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Mary I Test Number One Sheets 1-4. 1.What was Mary I’s nick-name? Bloody Mary.

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1 Mary I Test Number One Sheets 1-4

2 1.What was Mary I’s nick-name? Bloody Mary

3 2.What were the dates of the reign of Mary I? 1553-1558

4 3.How old was Mary when she became Queen? 37yo

5 4.Why had life been unhappy so far? Ignored by father Henry and ignored by step-mother Anne Boleyn

6 5.What event had added to her sadness when she was 20? Mother Catherine of Aragon died

7 6. What became the most important thing in her life? Roman Catholic religion

8 7. Why was she popular at start of the reign? Henry VIII’s daughter replaced Northumberland

9 8.Name the two Catholic bishops whom she released from prison Bonner Gardiner

10 9. Which one became her chief minister? Gardiner

11 10 and 11 Name in full two of the Protestant clergymen she imprisoned, apart from Thomas Cranmer John Hooper Nicholas Ridley Hugh Latimer

12 12. Why did many members of Parliament go along with her plans to get rid of the Protestant religion? Not care too much about religion wanted to please the Queen

13 13. What language would the Prayer Book be in now? Latin

14 14.What event of Henry’s reign did Parliament cancel? Henry’s divorce from Catherine of Aragon

15 15. What effect did this have on Mary? Was legitimate and rightful queen

16 16.Why were there few objections to these early religious changes? People not used to Protestant changes New ruler could make changes

17 17.Why did Parliament and her ministers want her to marry as long as it was an Englishman? Help her rule Make up for fact she was woman ruler

18 18.Who did Mary decide to marry and from which country did he come? Philip Spain

19 19.What two things did Mary have in common with him? Spanish Catholic

20 20.Why did she need to marry urgently Soon too old to marry and have heir

21 21.What would happen if she didn’t marry No heir Elizabeth would take throne

22 22.Give one reason, not mentioned so far, why Mary wanted to marry him Supposedly kind, generous and good- looking Ruled most powerful Empire Would help her restore Catholicism to England

23 23.Why were her ministers and most other people against the marriage? He could come to dominate her and use England for his own purposes

24 24 and 25. What were the two things Mary had put in the marriage treaty to try and get people to accept the idea of the marriage? Philip could not be “King” if she died Foreigners (Spanish) could not have official positions in England

25 26.Who led the rebellion to try and stop Mary marrying? Thomas Wyatt

26 27.In which county did he get much of his support? Kent

27 28.What rumours did he spread in order to obtain his support? The marriage would be followed by a Spanish invasion

28 29.Who did the rebels intend to put on the throne instead of Mary? Elizabeth

29 30.Where did the rebels finally cross the Thames? Kingston

30 31.How many men were executed along with Wyatt? 100

31 32.Why were Lady Jane Grey and her husband executed? Future rebels might try and put her on the throne

32 33.Why did Mary not execute Elizabeth? It would make her unpopular

33 34.What was the final punishment Mary gave for Elizabeth? House arrest

34 35.Explain ONE effect of Wyatt’s Rebellion? Mary became popular as people believed rebellion against a monarch was wrong Mary realise must marry and have heir quickly in case she died

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