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A Google A Day.

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1 A Google A Day

2 History

3 What does she supposedly have tucked under her arm?
History The second wife of King Henry VIII is said to haunt the grounds where she was executed. What does she supposedly have tucked under her arm?

4 Hints Things to think about as you get started
1 What was the name of King Henry's second wife?

5 How to find the answer Answer Her headSearch Search [second wife King Henry VIII] to find Anne Boleyn. Search [Anne Boleyn under arm] to find that her ghost is in the London Tower where she is said to carry her head tucked underneath her arm.

6 Background and further discussion
King Henry's infatuation with Anne Boleyn while married to his first wife, Queen Catherine, led to the English Reformation when Pope Clement VII refused to annul the marriage of Henry and Catherine. After their marriage Anne gave birth to the future Queen, Elizabeth I, and then had three subsequent miscarriages. Henry grew tired of waiting for Anne to produce a male heir and fell in love with Jane Seymour. He had Anne tried for high treason, on grounds of adultery and incest and she was found guilty and subsequently beheaded.

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