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The English Renaissance

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1 The English Renaissance 1485-1660
Unit 2 English IV Miss Bogner

2 What does “renaissance” mean?
Rebirth Where did it start? (Italy) Human values and perceptions changes The shift from the medieval period was on religion and the afterlife People were now focused on a more modern view. Stressed life on earth

3 Arts & Literature Renaissance people took delight in art, literature, beauty of nature, human impulses, sense of mastery over the world. Expanded the scientific, geographical, and philosophical aspect of the world. Questioned what were timeworn truths.

4 A “Renaissance” Man Emphasis placed on the individual & human potential. What is a “Renaissance” man? A person who ideally was multi-faceted who cultivated his innate talents to the fullest. What does that mean?

5 England Catches Up The English Renaissance started in Italy & it took a while before England was able to catch up. What were they waiting on? War of Roses ends, Henry Tudor takes the throne as Henry VII.

6 Who is this Henry VII guy?
Exercised strong authority Built up nations largest merchant fleet Financed expeditions that established England’s claims in the New World.

7 What About Henry VIII? Took throne in 1509 Athlete, poet, musician
Spoke French, Italian, & Latin Protestant Reformation was happening in northern Europe Here comes what he is most famous for…

8 His Children  Married 18 years to Catherine Only had 1 daughter, Mary
Became obsessed with having a male heir Requested that his marriage be annulled so that he could marry Anne Boleyn Pope refused to agree Henry said “see ya later”

9 Church of England 1534- Henry VIII leaves & makes his own church
People began to support his ideas & decisions Those who were opposed to this, often sacrificed themselves Anne Boleyn- has only a daughter, Elizabeth Anne is executed for adultery

10 His Only Son 3rd marriage- Finally Henry has a son
Edward VI- sickly, frail 1547- Succeeded his father to the throne 6 year reign, Church of England became truly Protestant Beliefs were clarified, Book of Common Prayer was published Edward dies- half sister Mary takes throne Mary tries to reintorduce Roman Catholicism, but the move was unpopular. She was married to her cousin Phillip II of Spain. Persecution of Protestants. She earned the nickname “Bloody Mary”. She dies in 1558, her half-sister Elizabeth becomes in charge.

11 The Elizabethan Era She proves to be the ablest monarchs in England’s history England, during this time, reached its fullest flower. Prosperity & international prestige Practical girl, loved pomp & ceremony, but was frugal & kept a balanced budget.

12 Oh Elizabeth, We Love You
She exercised her authority, but was still sensitive to public opinion Respectful of Parliament When it came to religion, she steered right down the middle. Reestablished the independent Church of England Was a “buffer” between Catholics & radical Protestants.

13 More of Elizabeth Kept England out of costly wars
Ended unpopular Spanish alliance She never married in the 20 years that she was on the throne….but she took dating to her advantage  Showed interest in one prince after another Not all ends well….

14 Her Cousin Quarrel with Spain grows
1587- Elizabeth executes her cousin Mary Stuart (the Roman Catholic queen of Scotland) Mary said that Elizabeth’s marriage was not legit, so she should not have been heir to the throne. Spain’s Philip of Scotland sends an armada to England---bad weather, England wins

15 The Rise of the Stuarts Elizabeth dies in 1603
There was nobody left to take the throne in the Tudor house. Stuarts take over James IV of Scotland comes to power (James I) Disputes between church again… Son takes throne– Charles I

16 Here We Go Again… They did not have what it took to be like Elizabeth
Thought that they were “God’s representatives” Dismisses Parliament, doesn’t call them back for 11 years English people emigrated to North America England is in a civil war

17 The Defeat of the Monarchy
Royalists (supporters of the monarchy, RC’s) vs. Supporters of Parliament (puritans, small land owners, middle-class people) 1645 Puritans defeated the Royalists Ok, but now what? We don’t have a monarchy anymore… This does not work out & turns to chaos. Charles II comes back to power.

18 The Saga Continues… Charles II comes back to the throne & we will have a new era in England’s history… UNIT 3  The Restoration

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