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LHE 3211 Teaching of Literature in ESL Pensyarah:Juridah Md Rashid Phone No:03 89468183

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1 LHE 3211 Teaching of Literature in ESL Pensyarah:Juridah Md Rashid Phone No:03 89468183 Address:Jabatan Pendidikan Bahasa dan Kemanusiaan Fakulti Pengajian Pendidikan UPM 43400 Serdang

2 Nama Kursus:Teaching Literature in ESL Kod Kursus:LHE 3211 Kredit:3 (2+1) Semester:Kedua 2011/2012 Pensyarah:Juridah Md Rashid

3 Objektif:By the end of the course, students are able to teach English Literature Sinopsis: Theories and approaches in the teaching of English Literature; analyzing different literary genre; strategies and techniques in teaching English Literature; lesson plans; adapting lesson plans for various levels of learners.

4 Kandungan : Theories and approaches in the teaching of English Literature. Analyzing different literary forms. Selecting and adapting different literary genres. Strategies and techniques in teaching English Literature.

5 Teaching the small l and big L. Developing lesson plans for the teaching of English Literature. Adapting lesson plans for different levels of learners.

6 Penilaian Assignment 120% Assignment 220% Blogspot Discussion20% Midsemester Examination20% Final Examination 20%

7 Rujukan Carter, R.and Long, M.N. (1991) Teaching Literature. Essex: Longman. Collie, S. and Slater, C. (2001) Literature in Language Classroom. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Duff.A. and Maley, A. (1991). A Resource Box for Teachers: Literature. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Webb. (1992) Literature in Education: Encounter and Experience. London: The Palmer Press.

8 Prescribed Texts Literature in the Language Classroom by Joanne Collie and Stephen Slater (2001) published by Cambridge University Press And All the literary texts prescribed for form 1 to form 5.

9 Form 1 Selected Poems and Short Stories for Form 1 Consists of 2 poems (The River by Valerie Bloom, Mr. Nobody by Anonymous) 1 short story (Flipping Fantastic by Jane Langford) 1 novel (The Boscombe Valley Mystery by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

10 Form 2 I Wonder, Heir Conditioning Short Story – One is One and All Alone Drama - Rumpelstiltskin

11 Form 3 Novels:The Railway Children, Journey to the center of the Earth, How I Met Myself Poems:A Fighter’s Line by Marzuki Ali Leisure – William Henry Davies

12 Form 4 He Had Such Quiet Eyes, In the Midst of Hardship - Selected Poems Short Stories Drama – Gulp and Gasp

13 Form 5 Novels :The Curse, Step by Wicked Step, Catch Me if You Can Poems:Nature by H.D.Carberry, Are you Still Playing Your Flute by Zurinah Hassan

14 Assignment 1 (20%) Project Due Date:week 8 (soft copies send to

15 Instruction The objective of this assignment is for you to find out what happens in the Literature component in English Language syllabus classroom. You are to investigate the students’ reactions to the literature lessons conducted in the school. You will be given a set of questions to ask the students. The enquiries need to be conducted in 2 ways: 1) students fill in the questionnaire 2) interview students for more information.

16 You are to talk to 10 secondary school students. These students have to be in the same form but they could be from different classes and different schools. For example if you have chosen to talk to form five students, these students can be from Form 5 Pintar, 5 Bijaksana, etc and from SMK Sultan Alaudin, Masjid Tanah, SMK Tinggi Port Dickson etc.

17 After you have collected all the information from these students, you are to write a report. Please refer to the internet or books for ways to write the report. The report should have the following sections: 1. Introduction 2. Literature Review – what experts have said about using literature in ESL classroom and research done on this subject

18 3 How the study is conducted - i) procedure ii) information on the school iii)information on the students iv)discussion on the items in the questionnaire v)how data will be analyzed and presented

19 4. Analysis of data – information should be translated to non-linear information (graphs, bar charts, pie charts – this is the part you impress me with your computer skills!) 5. Discussions/comparisons/implications 6. Conclusion/ recommendations and in what way this assignment will help you in your future teaching career. (Secondary Education especially when you do your Teaching Practicum)

20 Assignment 2 Microteaching Due Date : (week 12) soft copies send to There are 3 parts to the assignment Part 1 – lesson plan 5% Part 2 – teaching 10% Part 3 – reflections 5 %

21 Blogspot entries (Online discussion) Please go for entries Please go to this label LHE 32ll PPL Semester 2 2011

22 You are to send in both the hard copy and soft copy of the teaching package. Cite references if the activities are not your own. Please be creative, interesting and original when designing these activities.

23 Midsemester Examination (20%) Topics to study Literature programs in Malaysian schools and aims of the programs Rationales for the inclusion of literature programs in ESL classroom Learning outcomes for each of the genres

24 Cont’d Analysis and activities for literary texts (Form 1 – Form 3) Differentiate between language skills and literary skills Literary competence vs language competence Differentiate between teaching literature in ‘L’ environment and ‘l’ environment –The study of literature vs literature as resource

25 Format for Midsem Exam 1 section 40 points(20%) definition, short essay – please refer to the marks awarded to guess how much you need to answer/how long you need to write)

26 Literature component in English Language Syllabus Introduced to the form 1 and form 4 students in 2000 (cycle 1) Cycle 2 begins in 2010 Literature is one of the components in English Language subject Literature makes up 20% of the marks for the subject

27 Literature component in English Language Syllabus 1 period per week is to be allocated for literature Students study poems, short stories and novels and in Cycle 2 drama is included 2004 is the first year that students who study literature since form 1 sat for SPM (5 years of literature)

28 The Study of literature Literature itself is the content or subject of a language course

29 Literature as resource Literature as one source among many different kinds of text for promoting interesting language activities

30 Literary competence Implicit understanding of, and familiarity with certain conventions which allow students to take the words from the page of a literary work and convert them into literary meanings

31 Teacher-centred literature classes Traditional method Teacher the provider, students received all the input

32 Student centred literature classes Allows more exploration of the literary text by the learners Invites learners to develop their own responses and sensitivities

33 Purposes for literature lessons Language Culture Personal development/enhancement

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