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A Family only Jerry Springer could Love.  Fought for Rome  Forced to divorce (marries Julia)  Hangs out on Rhodes a lot  The last choice for heir.

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1 A Family only Jerry Springer could Love

2  Fought for Rome  Forced to divorce (marries Julia)  Hangs out on Rhodes a lot  The last choice for heir  Had to adopt Germanicus as heir (not his own son, Drusus)  Reluctant to take power

3  Tiberius wanted Senate to rule mostly  Augustus had them well trained to look to the princeps for leadership and decisions  Rhine armies revolt, they want Germanicus  Seen as timid, quiet, etc. Never spoke his mind  Tried to give power/responsibility back to Senate and consuls  Didn’t take credit

4  Germanicus diverted his army back to Germany  Tiberius continued not expanding the empire  He prosecuted corrupt governors  Continued rules of modesty  Very frugal: no games, circuses or hunts (did not make him very popular

5  Praetorian Guard, became confidant of Tiberius  Wanted to marry Tiberius’ niece (he said no)  He makes Tiberius think he will be assassinated and to move to Capri  Sejanus starts taking out enemies  Tiberius sends letter to Senate condemning Sejanus, who is killed with friends and family

6  Tiberius stays on Capri (paranoid)  Directs the Senate through letters  Becomes an old drunk, “Biberius Caldius Mero”  He did not have an heir established  37 AD, he becomes very ill  Praetorian Commander, Macro kills him off  He names Caligula the new emperor

7  Son of Germanicus. “Little Boots”  Opposite of Tiberius (except in one thing)  Held great circuses and shows  Increased pay of Praetorian Guard  This causes him to have to raise taxes

8  Begins to fear that he will be assassinated  Assassinates his cousin and Macro  Others start to plot against him because if this  So he kills more people  After a serious illness (6 months into his reign), he became seriously deranged

9  Killed a senator who offered his life  Laughing fits over potential homocide  Emptied treasury for crazy feasts and baths  After Drusilla’s death, capitol offense to laugh  Put his head on gods’ statues  Made his horse co-priest of his cult (consul?)  Shaved men and collected sea shells

10  He would execute members of his favorite chariot team if they lost  Because a crowd rooted for a different team he said “if you Romans had but one neck”  Killed by his own Praetorian Guard  Drawn and quartered in 41 A.D.

11  Found hiding behind the curtains  Brother of Germanicus  Bribed guards with bonus pay  Very ill, weak, clumsy, drooler, runny nose, bad laugh, ADD; the shame of the Julio-claudians  Spent much of early life in literary pursuits, aided by historian Livy

12  His reign was reminiscent of Augustus’  Worked on Ostia for shipping and grain supply  Gave incentives to merchants  Finished the Aqueduct  Rebuilt Pompey’s theater  Took part in the courts  Helped sick and old slaves

13  43 A.D., He sends Plautius to Britain  After initial victory, Claudius arrives  He defeats the Britons, Britain = province  Claudius named Britanicus, a name he passes onto his son  Plautius and Lt Vespasian (yes that Vespasian) stay to mop up Britain

14  Messalina used his power to kill her enemies  Married another guy, executed for treason  2 nd wife: Agrippina  Forces him to adopt her son (Nero)  Sows seeds of Paranoia  His freedmen abuse the power he gives them  When Claudius tries to assert himself, Agrippina gives him a poisoned mushroom Fungus deorum cibus

15  Nero takes over at 17 in 54 A.D.  Married to Claudius’ daughter, Octavia  Burrus and Seneca were his tutors/advisors  Agrippina real power behind the throne  Tutors want him to assert himself, indulge in his vices (music, acting, art, girls)  He lets them run the empire

16  Agrippina threatens to replace him with Britanicus  Nero tries to poison him, but it’s too strong  Puts 2 nd poison in cold water cup at feast  After he dies, Nero says it’s just epilepsy  His girlfriend, Poppaea, tells him to kill mom  Sends her in a busted boat, she survives, so he sends men to kill her (says she tried to kill him) Leather bag punishment: Dog Monkey Scorpion Snake Rooster Into the Tiber river

17  Nero goes on a concert tour in Greece  Burrus dies, Seneca retires  Commander Tigellinus just like Nero  Nero divorces and marries Poppaea  Octavia exiled, her slaves won’t betray her  Nero and Poppaea’s daughter, Augusta, dies at 4 months Married to Otho, whom Nero sends to Portugal.

18  July 18 th 64 AD, same date Gauls sacked Rome  Nero fiddled and sang of Troy’s burning  Built the Domus Aurea on the ashes  Christians blamed (Peter and Paul)  Pisonian conspiracy: 100’s of nobles killed (Lucan and Seneca, etc)  Only Nobility suffered, Rome thrived

19  Wife of the king of the Iceni  She and her daughters were beaten and raped by Roman soldiers  She leads a revolt  They kill 70,000 Roman soldiers and allies  General Paulinus defeats her  Parthians Revolt, stopped by Corbulo

20  Treasure hunt in Carthage  Ficus Rumanalis almost dies  gods angered by Nero bathing in aqueduct  Comet flies (sign of new emperor)  Nero killed Corbulo  Galba in Spain revolts  Nero kills himself

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