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PARCC Sustainability: What will it take for PARCC to succeed? April 3, 2012.

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1 PARCC Sustainability: What will it take for PARCC to succeed? April 3, 2012

2 Purpose for April 3 rd PARCC needs to adopt a framework for the next phase of PARCC, referred to here as the sustainability framework There are a core set of activities PARCC will deliver in the next two years; the Governing Board needs to establish a framework and transition plan to ensure the organization’s long term success. 2

3 Purpose of Discussion Direction is needed from the Governing Board to inform the sustainability framework in these areas: – Responsibilities of PARCC – Governance structure – Operational funding – Organizational structure 3

4 Timeline June 20, 2012 — Adoption of recommendations on the PARCC 2.0 framework sustainability framework September 12, 2012 — Delivery to Board of transition plan for PARCC 2.0 August 2014 — Diagnostic and performance based assessments available to schools September 30, 2014 — contract with Achieve ends Spring 2015 — summative assessments administered Summer 2015 — standard setting 4

5 Core Responsibilities of PARCC 2.0 Manage and maintain operational funding and procurement. Establish and execute operating policies. Provide for technical leadership, project management and quality control. Manage external communications. 5

6 Possible Additional Responsibilities of PARCC 2.0 Build and sustain support for PARCC assessments. Engage postsecondary systems in using PARCC assessments as indicators of college readiness. Support state leadership and collaboration for PARCC implementation. 6

7 Governance Structure Straw Man – Maintain current Governing Board composition of chiefs from participating states (and state postsecondary leaders, pending action by GB). – Create Assessment Leadership Group and a Finance Group that would advise the Governing Board. – Establish a Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) Alternative Structure – The GB could be restructured so as to widen its representation. Governors, legislators, representatives of higher and/or K-12 education, parents or business leaders could be represented, either directly or on Advisory Committee(s). 7

8 Operational Funding Straw Man – PARCC would be state-funded, and operational funding would be allocated on a per student basis. – PARCC would not seek direct funding from the Federal Government; No federal funding would be accepted except as reallocated through the states. Alternative Structures – PARCC 2.0 directly seeks Federal funding – PARCC 2.0 seeks philanthropic funding for other responsibilities (outlined on slide 6) 8

9 Organizational Structure Straw Man – Create a new or use an existing 501(c)(3) to provide project management, technical leadership, communications and fiscal agency/procurement functions. Alternative and Supplementary Structure – If Governing Board decides to address additional responsibilities from slide 6: o Add additional responsibilities to above organization if Board decides on a broader role for PARCC 2.0. OR o Establish a second entity specifically to address building and sustaining support for PARCC. 9

10 Other Ideas for Discussion – PARCC GB 2.0 could consider an additional blue ribbon advisory board (high profile former governors, commissioners, education experts, philanthropists etc.) to act as advisors on funding and reinforce political legitimacy and provide momentum for PARCC. – This board may have functions that apply across both PARCC and Smarter Balanced 10

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