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DEALER MANUAL HydroSeeders® Straw Blowers Bark Blowers Material Transfer System.

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1 DEALER MANUAL HydroSeeders® Straw Blowers Bark Blowers Material Transfer System

2 WELCOME DEALER RESOURCES My Team My Territory Equipment Pricing and Order Process Company Website Sales Resources MARKETING RESOURCE GUIDE Co-op Policy & Claim Form SERVICE / PARTS Operator Manuals Parts Ordering Price List Returns Policies Parts Warranty WARRANTY Equipment Warranty Policy Registration & Delivery Requirements Claims Process DEALER LAUNCH PLAN OTHER INFORMATION Company Directory

3 Welcome to the FINN family! As a corporation whose name is synonymous with “quality,” it is with great care that we select partners who we are confident will represent our brand image of innovation, quality product, and quality service. We are proud to have you as our distribution partner and will do all that we can to ensure your success. The FINN Corporation has been involved in all phases of erosion control and landscape development work with equipment and product lines such as HydroSeeders®, Bark Blowers, Straw Blowers, and Hydroseeding Consumables since the 1950’s… but has also opened its arms to providing new solutions including environmental protection on mining sites, dust control, landfill solutions and equipment rentals. We pride ourselves in manufacturing products that help contractors do more work, do a higher quality job, and do it faster and for less money than ever before! It is our hope that you will distribute our product with the same level of pride. James Higgins Chief Executive Officer FINN Corporation From the Office of the CEO….

4 John Imm, National Sales Manager (513) 290-3057 DEALER MANAGEMENT TEAM Andy Hodek, Distribution Sales Manager - South (901) 497- 0152 James Loneman, Distribution Sales Manager - Central (816) 547- 5471 Jon Richardson, Distribution Sales Manager - East (513) 907-2980 Jason Wedmore, Distribution Sales Manager - West (541) 915-3885 Mark Middendorf, International Sales (513) 502-5820 Angie Arnold, VP Channel Development (513) 290-3057 Rob Jelinek, VP Sales & Marketing (513) 290-3057

5 INSIDE SALES TEAM Ed Karendal, Inside Sales Administrator (513) 874-2818 Ed manages FINN equipment sales efforts by coordinating between Manufacturing, Logistics, Sales & customers. Kelly Bonham, Consumables Manager (513) 874-2818 Kelly manages FINN consumable product sales both domestically and internationally Chris Burroughs, Logistics Manager (513) 874-2818 Chris manages logistics on all equipment orders.

6 PARTS SALES / SERVICE TEAM Mike Bradham, Service Manager (513) 642-0146, ext. 266 Hotline: (513) 341-7962 Leslie Williams, Parts Manager (800)229-8707 Bruce Ferone, Warranty Administrator (513) 642-0127 Don Brown, Parts Representative (800)229-8707


8 DEALER PRICING The Compact Equipment (CE) line contains the 330 and 600 gallon HydroSeeders®, T-30 and T-60, and the B-40 and B-70 Straw Blowers. This (CE) line of product and the related attachments are structured at 22% off the MSRP for the dealer. The Large Equipment Line (LL) contains the 750, 900, 1200, 1500, 2800, and 3300 gallon HydroSeeders® (T-75, T-90, T-120, T-170, T-280, and T-330); the BB-302, BB-705, and the 1200 series truck mounted Bark Blowers; and the B-260 Straw Blowers. This (LL) line of product and the related attachments are structured at 20% off the MSRP for the dealer. The Finn Consumable Products are sold to the dealer at a wholesale price and retailed at an average margin of approximately 30%.

9 EQUIPMENT ORDER PROCESS All dealer equipment orders should be submitted via Purchase Order to your Distribution Sales Manager or Ed Karendal via fax or e-mail and should include: – PO number – Bill and shipping addresses – Signature or name of party placing the order/ contact name – Terms – Description of the machines being ordered should include quantity, pricing, anticipated delivery time, and any optional attachment items to be included. – Orders for trailered units should include type of hitch to be supplied (when applicable). Pintle ring is standard equipment for most trailered machines. – Dealer should advise if shipping arrangements are to be made by Finn (prepaid and add) or if equipment to be picked up by Dealer’s own truck or designated carrier. Finn reserves the right to turn away any truck deemed to be unsafe, unscheduled, or inappropriate for the equipment in question. Customer arranged trucks must contact Finn logistics to arrange a time for pickup, within Finn’s scheduled shipping hours. – Orders for machines requiring special engineering, special handling, truck mounting, etc. will be handled on a case by case basis.

10 INTRODUCTION TO As a new Finn Dealer, you are encouraged to promptly familiarize yourself with our website. Not only will you find information about the company, its products and services, and other valuable resources… but you will also find sections designated for “Dealer Login”, “Parts Login” and “Sharepoint Login” where you will find a host of tools for your convenience. To access these sections, you will need a user name and password. You will be provided with a link to request log-in details. Once in the Dealer section, you will find a Marketing Resource Guide, Operator Manuals, warranty claim information and forms, and other valuable information. Additionally, you will have a link to order literature and promotional merchandise. The Parts section contains tools for troubleshooting, parts identification, and other resources for the dealer parts and service teams. The Sharepoint site contains posted announcements and sales tools, as well as discussion topics of interest to the dealer sales and management teams.

11 EQUIPMENT SALES - RESOURCES As a Finn Dealer salesman, you will find a host of support tools on Finn’s Sharepoint site. If you need a log-in name / password, please Jason Maune at 513-642-0140 or email your request to The Sharepoint site contains Operators Manuals, Serial Number production year look-up, a saleman’s “Pocket Black Book” filled with detailed machine and competitive information, posted announcements and discussion topics of interest to the dealer sales and management teams. The Dealer Advisory Council uses this site to communicate with the broader Dealer network, as well. Current year price sheets can also be found on Sharepoint.

12 MARKETING RESOURCE GUIDE Finn has developed a Marketing Resources Manual that is located in the Marketing section under the Finn website behind the Dealer Login. This manual contains important tools for the Dealer Marketing Department to include: instructions for ordering brochures and spec sheets; logo guidelines; social media information; and references for promotional items and signage. In addition to this manual, our Marketing Manager will send to you upon request a Marketing Resources Disc that contains the following: Ad slicks; Product Line Brochures; Photos; Logo Images and QR code instructions. To request a disc or for any other marketing support requirements, please contact Carla Severe at (541)434-7113 or email your request to

13 2012 CO-OP POLICY

14 2012 CO-OP POLICY continued…


16 PARTS As an authorized FINN parts dealer, you will be required to stock an inventory of parts for all FINN equipment lines to minimize downtime and optimize customer satisfaction. You will receive the following pricing structure on your parts purchases: Standard Stocking Orders – 30% off list price Other Parts Orders - 20% off list price To place a parts order, call 800-229-8707 or fax your order to 513-874-1613. The parts team is available to answer all of your parts questions, to provide parts solutions to enhance the performance and longevity of your FINN machines, and to help with any other FINN parts needs. Additionally, you can e-mail your order to There is a comprehensive list of all current parts, as well as an on-line freight calculator, under the Dealer Parts section on the website. To obtain a password for use of these tools, your Parts Manager for each branch location should e-mail Leslie at

17 OPERATOR MANUALS At Finn, we take pride in the quality training materials we produce for our dealers and customers. In our Parts and Operator’s Manual, you will find everything you want to know about: –Properly operating the equipment, –Recommended maintenance schedules, –Troubleshooting, and –Part illustrations, descriptions and numbers for ease of ordering and servicing you customer To access these manuals by model, go to and access the Parts Login tab. Once you have logged in, go to Operator’s and Parts Manuals and click on the model number that you wish to access. You may also access these manuals on the Sharepoint site under “Technical Data”

18 The Finn parts department works hard to ensure that your orders are processed in a timely manner. Due to the volume of calls and orders processed by the parts department, outlined below, in order of preference, are the preferred methods of ordering parts. 1. Email: Your orders can be e-mailed to 2. Fax: You can also fax your orders to 513-874-1613. This is a dedicated machine for parts orders. It is different than our main sales fax number. 3. Phone: You may also call in your orders to 1-800-229-8707. This is a dedicated line for parts orders. It is different than our main sales phone number. We do ask that your orders contain the following information: Bill to company information Ship to address Method of shipment PO Number if applicable Part number, description of the part and quantity needed. If you have any questions regarding this policy, please contact the parts department at 1-800-229-8707. PARTS ORDERING METHODS


20 PARTS PRICE LIST Insert Price List Here or Upload Electronically

21 FINN CORPORATION PARTS WARRANTY PARTS PURCHASED FOR REPLACEMENT THAT ARE NOT COVERED UNDER THE ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT WARRANTY: Genuine Finn Parts that you purchase are warranted for 90 days from the purchased date. PARTS COVERED UNDER FINN’S STANDARD WARRANTY: Genuine Finn Parts that you receive as a result of an approved warranty claim are covered for the remainder of the original equipment warranty. WHAT THE WARRANTY DOES NOT COVER: 1. Allied equipment or trade accessories not manufactured by Finn, such as but not limited to ignitions, starters, tires, batteries, hose, magnetos, carburetors, engines, labor, or like or unlike equipment or accessories including discharge hoses. (Such being subject to the warranty, if any, provided by their respective manufactures). 2. Secondhand, used, or altered parts. 3. Defects, malfunctions or failures resulting from accidents, abuse, misuse, improper servicing or installation, or lack of performance of required operational guidelines and maintenance service, as outlined in the Finn Corporation’s Operators Manual(s). 4. The warranty herein expressed shall be rendered null and void to the extent any defect or failure of the products warranted hereby arises out of or is caused by accessories or component parts not manufactured or supplied by Finn Corporation, whether same are supplied by purchaser, dealers, or any other party. TO ORDER PARTS, AND/OR TALK WITH A PARTS AND/OR SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE, CONTACT FINN CORPORATION: PARTS: 1-800-229-8707 FAX: 1-513-874-1613

22 The Finn parts department strives to ensure that you receive accurate recommended stocking lists. Unfortunately, there are times when there will be parts on the list that you find your location is not moving, so we have created an annual return program which allows you to replace non-moving parts with faster moving items. Outlined below is the return policy that must be followed in order to receive credit for parts that are returned: Contact the parts department 1-800-229-8707 or with a list of the parts that you wish to return. Your return needs to be pre-approved before you ship it back. The parts department will respond with an RMA number and the parts that they have accepted for return. Please mark the outside of the box with the RMA number and include the approved list of parts enclosed. An offsetting stock order must be placed in order to avoid the restocking charge of 20%. Please be sure to follow the instructions outlined. If not followed, no credit will be issued to your account. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding. It helps us continue to improve the quality of service that Finn provides. If you have any questions regarding this policy, please contact the parts department at 1-800-229-8707. FINN STOCKING PARTS RETURN POLICY

23 FINN PARTS RETURN POLICY The Finn parts department works hard to ensure that you receive accurate shipments. Unfortunately, there are times when there will be parts that need to be returned to Finn. Outlined below is the return policy that must be followed in order to receive credit for parts that are returned. 1. The outside of all boxes must be marked with RMA #. -If you mentioned a return at the time of another order, an instruction including the RMA # will be listed on your packing slip. -If you are wishing to return an unused part, please call the parts department at 1-800-229-8707 to obtain RMA # 2. Returns for parts that were not needed or ordered incorrectly are subject to a 20% restocking fee. 3. Every return must include a copy of the original packing slip or invoice. Please be sure to follow the instructions outlined. If not followed, no credit will be issued to your account. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding. It helps us continue to improve the quality of service that Finn provides. If you have any questions regarding this policy, please contact the parts department at 1-800-229-8707

24 EQUIPMENT WARRANTY FINN Corporation's 70+ years of experience bringing innovative technologies to the markets it serves has firmly established it as a quality company with quality products. With this mindset, FINN strives to maintain the standard that all machinery, parts and attachments that are manufactured by FINN are free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of one (1) year from date of purchase or 1200 hours of use, whichever comes first, for Bark Blowers and two (2) years or 2000 hours of use, whichever comes first on all FINN HydroSeeders® and Straw Blowers. To ensure customer satisfaction, Finn requires that its Dealers complete a Equipment Delivery Report and Warranty Registration for each piece of equipment sold. To further understand FINN's warranty policies regarding equipment and parts, please review the listed policy requirements under the Dealer Login section of the Finn website or contact Bruce Ferone at 800-543-7166 to learn more about coverage, procedures and services.


26 WARRANTY CLAIM APPROVAL PROCESS Warranty Pre Approval Requirements It has always been Finn policy that warranty labor charges must be pre-approved (unless the work being done is per the current Labor Allowance Schedule provided by Finn). This applies to equipment owners, dealers and any other service provider doing Finn warranty work. Claim Number: A Finn Warranty Claim Number must be obtained from the warranty department the same day work is performed if business hours allow or next business day at the latest. All warranty labor must be pre-approved with a Work Authorization Number provided by Finn’s Warranty Administrator prior to work being performed. Exception: If work being performed is per the current Labor Allowance Schedule provided by Finn, pre-approval is not required. However a Warranty Claim Number is still required as noted above. In order to obtain the Work Authorization Number, an estimate of costs must be provided to Finn and approved by the Finn Warranty Administrator, Director of Engineering or CFO before work begins. Once approved, any additional costs above the approved cost must be approved in order to be eligible for warranty coverage. Any charges for parts or labor incurred before receiving approval by Finn shall not apply. All Warranty repair must be completed by a Finn authorized service provider or authorized repair shop of Finn’s choice. The labor costs reimbursement will be based on the Labor Allowance Schedule established by Finn or, where not applicable, on a reasonable number of hours as determined by Finn. Transportation, hauling, storage, or other similar costs are not part of Finn’s obligation under the limited warranty and are the responsibility of the equipment owner. Following is a “Warranty Estimate Worksheet” that can be used to fill-out and fax to Finn to initiate the claim. Once received and approved, a “Work Authorization Number” will be appointed for the claim.




30 LAUNCH PLAN **Stock Orders must be placed with Finn prior to referral of any leads or parts orders in new dealer territory.

31 COMPANY DIRECTORY Mailing Address:9281 LeSaint Drive Fairfield, OH 45014-5457 USA

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