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 Madame Hoo! P. 166  Angela Wexler, trying to prevent her own wedding from taking place!

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2  Madame Hoo! P. 166

3  Angela Wexler, trying to prevent her own wedding from taking place!

4  Angela Wexler and D. Denton Deere  Violet Westing and her intended husband › Violet had been in love with …  George Theodorakis!

5 Take a look at this passage from “America the Beautiful.” O beautiful for spacious skies, For am___ waves of grain, For purple mountain majesties Above ____ fruited plain! America! Am______! God shed his grace on thee And ____n thy good with brotherhood From sea to shining sea!


7  Sandy McSouthers drops dead of an apparent heart attack!!!  The twist… Sandy is not really Sandy at all, but…  Sam Westing!  Sam Westing is not dead!

8  Identity #1: Sam West ing › Originally Windy Wind kloppel  “The heir who wins the windfall will be the one who finds the …fourth!” p. 30 › Millionaire, Chairman of the Board of the Westing Paper Products Corporation › Ex-husband of Berthe Erica Crow, father of Violet Westing (deceased)

9  Identity #2: Sandy Mc South ers › Sandy to Turtle: “Cheer up, my friend, the game’s not over. You can still win. I hope you do…. He winked at her when he said that. Winked! One eye winked! Dead Sandy had winked at her!” p. 156 › Sandy was the one continually adding to the will as the Westing Game progressed. He was also Theo’s chess opponent.

10  Identity #3: Barney North rup › Turtle kicked Barney the day of Sandy’s “death,” but Sandy is the one who has the bruise! › Coincidence? I think not!!!!!!

11  Identity #4: Julian East man › Chairman of Westing Paper Products Corporation › Resides at #4 Sunrise Lane › Turtle presents herself to Julian once she has figured out the secret:  “Hi, Sandy. I won!”

12  The heirs inherit the deed to Sunset Towers  Crow gets some money: $10,000 forfeited at the will reading, two checks for $10,000 from J.J. Ford and Sandy McSouthers  Turtle goes on to become chief legal counsel for Westing Paper Products— and Sam Westing’s best friend!

13  Marriages: › Otis Amber and Berthe Crow › Turtle Wexler and Theo Theodorakis › Angela Wexler and D. Denton Deere › Chris Theodorakis and Shirley Staver › Sydelle Pulaski and Mr. Schultz (Schultz Sausage Company)

14  Professional Accomplishments… › Angela and D. Denton Deere both become accomplished doctors › Doug Hoo wins two Olympic gold medals › James Hoo invents Little Foot Eze and becomes rich › Grace runs the “Who’s on First” franchise › Chris recovers and discovers a new bird species

15  Promotions › J.J. Ford gets promoted to the U.S. Supreme Court › Jake Wexler gets a job with the state gambling commission › Madame Hoo or “Sunny” becomes acculturated and is accepted into the group

16  Altruism: › Crow and Otis Amber run the Good Salvation Soup Kitchen › Turtle continues to visit with Sam Westing until he finally dies, as the sun is rising on the Fourth of July

17  Children: › Alice Deere, daughter of Angela and Denton › Spends Saturday afternoons playing chess with her aunt Turtle… T.R. Wexler, the multi- millionaire!

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