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NEXT Date of Death NEXT It’s All in a Name NEXT What the heck?

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4 Date of Death

5 NEXT It’s All in a Name

6 NEXT What the heck?


8 NEXT Numbers Game

9 15 20 25 510 A Date with Death It’s All in a Name What the heck? Places and Things Making a List… 5 5 5 5 10 15 20 25 20 Team One Team Two Team Three Team Four Team Five Team Six

10 1505 Show Answer

11 TSAR IVAN the GREAT (III) Back to Board

12 1605 Show Answer

13 Boris Gudunov Back to Board

14 1584 Show Answer

15 TSAR IVAN the TERRIBLE (IV) Back to Board

16 1591 Show Answer

17 Tsar Theodor’s 9-year old brother, Dmitrii, the heir to the throne Back to Board

18 1533 and 1538 Show Answer

19 Ivan IV’s Daddy (Vasily III) And Mommy (Helen) Back to Board

20 My sister was the little Tatar Tot who married Tsar Theodore and got me an “in” at court Show Answer

21 Boris Gudunov Back to Board

22 Supported the spread of architecture and established the first library in Kiev Show Answer

23 Jaroslav the Wise Back to Board

24 You just can’t blot out or shake the names of these two rabble- rousers when you think of peasant rebellions during the Time of Troubles Show Answer

25 Ivan Bolotnikov & Grigory Shakhovsky Back to Board

26 The prince who swept away the Polish pretender Show Answer

27 Prince Vasili Shuisky Back to Board

28 Painter of In the Time of Troubles Show Answer

29 Sergey Ivanov Back to Board

30 Show Answer The oprichnina was a portent of what?

31 Stalin’s purges Back to Board

32 What Russia lacked in 1598 for the first time since the Kievan Rus Show Answer

33 A living biological heir to the throne Back to Board

34 The very early and very Russian version of Parliament which elected Michael Romanov to power by virtue of Anastasia’s marriage to Ivan the Terrible…. They were very sobor, but most of them enjoyed skiing. Show Answer

35 Zemskii sobor Back to Board

36 Painter Maria Boretskaya depicted the destruction of this assembly Show Answer

37 The Novgorod Assembly Back to Board

38 JEOPARDY: Which was/were not painted by Viktor Vasnetsov? The Baptism of Prince Vladimir Portrait of Tsar Ivan the Terrible The Invitation of the Varangians Novgorod Marketplace DOUBLE JEOPARDY: Who painted it/them? Show Answer

39 Novgorod Marketplace was painted by Appolinary Vastenov Back to Board

40 The highest office of Orthodoxy Show Answer

41 The patriarch Back to Board

42 % of Russian land suitable for farming Show Answer

43 7% Back to Board

44 2 Major rivers on the central Siberian plains Show Answer

45 Ob and Yenisei Back to Board

46 2 major rivers in the eastern territories of Russia Show Answer

47 The Lena and the Amur Back to Board

48 Town which was one of the last major holdouts against incorporation into Ivan III’s nascent Russian state Show Answer

49 TVER Back to Board

50 honey, flax, hemp, burlap, hops, sheepskin, and other animal hides the regional products found in the Kievan market, according to the USAD Guide Show Answer

51 the regional products found in the Kievan market Back to Board

52 The Kievan Rus can be divided into 3 periods: JEOPARDY: List the dates which bookend the period DOUBLE JEOPARDY: List dates for each of the three periods Show Answer

53 JEOPARDY: 882 – 1240 DOUBLE JEOPARDY: 1 st : 882-970s 2 nd : 970s-1054 3 rd : 1054-1240 Back to Board

54 List the seven countries that border modern day Russia in Eastern Europe Show Answer

55 Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Belarus, and the Ukraine Back to Board

56 List the six countries which border modern day Russia to the south Show Answer

57 Back to Board North Korea, China, Mongolia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Kazakstan

58 Show Answer In 1589, Russian’s added this to their list of things to celebrate

59 When Moscow got it’s own patriarch Back to Board

60 Show Question

61 FOCUS: RUSSIAN CATHEDRALS JEOPARDY: Located in Kiev (capital of present-day Ukraine), this cathedral was built by Jaroslav I (Yaroslav I) “the wise.” Its name evinces the strong connection between early Christianity in the Kievan Rus state and the Byzantine Empire. Name that cathedral. DOUBLE JEOPARDY: The towering Cathedral of St.Vasily the Blessed has marked Moscow’s skyline since the sixteenth century, refers to the saint also known as Basil the what? Show Answer 302928272625242322212019181716151413121110987654321

62 1.The Cathedral of St. Sophia -- The Christ Pantocrator mosaic in the Cathedral of St.Sophia is a stunning example of the Byzantine influence on early Christian art in Russia 2.Basil, fool for Christ or Basil, Wonderworker of Moscow -- In the Orthodox tradition, a “fool” for Christ refers to a person whose behavior departs from the norms of society due to his or her spiritual calling. For example, Vasily was known for eccentric behavior such as walking about unclothed and for wearing chains, as well as for harshly criticizing those who he thought lacked compassion for the poor. Back to Board

63 Big Board Facts © 2010 Jeff Ertzberger All rights reserved. All Clipart copyright– All Rights Reserved. Some images have been modified from original This presentation may not be sold, or redistributed in any form without written permission of the author. For even more template games and great resources visit: By using this game you are agreeing to our terms of use.terms of use End

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