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Unit Ten For Peace and for Development Part I Economic development Task A. Listen to some statements about China’s economic development and fill in the.

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2 Unit Ten For Peace and for Development

3 Part I Economic development Task A. Listen to some statements about China’s economic development and fill in the blanks with numbers. Focus: comprehension of and skills of taking down numbers

4 Words and expressions exports (business or action of) exporting surplus amount by which money received is greater than money spent

5 gross: total His gross income is $50,000. 他的毛收入为五万美元。 domestic: relating to a person's own country: domestic airlines/flights Domestic opinion had turned against the war.

6 annual every/each year annual income reserves things put aside or kept for later use We still have a reserve of food/food reserves in case of emergency.

7 fold: having the stated number of parts, or multiplied by the stated number: 附于数词等后面,表示倍数 threefold /fourfold The problems are twofold - firstly, economic, and secondly, political. capital: wealth or property that may be used to produce more wealth The corporation has enough capital to build another factory. 这家公司有足够的资金来兴建另一家工厂。

8 Keys US $183.76 billion US $140.17 billion US $ 43.6 billion 7th 6,000 yuan 9.6% US $40 billion Second largest US $151.51billion

9 Task B: News Headlines. Training Focus News headlines: It’s the most important sentence in a news broadcast. It mainly tell us wh- questions, such as what, who, when, why, how, etc, though it does not mean that every lead should include all of them.

10 The US Federal Reserve has raised rates by a quarter percentage point to 2.25% - its fifth increase since June. Encouraged by the country's economic performance, the Fed's policy-makers voted unanimously for the move. 004-12/15/content_400279.htm

11 WASHINGTON (AP) -- Microsoft Corp. disclosed plans Thursday to offer frustrated users of its Windows software new tools within 30 days to remove spyware programs secretly running on computers. But it might cost extra in coming months. net/12/16/microsoft.spyware.ap/index.html

12 expand trade cause trade to become greater in size, number, or importance OPEC The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries an organization of countries formed in 1961 to agree on a common policy for the production and sale of petroleum 石油输出国组织

13 production quotas maxims number or amount of production unemployed rate The rate of the amount of how many persons who don’t get a job share prices share: any of the equal parts into which the ownership of a company may be divided

14 The Dow Jones Industrial Average also known as the Dow-Jones index, is an index of the relative price of stocks based on the daily average common stock price of selective lists of 30 industrials, 20 transports and 15 utilities 道琼斯工业指数

15 stabilize (cause sth/sb. to) become stable stock: money lent to a government or company at a fixed rate of interest stock exchange/market: the place where stocks bought and sold

16 Listen to some news headlines and supply the missing information. 1. an unrestricted trade area 2. roads, airports and water supplies 3. expanding trade in the area 4. ease the debt 5. 7% 6. 7.1% /one trillion dollars 7. 5.3% 8. 276 /2.7%

17 Task C. Dictation Listen to a news headline and write down every word you hear. transfer move sth./sb. from one place to another To preserve the farm intact, he transferred it to one heir. 为了保持这个农场的完整, 他将它移交给一个继 承人

18 The Panama Canal a ship canal 40 miles long across the Isthmus (地峡) of Panama built by the United States and after nearly 100 years’ involvement, the waterway was shifted to Panama control in Dec. 31, 1999 巴拿马运河(中美洲巴拿马中部 )


20 hoist raise (sth.) by means of ropes, special apparatus, etc. A flag was hoisted on top of the building. 大楼顶上升起一面旗帜。 handover transfer from one person to another

21 The United States has formally transferred the Panama Canal to Panama. Thousands of flag-waving Panamanians cheered the hoisting of Panama’s flag over the Canal Commission headquarters, ending nearly a century of U.S. control.

22 Part II The Panama Canal Handover Training focus: Summarize the main idea of each paragraph hard labor: 监禁苦工,苦役 cut off to disconnect Many villages have been cut off by the heavy snow. engineering marvels an astonishment or wonder in engineering

23 relinquish: give up swamp (an area of) soft wet land jungle a tropical forest too thick to walk through easily malaria a disease caused by the bite of a certain type of mosquito, in hot countries 疟疾

24 swamp

25 Jungle

26 deposit to place in a bank or SAFE toll tax coincide to happen at or near the same time: My holiday coincides with John's. 我的假期与约翰的假期碰巧在同一时间

27 Listen and summarize the main idea of each paragraph. Key to Ex. A I—c 2—a 3—b

28 Task B. Listen to a news item about the handover of Panama Canal and complete the summary and details. Key to Ex. B Summary: Panama taking ownership of Panama Canal Details: a. Panama takes the ownership from the U.S. at noon Friday, ending more than 90 years of U.S. control of the waterway. b. panamanians are planning celebrations to mark the event.

29 Part III Financial News Training Focus: News Summary Information about Asian Economy

30 rebound: a quick recovery from or reaction to disappointment or depression a rebound from the economic crisis 重新振作 ; 回升 [(+from)] collapse: the sudden failure of a system, organization, business, etc: I don't know what caused the collapse of her marriage. A poor economy has caused the collapse of thousands of small businesses

31 reversal: when something changes to its opposite: He demanded a reversal of the previous decision/policy. decline: when something becomes less in amount, importance, quality or strength: industrial decline revival rebirth, reviving

32 IMF: International Monetary Fund a United Nations agency to promote trade by increasing the exchange stability of the major currencies 国际货币基金组织

33 Task A. Listen to a news item and complete the summary and the details. Summary: An IMF official’s analysis of world economy. Details World/good Economy/Asia/good Economic conditions/Brazil

34 Key 1—g 2—f 3—e

35 4—a&d 5—c 6—b 7—h

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