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IIT Ropar: An Exciting Journey of Five Years 1 2009-2014.

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1 IIT Ropar: An Exciting Journey of Five Years 1 2009-2014

2 Some Highlights of IIT Ropar 2 Faculty and Students Research Excellence Research with utilitarian value for masses Placement of Students Governance

3 Student Intake UG students: 467 Ph. D students: 90+ Faculty to student ratio B. Tech. 1 : 7.4 Ph. D. 1 : 1.1-2.4 3

4 Faculty Strength Present faculty strength is 69 + 4 4

5 Research Excellence 5

6 Publications in Peer-reviewed Journals (Scopus) A total of 377 publications in peer-reviewed journals (August 2014, Scopus). 6 No. of Patents: Granted : 02 Filed: 10

7 World Ranking Institution No. of publication in Engineering or in EE Total number of citations H- Index Average no. of citations/ paper 1Cal Tech, USA400013192514532.98 4 Stanford (EE and Electronics), USA616221823719035.42 5MIT (EE), USA627721584819334.39 7University of Cambridge,UK2854523999018.36 23Tokyo University(EE) Japan4138479128011.58 26 National University of Singapore ((EE)5299658439012.43 351-400IIT Kanpur791674145809.37 351-400IIT Kharagpur870860642736.96 351-400IIT Delhi787558418757.42 IISc. Bangalore997681083878.13 IIT Bombay628639908636.35 Times Ranking of Institutions based on Citation data

8 The institute publications have received highest citations amongst the 8 new IITs. S. No. InstitutionNo. of PapersCitationsAverage Citations h - Index 1 IIT Ropar37713693.6317 2 IIT Patna48410882.2416 3 IIT Bhubaneswar45612792.8014 4 IIT Indore4038222.0314 5 IIT Hyderabad65512471.9014 6 IIT Gandhinagar2454621.888 7 IIT Mandi1862851.538 8 IIT Jodhpur1412701.918 8 Highest Citations Amongst the New IITs (Scopus, 2014)

9 9

10 10

11 Dr. Himanshu Tyagi, SMMEE, Journal of Applied Physics, 113, 2013, 011301 Background images from: Dr. Harpreet Singh, SMMEE, Advanced Engineering Materials, 16, 2013, 128 11 Cover pages of Journals where IITRPR publications appear

12 Waste to Energy and increased Agriculture productivity (Decentralized Power Grid) 12 Research with Utilitarian value for Masses

13 Technology to Convert Agriculture Waste into Energy 13

14  The goal is to make people aware of alternatives to burning with the application of our technology that can add value to their lives  This particular project aims at rural households to provide them electricity using their own agricultural wastes Video Link of Bio-Harvest:- Research Initiatives: Bio-energy Research Technology to Convert Agriculture Waste into Energy IIT Ropar in collaboration with Aston University, European Bioenergy Research Institute, and The Oglesby Charitable Trust has developed a technology for converting agricultural waste into energy 14

15 Wheat /Rice Straw PelletiserStraw Pellets Pyroformer Condenser Non condensable gas Bio-oil Engine Bio-char Combustion Unit CHP Heat Generation of Bio-oil and Bio-char from Wheat/Rice Straw 15

16 Bio-char as Nutrient to Improve Farm Productivity 16

17 Placement of Students 17

18 Placements 2014 (2010-11 batch) Placements 2013 (2009-10 batch)Placements 2012 (2008-09 batch) Average Salary (Lacs) 2012 8.96 2013 11.12 Year %Placed 201286.7 2013 88.3 18 Placement of B. Tech. Students

19 Major Achievements of Undergraduate Students 20 Hindustan Times, Saturday, 1 December 2012 Mr. Abhisaar Sharma Mr Abhishek Kumar Arora

20 Initiatives in Multidisciplinary Research 20 Bio-Medical Engineering / Health Care

21 Research Initiatives: Biomedical Engineering Research  To bring in synergy between fundamental and applied sciences, engineering, and medicine  To facilitate teaching, research, and entrepreneurship in diagnostics and therapy  About 24 faculty members of the institute are participating in the activities of this program A biomedical engineering program was established in 2013 to meet the challenge of providing affordable healthcare. This program will facilitate innovation in biomedical research to find solutions to our healthcare needs. 21

22 Prof. G D Puri and Drs. Preeti Mathew from PGI and Navin Kumar from IIT Ropar have successfully developed a closed loop anaesthesia delivery system (CLADS). The institute will develop CLADS into a wireless device after the technology transfer. 22

23 Undergraduate Teaching Incubation and Innovation 23

24 Innovation in teaching and Curriculum updation – B. Tech Level Tablet PC are being used in classroom teaching and shared with Students on Google drive. Lectures are also recorded and put on Google drive for use of students at all time. Flipped lectures are being introduced for certain courses. Students are encouraged to apply their classroom learning to solve basic and challenging problems. Courses are sandwiched with mini projects and problem solving exercises for “active learning” mode.

25 Following new courses have been developed and taught for UG Students:- 1.Computer Aided design and manufacturing 2.Sustainability science and technology 3.Medical devices 4.Biology for engineers 5.Power systems – from fundamentals to network 6.Embedded systems and applications 7.Power electronic devices and circuits 8.Software architecture

26 Following are some of new laboratories have been built for hands on training of B.Tech Students 1.Bio-Medical Engineering laboratory 2.Bio-Mechanical creativity and Innovation laboratory. 3.Clean and sustainable energy laboratory 4.Engine research laboratory 5.Complex fluids laboratory

27 XLPAT Labs  Xlpat Labs is a platform for automated and user friendly patent tools- optimizing search time  Developed innovative patent analysis tools  Developed tools for automatic tracking of new patents in a specific area  Supported from PDIF funds GreedyGame  Innovative platform for blending ads into mobile games  Game developers as well as advertisers gain  Started by IIT Ropar alumni  Supported from TIDE funds Omnipresent Robotics  An innovative company in the area of Robotics, Electronic Sensing and Intelligent Electronics  Develops state-of-the-art Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and River Cleaning Robots  Omnipresent is Gold Medal Winner of DST – Lockheed Martin “India Innovation Growth Program” and a recipient of CNN India Positive Award  Supported from PDIF funds Supported Technology and Knowledge Based Entrepreneurship through Center for Innovation and Business Incubation (CIBI)

28 Governance 28

29 29 Audit Report (2012-2013) Annexure-2

30 30 Summary In the last five years IIT Ropar has accomplished:  Research Excellence ( High Impact Research)  Research with Utilitarian values for masses  Best Students Placement  Science and Technology inputs to the Local Administration  Excellence in Governance

31 AdministrationAcademics Lecture Hall Complex Library 31 Glimpse of New Campus

32 32

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