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 The governing system of China and relations with other countries.

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2  The governing system of China and relations with other countries

3 * Study the struggles for the throne and notice how China protect itself from the enemy countries

4  reasons of wars  protection ways in wars  results of wars  Quarrels for the throne in the emperor family

5 Wang Mang was appointed as consuler of palace in which he offered advise to the emperor heplaced his allies & supporters into key positions then Wang Mang

6 Ping-ti honours extra granted he A.D. 4 in Wang Mang of 9 B.C. born in the daughter married then BONUS !!!

7 Liu Ying died then Wang Mang became the emperor and he give end tothe Han Dynasty great grandson of Hsüan-ti FINISH was

8 Kuang Wu Ti the emperor became after Wang Mang and restored he died from heart attack the Han Dynasty

9 Ai-ti a nephew was of Cheng-ti died in 1 BC without sons destinating an heir thenPing-ti the last descendant of Yüen-ti become the emporer Hsüan-ti Yüen-ti Cheng-ti Ai-ti Ping-ti Back to Ai-ti Back to Yüen-ti

10 Cheng-ti died in 7 BC having no sons surviving Ai-ti then the new emperor became Ai-ti’s mother & grandmother Wang Mang forced regent position from his to resign then  The Regent  Wang Mang Back to Cheng-ti

11 Cheng-chün daughter of Wang Wan enter tothe harem of Yüen-ti then gave birth to Cheng-ti and become the empress Hsüan-ti thereafter shortly transferred to the harem of Back to Cheng-Chün

12 Wang Mang was Confucian Education good he recieved Cheng-Chün a brother of Wang Wan the second son of lost his father and elder brother too early but The Principles Of Confucius 2 number1 become the regent Back to Wang Mang Back to Wang Wan

13 a chinese emperor who was placed fourteen Wang Mang was killed in the same year Wang Mang a poisened cup Pingti throne on with the help of and at by with was

14 Wang Mang 45 BC-AD 23 was The Hsin dynasty The Western Han dynasty lived in the Chinese emperor who was the founder & ruler of replacing became a regent when his cousin, the emperor, died the following year only a nephew of a Han empress was in 8BC

15 Yuenti Siuenti the son of Hiuchi long survive emperor His reign of sixteen years Chichi the signal overthrow of the Tartar chief head the walls of Singan. did not became his sent be hung on

16 Prince Kung was only the ministerof young a prince might be governor the real of the state the courtier or only of his nephew the emperor ®

17 Tungche the ruler young took the world into confidence by announcing a Vermilion Edict degraded Prince Kung & his son in hereditary rank as princes of the empire HOWEVER his 1 2 3

18 The island of is western eastern dependent upon China governed by officials appointed by Viceroy of Fuhkien separated by mountains a range of covered with forests impenetrable is held by tribes own no one's authority Formosa

19 in 1873 the Japanese taking the law intohands their own sent an expedition to Formosa then China replied with counter-demonstration inevitable war and seemed

20 BengalaBengala Indian King did not conceal his hostility to the Mongols sent a defiant reply to all their representations open declared war then he

21 Nasiuddin The Mongol general collected the forces all when Indian’s the frontier crossed at the an immense head of host of 100 % horse, foot & elephants

22 Kublai an army sent and an open war overcame then the Mongol army was The emperor successful

23 The Mongols encountered climate the difficulties of a damp & inclement lost generals two and portion the main of his army

24 a mystery in ancient Rome & ancient China The Huns were a nomadic peoplewhose origins are still very much impact was felt and whose result in building the Great Wall of Chinamassive

25 The Huns resumed incursions put forward proclamation restoration of the Hans their

26 in Singan a city Chinathe capital of ancient Chinese empire 221-206 BC AD23 where was was the finishing place of the civil war in central is of & STOP!

27 Wang Mang The owner of the throne unequal task attempted administrator certainly capable usurper the mark popular indignation and jealousy was of official

28 Internal enemies sprang up every side struggle Will result in One’s death Wang Mang executions The situation (struggle) with made aggravated severity

29 Wang Mang 20 years fighting His heart Cut down Was failed then Was besieged At Singan Was carries by A storm after

30 references  China: Demetrius Charles Boulger  The Columbia Encyclopedia    Bekir EKEN

31 The Emperor Kiaking sent a letter couched in lofty language to George the Third declaring he had taken British subjects in China under his protection

32 The Russian Emperor wishing to emulate The English sent an embassy impressive in 1805 under Count Goloyken to the Chinese capital impressing the Chinese ruler with wealth & power Russia European states superior of over $ $$ NUMBE ONE rich & numerous

33 Krusenstern the naval officer the idea conceived that it would be possible to open up new a channel for trade a profitable sea by where the Russian flag had never seen The Russian government fitted out two ships THEN

34 new a race of foreigners had presented themselves at Canton announcment special issued ordering vessels belonging to any other nation not permitted to trade all ®

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