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Identify Prepositions Identify Objects of Prepositions.

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1 Identify Prepositions Identify Objects of Prepositions

2  It is a word that shows how a noun or pronoun relates to another part of the sentence.  In, on, of, by, for, with ~prepositions are little words that make a HUGE difference.  My sister is lying to me.  My sister is lying next to me.  I am swimming toward the shark’s tummy.  I am swimming away from the shark’s tummy as fast as I can.  I am swimming inside the shark’s tummy.

3  A group of words may act as a preposition: on account of, along with, in spite of, together with.  A preposition usually introduces a phrase. The noun or pronoun (plus other words like adjectives) that follows the preposition is called “the object.”  Some prepositions tell when : during, till, before, since, about, after, through, for.  Some prepositions tell which : with.  Some prepositions tell what : into.  Some prepositions tell where : above, across, around, behind, below, beside, next, in, underneath.  Some prepositions compare things: like, as (think simile).

4  Prepositional phrases can appear at the beginning or at the end of a sentence.  The frog on the lily pad jumped into the rippling river.  The frog with green spots jumped away from the angry elf during a thunderstorm.  In his bed, the giant snored throughout the night.  The giant snored like a buzzsaw.  Rumpelstiltskin spun straw in the room filled with straw.  Rumpelstiltskin spun straw into golden thread.

5  The queen laughed.  The king called the guard.  Snow White ate the poisoned apple.  The bats flew.  I am swimming.  A gargoyle sat.  A clown juggled.  The princess giggled.

6 1. Our 4 th grade class has been picking up litter every Saturday morning throughout the community. 2. As we drove on the roads around the mountain, we could see that we were getting higher with every curve. 3. Despite her fears, Natalie tiptoed into the abandoned house. 4. At 2:30 we will go to the pool. 5. I thought I saw your book in the garage sitting on top of the shelves. 6. How long is it until summer vacation?

7 1. There is a hen. There is a wooden table. The hen clucks and lays golden eggs. 2. There is a giant. There is a beanstalk. 3. There is a blackbird. There is a a tree. There is a castle. There is a window. 4. There is an elf. There is a meadow. There is the moon. 5. There is a princess. There is a throne. There is a ballroom. 6. There is a troll. There is a bridge. 7. There is a dwarf. There is a shoe. The shoe looks like an ogre’s foot. 8. I am kayaking. There is a Tennessee River. My kayak is red. 9. There is a book. There is a shelf. There is a student. 10. There is a principal. There is a key. There is an envelope.

8 Pages 104-105 Do exercise 11

9  Look at a picture in a picture book.  Use at least ten prepositions to describe what you see in the picture.  Example from Where the Wild Things Are.  Max is running down the stairs.  Max is running toward the dog.  Max has a fork in his hand.  Max’s wolf suit has ears on top of its head.

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