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Protestant Reformation By: Saida Noor and Hifza Hamid.

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1 Protestant Reformation By: Saida Noor and Hifza Hamid

2 Erasmus and Christian Humanism The Protestant Reformation is the name given to the religious reform movement that divided the western Church into Catholic and Protestant groups Christian Humanism a.k.a. Northern Renaissance humanism -reform of the Catholic Church Desiderius Erasmus- Best known of all Christian Humanists called his view of religion "the philosophy of Christ" Wrote The Praise of Folly in 1509 "Erasmus laid the egg that Luther hatched."

3 Religion on the Eve of the Reformation Corruption in the Catholic Church Renaissance popes- failed to meet the Church's spiritual needs Julius II, "warrior pope" Many church officials were concerned about money & used church offices to advance their careers and their wealth Salvation- acceptance into Heaven Collections of relics grew more popular as a means to salvation Indulgence- release from all or part of punishment for sin by Catholic Church



6 Martin Luther Was a monk and a professor at the University of Wittenberg (Germany) Catholic teaching had stressed that both faith and good works were needed to gain personal salvation. Luther believed in justification Justification became the main lesson of the Protestant Reformation Bible- became the only source of religious truth

7 The Ninety-five Theses Luther believed that people were simply harming their chances for salvation by buying these pieces of paper. Oct. 31, 1517 sent a list of Ninety-five Theses The publication of Luther's theses began the Protestant Reformation

8 A Break with the Church Luther begun to move toward a more definite break with the Catholic Church. He called the German princes to overthrow the papacy (office or authority of a pope) in Germany and establish a reformed German church Also attacked the Church's system of sacraments He kept only two sacraments (Baptism, Eucharist)

9 The Rise of Lutheranism Luther- gained support of many German rulers These rulers took control of the Catholic churches in their territories, forming state churches whose affairs were supervised by the gov. Luther set up a new religious service to replace the Catholic mass. (Bible readings, preaching of the word of God, and song) Luthern's beliefs became known as Lutheranism - first Protestant faith (Lutheran churches)

10 Politics in the German Reformation From the beginning, the fate of Luther's movement as closely tied to political affairs. Politically Charles V wanted to keep this enormous empire under the control of his dynasty. He wanted to preserve the unity of his empire by keeping it Catholic. disputes with Francis I = war for more than 20 years. German states supported Luther as a way to assert their own local authority over the authority if the empire and Charles V Peace treaty of Augsburg

11 The Spread of Protestantism and the Catholic Response

12 King Henry VIII wanted to divorce his wife, they had no son. he needed a male heir so he wanted to marry Anne Boleyn. He turned to the courts Thomas Cranmer ruled in May 1533 that the kings marriage to to Catherine was "null and absolutely void" Anne was crowned queen, 3 months later they had a daughter Henry used his powers to dissolve the monasteries and sell their land and possessions to wealthy landowners and merchants

13 King Henry VIII (continued) in matter of doctrine, he remained close to Catholic teachings When Henry died he was succeeded by Edward VI. Church begins to move in a Protestant direction Mary, Henrys daughter, came to throne in 1553 she wanted to restore England to Roman Catholicism. "Bloody Mary"

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15 Team 1: Yahya, Umer, Sammy, Mohammed, and Salman Team 2: Ayoub, Majd, Hamza, Zakariya, and Samir Team 3: Haneen, Aysheh, Aisha, Swaiba, Shahad, and Aya Team 4: Mayce, Nada, Yasmine, Saarah, Nimra, and Batoul

16 Jeopardy Game usergames/Nov201248/game1354151338.p hp usergames/Nov201248/game1354151338.p hp

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