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Options – SP2015 Thursday 8 th January 2015 IGCSE Information Evening.

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1 Options – SP2015 Thursday 8 th January 2015 IGCSE Information Evening

2 Options – SP2015 IGCSEs at TBS – a beginner’s guide Years 10 and 11 What are IGCSE and GCSE exams? The Curriculum What courses does the School offer? What decisions are needed? What is the procedure? The next steps Subject fair

3 Options – SP2015 Years 10 and 11 The “examination years” Foundation for further study The start of a 4 year programme of IGCSEs and A Levels Ideal preparation for students continuing here, or anywhere else in the world

4 Options – SP2015 The Year 10 and 11 Experience 2 mentors per class Pastoral support Community service and charity fundraising Trips Fun activities

5 Options – SP2015 What are IGCSE exams? Well understood and respected international examinations Allows comparison of performance against established standards Public examinations taken by all students at age 16 in the UK IGCSE exams adapted for students from different cultural backgrounds

6 Options – SP2015 The Curriculum Broad Balanced Differentiated Relevant

7 Options – SP2015 How many IGCSE/GCSE exams? Mathematics1 (or 2) qualification(s) English2 qualifications Language1 qualification * “Options” 7 qualifications Total11 to 12 IGCSEs

8 Options – SP2015 Courses for Years 10 and 11 Core –English/Literature –Mathematics –Language Non-examined –PE –PSHE Options –Geography –History –Business or Economics –Art –IGCSE PE –Music –ICT –DT –1, 2 or 3 separate sciences (Bio, Che, Phy) or Coordinated Sciences

9 Options – SP2015 Option Choices – an example The option blocks are determined following a straw poll. The students must select 7 subjects – 1 from each of the proposed option blocks. For example: A – Geography or Music B – ICT or Art C – Business or Economics D – Physics or Coordinated Science E – Biology or Coordinated Science F – Chemistry or History G – DT or PE

10 Options – SP2015 What decisions are needed? Week 3 & 4 in PSHE – discussion with students Straw Poll – return by 30 th January Friday 6 th March – publication of option blocks Monday 9 th March – Parent Teacher Meetings By 16 th March return completed IGCSE Option Choice Form Indicate: –Seven optional choices One of which MUST be a humanities subject, i.e., Geography, History, Economics or Business Studies One of which MUST be a science subject

11 Options – SP2015 The next step Gather information on subjects tonight from reports and discussions with teachers Attend the Parent Teacher meeting – Monday 9 th March Discuss possible choices Ask for further help if needed Complete form and return by 16 th March –Form will be issued on 6 th March

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