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Reading Log Lamm /Colling

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1 Reading Log Lamm /Colling

2 Act 1: Scene 1 Setting: Thunder and lightning on a heath (area of land covered with grass and shrubs) Three witches (weird sisters) are talking to each other and they plan to meet with Macbeth. (The witches plan to mess with him). “Fair is foul, and foul is fair.” (Witches)

3 Act 1: Scene 2 Setting: Camp near Forres King Duncan hears reports about the battle. He finds out that the current Thane of Cawdor is a traitor. He also finds out that Macbeth was AWESOME in battle. Duncan decides to have the traitor killed and Macbeth will get the title of Thane of Cawdor.

4 Act 1: Scene 3 Setting: heath Macbeth and Banquo meet the three witches of make 3 predictions: 1. Macbeth will be Thane of Cawdor 2. Macbeth will be King 3. Banquo will beget kings (produce a line of kings) Ross and Angus, two noblemen, arrive to tell Macbeth that he has been made Thane of Cawdor. The news causes Macbeth to take the witches prophesies seriously, and he begins to consider murdering King Duncan.

5 Act 1: Scene 4 Setting: Forres, the palace (Scottish capital) Back at the royal court, Duncan names Malcolm as the heir to the Scottish throne. Macbeth sees this recognition of Malcolm as an obstacle that he must overcome in order to become the King of Scotland. The scene ends with Duncan indicating that he will stay at Macbeth’s castle that night. “Stars hide your fires, let not light see my black and deep desires.” (Macbeth)

6 Act 1: Scene 5 Setting: Inverness (Macbeth’s castle)
At Inverness, Lady Macbeth reads a letter from Macbeth relaying the witch’s prophecies. Fearing Macbeth is too soft-hearted to do what he must to become king, she resolves to use her power over him to steel his will. When she learns the king will visit their castle that night, Lady Macbeth sees it as the perfect opportunity to murder him. “Look like the innocent flower, but be the serpent under’t.” (Lady Macbeth)

7 Act 1: Scene 6 Setting: Macbeth’s castle King Duncan arrives at Macbeth’s castle. The comments with dramatic irony on the pleasant atmosphere surrounding Macbeth’s home. Lady Macbeth graciously welcomes the king while plotting his murder.

8 Act 1: Scene 7 Setting: Macbeth’s castle
Macbeth speaks his first important soliloquy explaining how his ambition has lead to thoughts of murder. He is joined by Lady Macbeth, who taunts him to show his manliness by killing Duncan. Lady Macbeth comes up with a plan to kill Duncan. The Plan: 1. Get Duncan’s guards drunk 2. Kill Duncan in his sleep 3. Smear blood on the guards “False face must hide what the false heart doth know.” (Macbeth)

9 Act 1 Journal What are your impressions of Lady Macbeth at the end of Act 1? What is her relationship with Macbeth (beyond being his wife)? What details in this act support your impression?

10 Act 2: Scene 1 Setting: Inverness, Macbeth’s castle
Macbeth comes upon Banquo and Banquo’s son Fleance after midnight as they make their way to bed. Macbeth and Banquo talk of the witches’ predictions, and Macbeth again suggests a private talk with Banquo. After they leave, Macbeth imagines a blood-covered dagger before him. When the bell sounds, Macbeth steals away to commit the murder.

11 Act 2: Scene 2 Setting: Macbeth’s castle Lady Macbeth has drugged Duncan’s guards but was unable to murder Duncan. Macbeth murders Duncan offstage and reenters, deeply troubled and dazed. Lady Macbeth scolds him and places the bloody daggers beside the guards, whom she smears with blood.

12 Act 2: Scene 3 Setting: Macbeth’s castle
A drunken porter responds to Macduff’s and Lennox’s knocking at the gate. Lennox describes strange upheavals in nature the previous night as Macduff discovers Duncan’s body. Macbeth says that he killed Duncan’s grooms because they had murdered Duncan, Lady Macbeth faints. Duncan’s sons Malcolm and Donalbain flee the country fearing for their lives.

13 Act 2: Scene 4 Setting: Outside Macbeth’s castle
Ross and an Old Man speak of wild and unnatural events that were observed during the night and the day following Duncan’s murder. Macduff reveals that Duncan’s sons are suspected of murdering their father and that Macbeth has gone to Scone to be installed as king. Macduff will not attend Macbeth’s coronation, and he voices doubts about the new kings reign.

14 Act 2 Journal What was your reaction to the murder of Duncan? Why do you think Shakespeare decided to murder Duncan and his guards offstage?

15 Act 3: Scene 1 Setting: Forres: the Palace Banquo reveals that he now suspects Macbeth murdered Duncan. To maintain normal appearances, Macbeth invites Banquo to a banquet at court. Out of fear, Macbeth hires assassins to kill Banquo and his son Fleance to ensure that Banquo’s descendants cannot inherit the throne.

16 Act 3: Scene 2 Setting: The palace Lady Macbeth expresses her discontent and then scolds Macbeth for brooding about Duncan’s murder. Macbeth responds that he envies Duncan, who no longer needs to worry about treachery. He then admits that he fears Banquo and his children and that a “deed of dreadful note” will soon be accomplished. However, he does not specify that the deed will be the murder of Banquo and Fleance.

17 Act 3: Scene 3 Setting: Near the palace Three murderers set upon Banquo and Fleance as the two approach Macbeth’s palace. They kill Banquo, but Fleance escapes.

18 Macbeth closes the scene by saying that he will send for Macduff.
Act 3: Scene 4 Setting: The palace The banquet is underway when one of the murderers calls Macbeth aside to tell him that Banquo is dead but Fleance has escaped. Lady Macbeth urges Macbeth to join the table. Macbeth envisions Banquo’s ghost taking his seat at the banquet table and speaks to the ghost – causing the guests to think he is unstable. Lady Macbeth at first says that her husband is ill and then, fearing what he might reveal, she dismisses the guests. Macbeth closes the scene by saying that he will send for Macduff.

19 Act 3: Scene 5 Setting: A witches haunt Hecate, queen of the wiches, berates the weird sisters for leaving her out of their previous encounters with Macbeth. She promises to marshal magic forces to ensure Macbeth’s ruin.

20 Act 3: Scene 6 Setting: The palace
Lennox expresses his suspicions of Macbeth to an unnamed lord. The lord reports that Macduff, who refused to answer Macbeth’s summons, has gone to England to obtain the aid of King Edward and Lord Siward in order to remove the tyrant Macbeth and restore the Scottish crown to Malcolm.

21 Act 3 Journal After his vision of Banquo’s ghost in Scene 4, Macbeth finally accepts that “blood with have blood”. What does this phrase mean? It is relevant to today’s world? How?

22 Act 4: Scene 1 Setting: A witches’ haunt
Macbeth revisits the witches, and they show him four apparitions that predict the future. The first apparition, an armed head, tells Macbeth to beware Macduff. The second, a bloody child, informs the king that no man born of a woman will be able to kill Macbeth. The third, a crowned child holding a tree, indicated that until Birnam wood comes to Dunsinane Hill, he will not be conquered. A fourth apparition depicts the initial prophecy of Banquo’s royal descendents. Macbeth learns of Macduff’s departure and orders the execution of Macduff’s family.

23 Act 4: Scene 2 Setting: Macduff’s castle At Macduff’s castle, Ross tells Lady Macduff that Macduff has gone to England. She cannot understand why her husband left without explanation and accuses him of betraying his marriage vows. When Ross exits, mother and son exchange tender words, interrupted first by a messenger urging them to flee for their lives and then by murderers who stab the son and pursue Lady Macduff offstage.

24 Act 4: Scene 3 Setting: England, before the king’s palace Macduff attempts to secure Malcolm’s aid in fighting Macbeth, But Malcolm first tests Macduff’s loyalty to Scotland. After Macduff proves his integrity, Malcolm tells him an army is ready to attack Macbeth’s forces. Ross enters and tells Macduff that his wife, children, and servants have been murdered. Turning his shock and grief to anger, Macduff prays to meet Macbeth in battle.

25 Act 4 Journal What effect did the brutal murders of Lady Macduff and her son have on you? Have your feelings for Macbeth changed from the opening of the play until now? How do you account for your reaction?

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