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AGRARIAN PELLETS PRODUCTION. Agrarian biomass production in Dunajska Streda  Production was launched in April 2010 by AGRIWATT SK s.r.o..  The company.

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2 Agrarian biomass production in Dunajska Streda  Production was launched in April 2010 by AGRIWATT SK s.r.o..  The company is concerned with agrarian pellets production for energy use - processing not feeded and unusable material in agriculture and food processing and targeted grown plants for energy use.

3 TTTThe inducement of production in this field DDecrease of animal production ( decreasing request for feeding grain, straw etc.) DDecrease of grains quality ( Increase of secondary product) SSupport of renewable energy - biomass in Slovakia and surroundings AAAArea of influence RRaw material purchase - considering to their energy value BBuilt relation RRaw material and pellet storing and processing PPellet production EEnsuring logistics of raw material and pellet export BBusiness activity Future and specialization SStability ensuring in input raw material area – to get own ground CCreation of perfect pellet raw materials used considering price and heating value rate EEffective used of modern technology for pellet production EEnsuring of sales stability EEnsuring of internet presentation LLooking for new possibilities how to use products in households or rather small and middle companies and institutions

4 Current activites BBusiness activities ◦L◦L ooking through sources to find cheaper input raw material in surrounding states ◦B◦B uilding business relations with raw material suppliers and ground owners ◦S◦S earching for a new sales possibilities ◦A◦A dvertising activity, web presentation PProduction activities ◦C◦C ontrol all activities united with pellets production ◦S◦S toring and handling with input material, storing records ◦C◦C ontrol pellets production - full automatic production ◦P◦P ellets storing, records ◦U◦U pgrade technological process considering minimal costs for medium (electric energy, gas, water) ◦P◦P urchasing new technology

5 LLogistics ◦C◦C ompany doesn’t own any transport therefore all logistics matters, such as material import and product export, are made by the external transport companies ◦C◦C ontrolling and organizing raw material delivery from suppliers ◦C◦C ontrolling and organizing product delivery to the costumer DDevelopment activities ◦S◦S election and rating an agriculture plants for energy purpose ◦D◦D evelopment of new most favoured form of collecting and long-term storing of raw material (collecting straw, targeted grown plants) ◦D◦D evelopment an optimal composition of agrarian pellet due to price, calorific value, combustion composition

6 Company localization Company is located in Danube Lowland in agriculture area

7 Materials  Due to company location is raw materials ensuring unlimited. All raw materials which are suitable for pellets production should have the following:  Energy value GJ  Transport costs EUR/ton  Handling and processing costs Material categories  Dry materials - up to 15% humidity  Straw from grains and oil plant  Leavings from grains, oil plants and corn  Technical or other way destroyed grain  Grain brans  Targeted growing plants  Moist materials - up to 15-25% humidit  Rapes  Corn silage

8 Future base of raw materials PPossibilities of using each raw material depends on technological equipment and advanced technological line. After we finished all investments in technology line - straw shredding and milling we have extended our base of raw materials. OOur goal is: ◦S◦S tabilization and long term ensuring of needed amount of raw material ◦C◦C ost reduction of raw material purchase and transport ◦I◦I ncrease of production economy ◦I◦I ncrease of pellets quality RRaw material foundation mean: ◦G◦G rain and oil plant straw ◦C◦C orn silage, bushes ◦R◦R apes ◦s◦s craps from grains, oil plants and corn ◦G◦G rain ◦G◦G rain wheat ◦S◦S unflower peel

9 Material storage Hangar storage - capacity 4500m2 and 6m high

10 Material storage Cell storage - capacity 4000m3 is specified for soft material and grain

11 Area for securing material Danube Lowland and north-west part of Hungary is a perfect location for agrarian biomass

12 Production  Original production line which is given for feed mix production went through total reconstruction to achieve a simple process and medium savings focusing on usage of electric energy and gas.  Technology is built on regular weighting of each material and follow-up mixing, grinding and graining. All production processes are controlled through computer therefore production requires minimum number of labour force. ◦ Production power 4-5 tons/hour ◦ Amount of needed workers per one shift - 3 ◦ Medium: electric energy, gas, water

13 Expedition  All products are certificated. Pellets are stored in expeditionary containers - capacity 500 tons, from which pellets loads directly to trucks. Expedition is controlled by the authorized worker, who: ◦ together with a customer arrange a weekly delivery schedule – written or verbal ◦ through certificated digital scale take a product away – scaleform ◦ fill out necessary documents – CMR, delivery form ◦ add product certificate

14 Product Use – pellets PProducing possibilities enable to create products which can be applied in different spheres of energy production PPellets for burning together with solid fuel - in power stations and coal heating stations ◦R◦R enewable source support in current sources ◦I◦I mprovement of emission value ◦I◦I mprovement of power in current kettles PPellets for burning together with wood-chips - in power and heating stations ◦P◦P ower stabilizer due to effect fluctuation quality of wood-chips ◦I◦I mprovement of kettles power PPellets as inhibitor for biogas stations to support ethane production ◦P◦P revent fluctuation for creating methane due to qualitative silage difference PPellet bedding ◦ I◦ I s made of hydrothermic hygienisation without using additional chemical preservative (preparing till 1.7.2012)

15 Product composition  Straw pellets and other targeted growing plants for energy use  Straw pellets as bedding  Sunflower pellets (heating value 17,5 GJ / ton)

16 Looking forward to our cooperation...

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