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This is week 2 of a 3 week lesson plan for Ribault High School’s “Wonder Curriculum.” The curriculum was designed by Educational Directions, the Educational.

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1 This is week 2 of a 3 week lesson plan for Ribault High School’s “Wonder Curriculum.” The curriculum was designed by Educational Directions, the Educational Management Company advising our school. In our federal school improvement grant, our students have an extended school day. There is a daily one hour long enrichment period. During this time, students are placed in classes to assist them in what they specifically need to be successful in FCAT, ACT, SAT, etc. My assignment is teaching reading to the +2 bubble students in the 9th grade. These are students that are within 50 points of a level 3 on the reading FCAT. Most of my students missed a level 3 by 2 – 3 questions. All level two students in the 9th grade are reading the play “Twelve Angry Men.” Each week, one of us along with the 9th/10th grade reading coach write the lesson plan for all classes. Since my reading coach is also in the TLSI program, she allowed me to be the lead on this one as long as I followed the gradual release method and embedded activities tied to the language arts benchmarks. During the first week, students were handed a “Facebook Status” Sheet to update their independent reading on. Hopefully this meets the criteria for the artifact. Garden Gate Organizer attached in pdf.

2 Week 2 - Day 1 (Oct. 31) Task – IDIOM ALERT! Pg 29 “clutching at straws” - In a desperate situation and you grasp or clutch at straws, you try any method, even if it has little chance of success,to find a solution. Notes - IDIOM ALERT One possible origin - The ancient Egyptians made bricks and one of the chores the Pharaoh set for the Israelites was making bricks without providing any straw. The straw was what made the bricks hold together, so the Israelites had to scrounge in the desert to find straw so they could make their quota of bricks. Grasping at straws meant grabbing anything you could get that would serve the purpose, and that's reportedly what they did. 20 minutes - IR Continue with the FB Status Sheets. 5 minutes Hook! You will have to show the VOIR DIRE slide to the class!!!! Benchmark Analyze Words/Phrases Derived from Other Languages - LA.910.1.6.7 Strategy of Expert Reader - Questioning 1.Use the attached PPT slide AND the Garden Gate Graphic Organizer as students define the 5 main points of the concept, VOIR DIRE. 2.Read the first case (Shawn Cho) and solicit questions students might ask as either a defense or prosecuting attorney. Remember, they are trying to get sympathetic jury members for THEIR SIDE! (It will probably be helpful to refer them back to the GOLD packet from Week 1 and the Selecting a Jury – Asking the Right Questions.) 10 minutes Anchor Text Act 2 – pages 27 – 30 20 minutesMeaningful Work Period Benchmark – Author’s Bias – LA.910.1.7.2 Students should work together and come up with at least ONE Defense question and ONE Prosecuting question for each of the remaining EIGHT cases. They can use the Wagon Wheel Graphic Organizer if it helps! 5 minutes Closing (Community Building)

3 When people respond to a jury summons, they gather at the court house to form a pool of potential jurors from which they are called in groups for specific criminal or civil trials. There they are questioned by attorneys for each side and/or the trial judge about their background, life experiences, and opinions to determine whether they can weigh the evidence fairly and objectively. This process is called voir dire, an Anglo- French term meaning “to speak the truth.” Through voir dire, an attorney can challenge a prospective juror “for cause” if that person says or otherwise expresses a bias against the attorney’s case. Each attorney can also exercise a limited number of “peremptory” challenges for which no reason is required. Those individuals who are accepted by both attorneys [or the trial judge, if the judge conducts the voir dire] are impaneled and sworn in as the jury. Traditionally, American attorneys have had much latitude in conducting voir dire. The power to challenge-and the discretion to use it-is very important in our adversary system of justice; each attorney works for a jury most sympathetic to their side. Like all powers, this one has been subject to misuse and even abuse. As American society has evolved, so too has voir dire. Use the Garden Gate Graphic Organizer to record the five main points of this concept! Imagine that this gate can open or shut in favor of the defendant! And it all begins with questioning potential jurors……

4 Example Case - Shawn Cho Do you live within a five mile radius of the Pub? Have you seen this case featured on your local news station? Have you ever lost a job or a promotion to someone you perceive as an immigrant? 1.Shirley U’jest Have you ever been cheated on by a significant other? Had a friend or loved one every been murdered? What is your personal opinion of politicians? 2. Bounty Hunter Do you feel that you are adequately compensated by your employer? Do you feel valued by your employer? If you were caught doing something illegal, but someone else was doing the same thing and wasn’t caught, would you tell on them in exchange for a lesser punishment? 5.Mark Walmart Do you negotiate your salary at your job? Do you have a positive relationship with your boss? Do you have direct contact (daily/weekly) with your immediate supervisor? Can you shoot a gun? Are you a member of the NRA (National Rifleman’s Association.) 6. Bart Climpleton. Do you have teenagers in the house? Do you feel that it is harmful to pull pranks? Have you ever been a victim of a prank? Do you laugh at pranks? Have you ever felt like you were a victim of racial profiling by the police? 7.Mary Mansion Have you ever been voluntarily admitted to a Drug Rehab Center? Have you ever been victimized by a loved one’s substance abuse? Do you think there are merits to coming from a large family? Are you the product of a single parent? Have you or your spouse ever been involved in an extramarital affair?

5 Week 2 - Day 2 1.BAG OF BEADS AND 1 PURPLE TALLY SHEET FOR THE EXPERIMENT ABOUT JURY SIZES. Task - Casey Anthony trial - history Notes - Here’s a link to a history of Casey Anthony. Print chapters 1, 2, 3 from the link below /family/caylee_anthony/1.html /family/caylee_anthony/1.html 20 minutes - IR Continue with the FB Status Sheets. 5 minutes Hook! Active Reading Strategy – Determining Importance This mini-writing prompt is on the next slide!!! Benchmark – LA.910.6.2.2 – Evaluating validity/reliability SRE – Students should spend five minutes answering this Question – MANY STATES ARE EXPERIMENTING WITH SMALLER JURY SIZES FOR BOTH CRIMINAL AND CIVIL CASES. A SMALLER JURY IS ALARMING BECAUSE OF ITS IMPACT UPON DIVERSITY. DO YOU AGREE OR DISAGREE AND WHY?? 10 minutes Anchor Text Act 2 – pages 30-34 20 minutesMeaningful Work Period 1.While reading, mark the text with Caylee references and items that cause one to question Casey’s “story.” 2. Conversations about jury diversity and and how that might hinder the defendant’s chances for a fair trial! 3. Compare Casey Anthony Case to the case that the 12 Angry Men are discussing 5 minutes Closing (Community Building)

6 Many states are experimenting with smaller jury sizes for both criminal and civil cases. There are several reasons why the smaller jury is alarming, specifically because of its impact upon diversity. What are the ADVANTAGES of 12 jury members as opposed to 6??? Please respond with one paragraph! Where does the number TWELVE come up in our historic sense of perfection?

7 Is 12 an Important Number? Objectives Draw the issue of jury size to student awareness Evaluate the impact of reduced jury size Materials FIVE grab bags. Each bag will have 90 beans of one color and 10 beans of another. Record sheets – One per group Procedure Have one student demonstrate pulling 6 tokes randomly while another records the data! Return the tokens to the bag and repeat the procedure to confirm understanding. Instruct students to continue sampling and recording to reach a total of 10 samples of 6 AND 10 samples of 12. Each group of students should tally each color in every random drawing! One student should fill out the class tally sheet. Analyze the data Debriefing How might reduced size influence outcomes? Why? Is juror diversity important? Why or why not?

8 Week 2 - Day 3Task Notes 20 minutes - IR Continue with the FB Status Sheets. 5 minutes Hook! Casey Anthony Blogs – Jurors What do we need to know about the Casey Anthony Jurors? 5/casey-anthony-trial-juror-profiles.html 5/casey-anthony-trial-juror-profiles.html 10 minutes Anchor Text Act 2 – pages 35-38 –Continue marking the 12 ANGRY MEN graphic organizer with distinct characteristics about each juror! 20 minutesMeaningful Work Period - Benchmark Figurative Language - LA.910.2.1.7 Strategy of Expert Reader - Connecting 1.Casey Anthony trial. (article/tourists obsessions – following on facebook and you tube) Students in small groups will find blogs, tweets, and you tube videos on the obsessions the public has with Casey Anthony. Each group will report on media findings. How will a fair jury be found? 2. Students should begin responding follow up articles Juror speaks about Anthony trial Juror speaks about Anthony trial 5 minutes Closing (Community Building)

9 Week 2 - Day 4Task -Notes - 20 minutes - IR Continue with the FB Status Sheets. 5 minutes Hook! 1. Explain this line from the poem you will be reading! “Tell me why a hearse horse snickers hauling a lawyer’s bones?” 2. Class discussion – What does RESPECT mean? Is it more about ATTITUDES or ACTIONS? What happens if you have one without the other? 10 minutes Anchor Text Act 2 – pages 39-43 - Continue marking the 12 ANGRY MEN graphic organizer with distinct characteristics about each juror! 20 minutes The Otis and Aretha youtube clips SHOULD be embedded on the next 2 slides! Meaningful Work Period - Benchmark Figurative Language - LA.910.2.1.7 Strategy of Expert Reader - Connecting 1.“The Lawyers Know Too Much” by Carl Sandburg. – Respond to Guiding Questions AND class discussion about WHY the lawyer’s office is characterized by a shark? 2.Otis Redding/Aretha Franklin – RESPECT! Otis - Aretha - 3.Make Text – Text or Text – World Connections, comparing the poem and song with the text! 4.Students should complete the Section 3 questions (27-35) and begin the Section 4 questions (35-42) 5 minutes Closing (Community Building)

10 Week 2 - Day 5Task -Notes - 20 minutes - IR Continue with the FB Status Sheets. 10 minutes – Hook Benchmark – LA.910.6.2.2 – Evaluating validity/reliability Read link above. Is the source valid and reliable. Discuss in elbow partner groups. Each group give 1 support for validity and reliability and 1 dispute for validity and reliability. 5 minutes (should have finished on Day 5) Anchor Text Act 2 – Finish! 15 minutesMeaningful Work Period - Benchmark Characterization – LA.910.2.1.5 Active Reading Strategy – Visualization Fleshing out a Character – Use the TWO attached SKELETON graphic organizers (10-31 is right around the corner after all!!!), students should look at their notes about the juror members (the 2 page 12 ANGRY MEN graphic) and use that information to focus on TWO jurors. Complete the SKELETON graphic, referring to the text as needed. Students should write a conversation between these 2 jurors OR find a partner and match up characteristics. 10 minutes This video is 15 minutes. If Act 2 finished Day 4 will have plenty of time. Closing (Community Building) “Pondering Heisman – students should look for Statistics, Injuries, Interceptions, Team Motivator, etc….. While he was in college at FAMU, our very own Senor Marcil created and edited a story about FSU Quarterback Christian Ponder as a candidate for the Heisman Trophy. Watch this 15 minute clip! As a class, discuss what EVIDENCE is presented as SUPPORT that Ponder is a worthy candidate! “Pondering Heisman” -

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