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The Lorena Stove Saving the World One Person at a Time.

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2 The Lorena Stove Saving the World One Person at a Time

3 The Lorena Stove2 What Is a Lorena Stove? Replaces open fires in hut Removes smoke from hut through chimney Constructed of inexpensive raw materials Adobe (mud, straw, water) Large plastic bucket Empty coffee or soup can Pipe for chimney Cooking on an open fire in a hut

4 The Lorena Stove3 Effect of Lorena Stoves on Infant Mortality * Cases of respiratory disease not available Note drop after 2003 when Lorena Stoves were installed

5 The Lorena Stove4 Why Use Lorena Stoves? Decrease incidence of common diseases from smoke inhalation Respiratory infections Eye infections Asthma Increase fuel efficiency Save trees in and around village Save work cutting and gathering wood Peruvian boy who has suffered from respiratory infections

6 The Lorena Stove5 How Do They Work? Wood or grass placed in fuel chamber Fuel ignited Pot or pan placed on opening on top Cool air enters through fuel chamber Smoke exits through chimney Fuel chamber Adobe Stove Chimney pipe Opening for pot or pan Pipe exits roof smoke

7 The Lorena Stove6 Selecting the Location Build Lorena stove in corner of hut farthest from front door Choose wall so that fuel chamber is on right or left, depending on handedness of cook Walls of hut Door ChimneyOpening for pan Lorena stove

8 The Lorena Stove7 Constructing the Stove: Making Adobe 1.Select mud with a moderate amount of clay ►Excessive clay causes stove to crack when heated ►Insufficient clay causes stove to collapse 2.Mix with water 3.Add straw Mixing mud and water Mixing in straw

9 The Lorena Stove8 Constructing the Stove: Preparing the Frame 1.Place large plastic bucket near side of wooden form to be fuel chamber 2.Place empty coffee can near other side of form to be heat chamber 3.Place chimney pipe midway between other items Wooden form Chimney pipe Fuel chamber Heat chamber

10 The Lorena Stove9 Constructing the Stove: Filling Frame with Adobe 1.Join 3 chambers with pipes or small cans 2.Add adobe around buckets, cans, and pipes 3.Prop sides of form to prevent collapse 4.Allow 48 to 72 hours to dry Adding adobe to frame

11 The Lorena Stove10 Constructing the Stove: Adding a Finish 1.After adobe dries, remove wooden frame 2.Remove plastic bucket (other cans and pipes stay in stove) 3.Apply wet adobe to outer surface; rub until smooth Photo of completed stove in woman’s hut

12 The Lorena Stove11 Final Notes Work under direction of villagers Train villagers to build stoves Train villagers to cook on stove Villagers like stoves for their fuel economy Lorena stoves save lives

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