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By Ellen Raskin Exposition

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1 By Ellen Raskin Exposition
The Westing Game By Ellen Raskin Exposition

2 Setting Mood Same Westing was found dead in his Westingtown mansion
All of the suspects/heirs are living in Sunset Towers expect Mr. Amber who lives in the basement of Green’s Grocery Shocked Distraught Excited Nervous

3 PLOT Sam Westing is dead in his will he said that one of the heir has killed him. Mr. Westing alone knows the name of the murder. Whichever one of the heirs find out who the killer is will inherit Sam Westing’s fortune. Let the games begin…

4 Which one killed Mr. Westing?
16 Suspects Which one killed Mr. Westing?

5 Baumbach FLORA BAUMBACH Maiden name: Flora Miller Age 60
Job: Dressmaker Husband left her years ago, he sends no money She had a retarded daughter, Rosalie Sold bridal shop last year after Rosalie died of pneumonia Sends most of her time at the stockbrokers

6 WESTING CONNECTION Mrs. Baumbach made a wedding gown for Mr. Westing daughter Violet Westing, which she never got to wear.

7 Amber OTIS JOSEPH AMBER: Age 62 Job: Delivery boy
Education: fourth-grade dropout IQ of 50 Lives in the basement of Green’s Grocery Single No living relatives

8 Mr. Amber delivered letters from E. J. Plum, Attorney both times.
WESTING CONNECTION Mr. Amber delivered letters from E. J. Plum, Attorney both times.

9 Deere D. DENTON DEERE: Age: 25
Education: graduate of UW Medical School First-year intern, Plastic Surgery Parents live in Racine (parents are not heirs) Engaged to Angela Wexler (one of the heirs) Deere

10 WESTING CONNECTION Engaged to Angela Wexler, who looks like Sam Westing’s daughter, Violet, who was also to be married. But to a politician not an intern

11 Pulaski SYDELLE PULASKI: Age 50
Education: high school, one year of secretarial school Secretary to the president of Schultz Sausages Is taking her first vacation in 25 years Lived with widowed mother and two aunts until she moved in to Sunset Towers Walked with crutches even before she broke her ankle in the second bombing


13 Crow BERTHE ERICA CROW: Age: 57 Education: 1 year of high school
Married at age 16, divorced at age 40 Ex-husband's name: Windy Windkloppel hospital records: problems related to alcohol problems Gave up drinking when she took up religion Started Good Salvation Soup Kitchen Works as cleaning woman in Sunset Towers


15 McSouthers ALEXANDER MCSOUTHERS Called Sandy Age: 65
Born in Edinburgh, Scotland Immigrated to Wisconsin at age 3 Jobs: mill worker, union organizer, prizefighter, doorman. Married has six kids, and two grandkids No regular payment

16 WESTING CONNECTION Worked in Westing Paper Plant for 10 years, but fired by Sam Westing himself for trying to organize the workers

17 Ford JOSIE-JO FORD Age: 42 Education: Columbia, law degree, Harvard
Jobs: assistant district attorney, Judge, family court, state supreme court, appellate division Not married, no kids

18 Education financed by Sam Westing, the debt was never repaid
WESTING CONNECTION Education financed by Sam Westing, the debt was never repaid (Lived in the Westing house, her mother was the maid, her father was the gardener.)

19 The Hoo Family JAMES SHIN HOO: Born in Chicago Age 50
Added Shin in his name when he went into the restaurant business because it sounded more Chinese Owns a high class restaurant on the top floor of Sunset towers First wife died of cancer five years ago Married again last year Has one son Douglas SUN LIN HOO: Born in China Age 28 Immigrated from Hong Kong two year ago Does not speak much English DOUGLAS HOO: Age 18 High school track star Is competing in track meet against collage milers

20 WESTING CONNECTION Mr. Hoo sued Same Westing over the invention of the disposable paper diaper. Case never came to court because Mr. Westing disappeared. Mr. Hoo settled with the company last year for $25,000. (Mr. Hoo thinks he was cheated)

21 The Wexler Family JAKE WELER Age 45
Education: graduated from Marquette Married for 22 years Has two daughters ANGELA WEXLER Age: 20 Engaged to marry D. Denton Deere (also a heir) Education: one year of college (high grades) Victim of the third bombing GRACE WEXLER Maiden name Grace Windklopple Age 42 Married to Jake Wexler Job: interior decorator Spends most of her time in Mr. Hoo’s restaurant TURTLE WEXLER Real name: Tabitha-Ruth Wexler age:13 (junior high student) Plays in the stock market

22 WESTING CONNECTION Grace Windsor Wexler claims that Sam Westing is her real uncle. (Angela looks like Violet Westing, so does Grace, except she’s older)

23 The Theodorakis brothers
CHRISTOS THEODORAKIS Age: 15 Confined to wheelchair, disease struck about four years ago Knows a lot about birds Neither parents are heirs THEO THEODORAKIS Age: 17 Is a High-school senior Works in the family coffee shop Wants to be a writer Neither parents are heirs

24 WESTING CONNECTION Father was childhood sweetheart of Sam Westing’s daughter, Violet. Mrs. Westing broke up the affair. She wanted Violet to marry somebody else, but Violet Westing killed herself before the wedding.

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