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1 IST Townhall 10 December 2014. 2 IT Governance Launch – Mike Langedock IT Service Management Update – K-L Holter Organization Design –Design Constraints,

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1 1 IST Townhall 10 December 2014

2 2 IT Governance Launch – Mike Langedock IT Service Management Update – K-L Holter Organization Design –Design Constraints, Themes – Mario Lebar –IST Straw Man – CIO & Directors Questions & Observations Next Steps & Close – Mike Langedock Agenda

3 3 IT Governance Launch Mike Langedock

4 4 January 20, 2015 – official launch of new investment review process Invitation to submit proposals for IT projects

5 5 Job #1 – complete the 2014-15 portfolio Upcoming (ranked) proposals to UITAC: 1.IT Security Improvements 2.Implement new Identity & Access Management System 3.Classroom Technology Improvements – Stage 3 4.Wireless – Stage 4 5.DNS, DHCP, IPAM Management 6.Network Switch Improvements 7.TRC - Minisis Database 8.CCTV Renewal 9.Mobile Website Experience 10.Open Area Lab Improvements (& One Card Printing) 11.Data Centre Site Selection 12.Portal Project – Stage 2 Plus another 47 … and counting! IT proposals for 2015-16

6 6 IT Service Management Update K-L Holter

7 7 Knowledge Management

8 8

9 9 Cherwell Mobile Application

10 10 Desktop - Full Functionality Browser Client - Limited Functionality Best use on a tablet, can be used on a Blackberry t/Access t/Access Mobile – Limited functionality Available for iOS or Android Cherwell Mobile Application

11 11 Key Performance Indicators - IT Scorecard

12 12 Change Management Service Asset and Configuration Management Incident and Request Fulfillment – AV and Classroom Technology What’s In Progress?

13 ITSM Roadmap

14 Stage2 Plan (..and beyond)

15 15 Organizational Design IST Straw Man Mario Lebar

16 16 “What we heard” report Making Sense Making Choices Preferred models (three IT Models) Review/ validate Plan, Build, Run Making Progress Refresher - how did we get here? Operational Workbooks Analysis (report) Opportunity identification Design constraints Straw man org structure

17 17 Based on the analysis of the operation workbooks, we’ve identified opportunities, grouped by high, medium and low priority

18 18 1.Improve our ability to respond to external and internal audits 2.Create the capability to build rapport with clients and translate their needs into solutions 3.Create an organization wide capability that develops sustainable IT investment plans aligned with the University of Manitoba strategic initiatives Opportunities– High Priority

19 19 1.Create a way to deliver integrated technology solutions 2.Improve our measurement and reporting capability for operational process and strategic investments to support fact based decision making Opportunities– Medium Priority

20 20 1.Create an Information Management strategy to more effectively deliver on its education and research mandate (IST + DC + Library + Copyright + Research + Privacy Office) 2.Improve our capability to respond to innovative requests in a timely manner Opportunities – Low Priority

21 21 Sustainable Organizational structure should be supported to maintain itself at an effective level in the medium to long-term 1 Design Themes (synthesized design criteria) Adaptive When changes/adjustments to the organization are required – whether internally or externally driven - it must be agile enough to adapt 2 Pivotal Role in Institutional Strategy Manifest appropriate leadership capability in collaborative development of institution-wide strategies – engaging clients and stakeholders from the University Executive-level to operational managers Manageable and Executable The design must support the enablement of and delivery of strategic goals and objectives within the realities of the funding and operational framework of the institution. Is it feasible in our context? Effective Successful in producing intended outcomes, meeting stated objectives and reporting on the same Efficient The design should support performance that continuously improves productivity to meet service expectations – with minimal waste/duplication in expense and effort and expeditious delivery Responsive The design should be flexible and able to react perceptively, quickly and positively to business needs – sensitive to cultural / functional differences across the University and within its client base 45678 Accountable The design must support the organization’s responsibilities and accountabilities for decision-making and operations – backed by clear roles, rules and mandates and the ability to adjust and adapt 3

22 22  Create a Director Level Information Security (I/S) position and leverage as much as possible  Design should allow for broad spans of control and ensure people management responsibilities exist within roles that have the authority to do so Design Constraints

23 23 Target State (straw man) Insert new org structure….

24 24 Top level

25 25 Security and Compliance

26 26 Planning and Governance

27 27 Client Solutions and Services

28 28 Build Services

29 29 Run Services Shared with Build Team Research & Education Clients

30 30 What does all this mean for you? Opportunity! To apply for any new jobs that you are interested in To develop new skills and abilities To further develop existing skills and abilities

31 31 When? Incrementally over two years

32 32 What are your initial Questions? Observations??

33 33 Immediate next steps Post presentation and FAQs to IT Transformation web site Follow-up team meetings with your Directors to answer questions Detailed planning for phase II Business as usual!

34 34 Phase II – high level steps The primary focus of phase II will be on getting the management team in place: Write/update manager job descriptions (started) Evaluate the jobs (Jan – Mar) Consult with the union to determine exclusions/inclusions (Jan – Mar) Post, interview and fill manager jobs (Spring 2015)

35 35 Close Mike Langedock

36 36 Your feedback continues to be important to use! Share your feedback and questions directly with your manager. Email your questions and feedback to Talk to someone on the IT Transformation Program Post your questions/comments anonymously on the printed org charts

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