the common law. The common law is the law of the republic of these united States of America. A harsh, yet very just body of law. It is the law that the state Citizen is subject to in the conduct of his life and affairs. Under the common law, murder is not commercial. It is under this law the smart individual preserves his common law remedies with the “without prejudice” attached to his signature. But…

42 The Case is Called But the courts of today are administering the bankruptcy of the United States, they are commercial and operate strictly for the purpose of collecting revenue. They are not for justice, and do not operate in common law. However, they are not immune from the preservation of the reservation of common law remedies. So our state Citizen appears in court and his case is called. What does he do?

43 Do your homework, be prepared If our state Citizen has done his homework and is prepared, he will mount a challenge to the jurisdiction. Remember, the traffic citation comes from a corporate jurisdiction to which our state Citizen has no attachment or obligation. Remember, in the eyes of corporate government, our state Citizen does not legally exist. If you don’t legally exist, then how can they take action against you?

44 Two ways Action can be taken against a state Citizen in only two ways, one, if he (or she) allows it, and two, if the court acts criminally. In which case the state Citizen would file an appeal because the court acted without jurisdiction.

45 No Evidence of Legal Existence There is no evidence that our state Citizen legally exists, such as a registered birth certification or Social Security account, or Drivers License, etc. Now, whenever you go to court, there is a question before the court. Did you drive without a license, did you have current registration, did you murder this person. And the proceedings are going to answer the question.

46 Two Options So here comes our state Citizen, and the court has no jurisdiction. Does the court want to proceed and admit they have no jurisdiction to act? HELL NO! If they do that, then other sheep may see the gate is open and they too will escape. So the court has only two options…

47 Hopefully the former The court will either find a way to dismiss the charges in the interest of justice without answering the question, or the court will act criminally and proceed, denying the defendant due process. If the former, the defendant’s name will probably be entered into the computer with a note not to detain or arrest this individual except upon authorization from the Attorney General. If the latter, the defendant appeals, for the court has acted without establishing jurisdiction.

48 The Income Tax OK, let’s tackle income tax. In 1939, the Pubic Salary Tax Act was passed. This was the forerunner of the “income tax” laws of today. It is also the reason the private corporation we know as the Internal Revenue Service was created. The whole idea is to collect taxes (your productivity) to pay the interest on the unpaid national debt.

49 Public Employee I believe that with some research, it will be found that the straw man is an employee of the Federal Government. Thus, the public salary tax act of 1939, and all the laws added since, apply to the straw man. And that is why he is subject to the public salary tax act and subsequent tax laws.

50 A Franking Privilege NO, the Internal Revenue Service, Inc. is not a government agency, it is a privately owned corporation, chartered, I believe, in New Jersey. How do we know it’s not a governmental agency? Because when they send out mail, they have to pay for postage. If they were a true agency of the Federal Government, mail would be sent out under a franking privilege.

51 The Straw Man Obligation Our straw man was created by the federal government, and as such, he has an obligation to the federal government. Therefore, if our straw man receives wages, generally on pay checks in which he is properly identified by spelling his name in all capital letters, then he has an income tax obligation. More…

52 As Agent Review: The all caps name on the pay check is not your name, it is not you, it is the straw man’s name. Therefore, if you are going to cash this check on behalf of the straw man, it might be a good idea to identify yourself as agent and separate yourself from his obligations. Sign your name properly: John Quincy, Adams (as agent).

53 We never know We will never know ahead of time how well our efforts will work. That’s because we cannot predict how criminal “THEY” are going to be. The next slide contains a very important statement from a federal judge, and it is an example of a judge trying to help us see what we need to do. Let’s take a look at it.

54 Judge James Alger Fee "The privilege against self-incrimination is neither accorded to the passive resistant, nor to the person who is ignorant of his rights, nor to one indifferent thereto. It is a FIGHTING clause. It's benefits can be retained only by sustained COMBAT. It cannot be claimed by attorney or solicitor. It is valid only when insisted upon by a BELLIGERENT claimant in person." McAlister vs. Henkel, 201 U.S. 90, 26 S.Ct. 385, 50 L. Ed. 671; Commonwealth vs. Shaw, 4 Cush. 594, 50 Am.Dec. 813; Orum vs. State, 38 Ohio App. 171, 175 N.E. 876." – [continued]

55 Judge Fee’s conclusion [continued from previous slide] "The one who is persuaded by honeyed words or moral suasion to testify or produce documents rather than make a last ditch stand, simply loses the protection... He must refuse to answer or produce, and test the matter in contempt proceedings, or by habeas corpus."

56 Belligerent not Caustic Notice the language, “belligerent complainant”, not caustic complainant. Being “belligerent” means standing your ground, not being rude or using foul language. It’s never a good idea to be rude or uncivil in any legal setting, it will probably not work in your favor. But you will need a back bone to stand your ground, you will probably be threatened with all kinds of mayhem.

57 W8 But the state Citizen has no straw man, now what. When the state Citizen goes to work for an “employer”, he would fill out an IRS W8 form, which is a certificate of foreign status. The “foreign” aspect is easy to comprehend since the District is a jurisdiction outside the republic of these united States of America. Since the state Citizen has no attachment to the District, he is a foreigner to the District.

58 Non-Resident Alien The W8 form is the paperwork the employer needs to show the IRS why he is not withholding any taxes from the state Citizen’s pay check. The IRS even has a special name for our state Citizen, they call him a non-resident Alien. The “alien” aspect we’ve already covered, it’s because our state Citizen is “foreign” (alien) to the jurisdiction of the District.

59 RESIDE The “reside” part is a little more difficult to comprehend. The people have never given the government the authority to regulate them, only residents and commercial activity. “RESIDE” is what you do when you live in an area that is not the home of your citizenship. For example…

60 Residence Example For example, a Frenchman comes to California for a while. He “resides” because the home of his citizenship is France, not California. Most of us reside because we are United States citizens and the home of our citizenship is Washington, District of Columbia, which is outside the republic of California. But…

61 How to be Non-Resident But the state Citizen does not reside, because the republic of California is the home of his citizenship, therefore he is non-resident, a non- resident alien in the language of the IRS. And in this status, has no income tax obligation in most cases. Working for the Federal Government would be an exception. He’s not a tax resistor, nor tax protestor, he’s simply not in the jurisdiction. Remember, the state Citizen doesn’t legally exist.

62 The Federal Zone For more in-depth information on this matter, read the book “The Federal Zone” by Paul Andrew Mitchell. You will walk away with a whole new comprehension of your status and standing.

63 As Agent So, when the state Citizen receives a paycheck, and it is issued to JOHN ADAMS, our state Citizen would sign it: John Quincy, Adams (as agent). You’re the agent for the straw man JOHN ADAMS, remember, this is not you, he is a legal fiction.

64 No Social Programs So, to answer some more questions about our state Citizen. NO, he has no access to any of the programs government offers. Unless he buys it privately, he has no “unemployment insurance”, no disability insurance, is not eligible for welfare, Social Security, Medicare, or any social program. Since he is free, he has to be responsible for himself. BUT…

65 Freedom But he is also free of all the revenue acquisition laws of the corporate jurisdiction. No income tax obligation, no registration of car, no drivers license, no permits, no licenses at all, able to build a home without permits, able to start a sandwich shop without a business license. He has freedom to pursue happiness.

66 Family And for the state Citizen, there is nothing more important than family, for if he hits hard times, government is not there to wipe his butt for him. As a man responsible for himself, he should have planned for hard times, and have a cache of gold and silver coins. If not, he will have to depend on his family and those who love him (or her). And this is exactly where our loyalties should lie, in the people we depend on and who love us.

67 Dun & Bradstreet I’ve made the point that all law and government today is commercial. Now we will explore this. Dun & Bradstreet is a service providing credit and financial information on commercially traded entities, and we will be using their services to find that government entities, agencies and departments, are commercial. Dun & Bradstreet is available online.

68 A COUNTY Let’s begin with a county. Perhaps you live in Glenn County, California and you want to know if this is a commercially traded (for profit) government entity. So you go to Dun and Bradstreet and this is what you find…


70 YEP, it’s commercial As we can see, the COUNTY OF GLENN (corporate) is commercial and publically traded for profit. Do not confuse the COUNTY OF GLENN, with Glenn county, they, like “The UNITED STATES” and these united States of America are not one and the same. What about Glenn County Superior Court? Is it publically traded for profit?


72 Superior Courts As you can see, the Judicial Council of California, also traded as Glenn County Superior Court, is listed as publically traded for profit. It will probably be the same where you live. That means that some investor is going to expect a profit, how do you think he will receive it. In short, the profit comes from the bonding of criminal cases. The application of un- constitutional corporate laws provides the profit.

73 Funding through Un-Constitutional Law The whole of what we call government, the corporate legislative democracy (the United States) and its franchises (the municipal corporate states, like the STATE OF NEVADA, or the STATE OF CALIFORNIA), get significant funding in bankruptcy through the application of their un-constitutional laws. What else might we find listed on Dun & Bradstreet as commercially traded.


75 U. S. Congress YES, the United States Congress is commercially traded for profit, we have the best congress money can buy. Let’s keep going.


77 You-Name-It, it’s commercially traded Department of State; Government Printing Office; Executive Office of the President; Administrative Office of the United States Courts; Executive Office of United States Attorneys; Export Import Bank of the United States; Office of the President and Chief; Office of the Vice President; DOJ Executive office for U. S. Trustees


79 United States YES, even the UNITED STATES is commercially traded for profit. Are you beginning to comprehend that it’s all commercial, for profit, not for governance under the constitution?


81 District Court As you can see, the District Courts (Federal Courts) are listed as commercially traded for profit. And let us remember, these courts, as well as superior courts, are administering the bankruptcy of the United States.


83 The Supreme Court And as you can see in the last slide, the Supreme Court of the United States is listed as commercially traded, and you thought courts had something to do with justice.


85 California Supreme Court This last slide lists the Supreme Court of California. If would naturally follow, that if the United States and its Supreme Court is commercially traded, the Supreme Courts of its franchises (the municipal States) would follow suit, and also be commercially traded. Here we see that to be true! Now for the Departments…






91 Department of You-Name-It The Department of You-Name-It, they’re all commercially traded for profit. Which we would expect since their parent, the United States, is also commercially traded, all of them for profit. If you check, you will also find the Republican Party and Democratic Party commercially traded for profit.


93 CITY OF YOU-NAME-IT This last slide lists the CITY OF WILLOWS. It is a municipal corporation, like the COUNTY OF YOU-NAME-IT. Virtually all cities and counties have become municipal corporations and are commercially traded as you will find in a search on Dun & Bradstreet. It’s your duty to confirm or dispel the corporate status of a specific city or county.

94 It’s All Commercial All of government is commercial, the courts, the counties, the States, the cities, the Departments, the Police Departments, the Building Departments, the Public Works Departments, you name it, if it’s a governmental agency or department, it’s commercially traded, for profit. And that’s why we can generally not get justice from the courts or reasonable treatment from Departments or agencies.

95 Economic Slaves Since we have chosen to be an economic slave (United States citizen) and responsible for the bankruptcy of the United States, the Federal Government is going to take the productivity of the slaves it owns. And since the National Debt increases every year, they will find ways to take more and more of our productivity.

96 IF Now, if the hundreds of hours I’ve vested in the development of this series has resulted in me doing my job properly, the viewing audience now has a pretty fair comprehension of the core issue, the Debt and resulting bankruptcy of the United States, which has placed the United States in receivership.

97 Sheeple The declaration of bankruptcy by Roosevelt in the 1930’s is the driving force behind everything we find unconstitutional and wrong in this country. We have some very powerful tools to resolve this problem, and we may not be aware of them, but even if we are made aware, will we use them, or continue to be SHEEPLE?

98 The capacity to think of others We’ve touched on the consequences of our failure to elect leadership to pay the national debt and free us from the status of economic slave, but the list is much too large to set forth in a presentation. This was only an eye opener so that the viewer may gain better eyesight and see what is happening. Some of us will care, and some of us will not. Some of us do not have that capacity to think of others.

99 This presentation, along with the others in this series, may result in viewer questions. Feel free to ask them, if you are puzzled, most likely someone else is puzzled also. I may construct another presentation of Questions and Answers, without including names so there is no embarrassment. With your input, feedback, and questions, it could well serve to be of help to those struggling to learn.

100 The Problem is US We’ve now reached the end of “Brass Tacks”, the consequences of the path we have chosen. The problem is not them (government leaders or officials), the problem is us. The quicker we realize and accept this, the quicker we can make the necessary changes to fix our problems, our country, our lives, and the lives of our children and grandchildren.

101 END OF BRASS TACKS If the people of the United States ever do wake up and begin taking their country back, government leadership will likely invite MONSTERS into our world to intimidate and frighten us, or leadership will create the monsters. Leadership, themselves, are the monster! Stay focused. Next in the series is the tools available to us to solve our problem.

102 END OF SEGMENT This ends this segment, we’ll examine the tools we have at our disposal to fix our problems in the next segment. Right now it’s time for discussion and exchange of views. by Michael H. Keehn

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