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MV Kirkland, 1924 Car Ferry El Primero, 1893 Steam Yacht

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1 MV Kirkland, 1924 Car Ferry El Primero, 1893 Steam Yacht
Welcome Aboard MV Kirkland, 1924 Car Ferry El Primero, 1893 Steam Yacht

2 MV Kirkland

3 El Primero

4 MV Kirkland AKA-originally known as the Tourist II with the exception of the second world war, this boat served as the ferry for the Astoria-Megler route on the Columbia River. Following the bombing of Pearl Harbor in 1941, the US Army purchased the vessel as the FB or JMP 535 to lay mines at the mouth of the river. At the end of the war, it returned to ferry service on the Columbia

5 MV Kirkland AKA, The Islander, the ferry was moved from Astoria, OR to Pierce County, WA in 1967 renamed and worked on the Puget Sound for years, eventually the wooden-hull design was overshadowed by vessels with more modern steel-hulls. In 1996, Argosy Cruises refurbished the vessel, adding two full-service bars, a galley, and 12-foot floor-to-ceiling windows, making the main deck unique among vessels in the Northwest. The exterior styling, deck plan, and interior and general arrangement were provided by designer in Seattle. The vessel is listed on the Washington Historic Register and the National Register of Historic Places as the MV Kirkland

6 MV Kirkland

7 MV Kirkland Finds new home in Bremerton 2013 after being purchased by Captain Christian Lee Lint in Captain spent a considerable amount of resources (time, money, energy) in restoring the boat. He considered changing the name, but found MV Kirkland to be best for historical purposes. The Boat is available for private events and is available for purchase to the right buyer.

8 MV Kirkland, Captain Christian Lee LInt

9 MV kirkland-Party Boat

10 MV Kirkland

11 El Primero

12 El Primero The first Steam Yacht built in 1893 in San Francisco, CA built with auxiliary sail rig, has since been converted to diesel. Presidential Super Luxury Yacht, hosted President Taft, President Roosevelt and several dignitaries. The yacht's original owner was Edward W. Hopkins, heir to the wealth of his uncle, Mark Hopkins, for whom the Mark Hopkins Hotel is named. In 1896 Hopkins was the member of the San Francisco and the Pacific yacht clubs

13 El Primero In 1906 Hopkins sold the yacht to Chester Thorne of Tacoma, and the yacht thereafter came to be based in Puget Sound. Thorne in turn wagered the yacht in a craps game and lost the game, and the yacht, to Sidney Albert “Sam” Perkins ( ), a well know business man . During World War II the yacht was taken into the U.S. Navy as a patrol vessel, and returned to Perkins in 1947

14 El Primero

15 El Primero After Perkins' death in 1955, the yacht went to his heirs and was later purchased by Sy Devening, who converted it to diesel power. The yacht passed through two subsequent owners, an American (Arther B Church}and a Canadian, and was taken out of service in the year 2000. In 2010, the yacht was purchased by a Captain Christian Lee Lint who had the vessel hauled out at Port Townsend for repairs. In 2013 the yacht found a home in Bremerton, WA until it was moved to Foss Waterway, Tacoma, WA in collaboration with the Tacoma Historic Society and Friends of El Primero for continued restoration, tours, and private functions.

16 El Primero

17 EL Primero President Roosevelt, EL PRIMERO Great White Fleet Week Captain Christian Lee Lint, EL PRIMERO-2014

18 El Primero & MV Kirkland

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