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Govt. Girls Sr.Sec. School Chautala Dabwali (Sirsa) Haryana.

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1 Govt. Girls Sr.Sec. School Chautala Dabwali (Sirsa) Haryana

2 AmbikaKiran RaniSushilaShardaRitu Rani PoonamBabliMonokaMamtaKavita

3 Manisha Choudhary (Sci Mist.) Miss Bharti ( Phy.)Lect Silochana Science Mistress Miss Silochana (Sci Mist.) Mrs.Yadwinder Kaur Drawing Teacher Mr. Sham Lal lect,. Skt Mr. Kaushal Kalia DE Haryan

4 We have selected this topic because the sex ratio of chautala (8255) of male & (5745) of female. It shows that the ratio of female is very low as compare to male. So we chose this topic for DE contest.

5 What is Female Feoticide ? Survey on Female feticide Cause of Female feticide Reilly by Students Painting competition Skit & poem for Save Girl child Teacher s And Students View Motivational Videos

6 female feticide is Aborting a female fetus after sex determination test.




10 1. Evil of dowry 2. Social security 3. Illiteracy 4. Boys are heir of his family 5. Religion 6. Weakness in women act 1990

11  The practice of dowry,a nationwide problem.  Now found in communities and castes in which it had never been the custom.

12  Inherited from upper caste practices. In majority of cases,  Laws failed to show any impact on the practice of dowry

13 In order to continue possessing ones property, even after death, the need of an heir, a son, became necessary.

14 Illiteracy, poverty and the tag of ‘burden’ that is assigned to a girl child, makes the desire for a male child even stronger.

15  A son is seen as someone who can earn and care for his parents in their later years, while a daughter will get married and go away.  A son can carry on the family name, while a daughter becomes part of her husband’s family.

16  The Ramayana and the Manuscript (the Laws of Manu) represent the ideal woman as obedient and submissive, and advocates care of a male: first father, then husband, then son.  Islam permits polygamy and gives women fewer rights than men. 16


18 1. Reilly 2. Drawing competition 3. Student ‘s skit 4. poem 5. Teachers view 6. Students view













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