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Northern Renaissance Photo Analysis #1. Photo Analysis #2.

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1 Northern Renaissance Photo Analysis #1

2 Photo Analysis #2

3 Photo Analysis #3

4 Similarities and Differences between a chateaux and a modern mansion?

5 The Northern Renaissance During the late 1400s, Renaissance art and humanist ideas began to filter northward from Italy to France, England, the Netherlands, and other European countries. War, trade, travel, and a newly invented method of printing helped to promote this cultural diffusion. In fact, people of the Northern Renaissance adapted ideas of the Italian Renaissance to their own individual tastes, values, and needs.

6 Northern Renaissance Area

7 The French Renaissance The French Renaissance had a character all its own. French architects blended medieval Gothic towers and windows with the classical arches used by Italian architects to create chateaux, or castles.

8 Chateau of Chambord

9 Many French Renaissance writers borrowed extensively from the new literary forms of the Italian Renaissance. sonnets Writings about Love Passing of youth Personal essays Comic tales

10 Northern Europe The Italian Renaissance was also enthusiastically accepted in Northern Europe. Specifically by the wealthy towns of Germany and low countries Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands. Universities and schools promoted the humanist learning, and printers produced a large quantity of books. Latin remained the main language here, but writers did increase their use of German and Dutch.

11 Christian Humanism Unlike in Italy, the Renaissance in Northern Europe had a more religious tone. Groups of scholars, known as Christian humanists, wanted reforms in Catholicism that would eliminate abuses and restore the simple goodness of the early Church. They truly believed that humanist learning and Bible study were the best ways to promote these goals.

12 Northern European Painters Artists in northern Europe Developed a style of painting that Relied more on medieval than classical models. For example, painters painted scenes from the Bible and daily life in sharp, realistic detail. They developed the techniques of painting in oils. Oils provided artists with richer colors and allowed them to make changes on the painted canvas. Painting in oils soon spread back to Italy.


14 The English Renaissance Renaissance ideas did not spread to England until 1485, when the Wars of the Roses-bloody conflicts over who was the rightful heir to the throne, ended. English humanists interest in social issues. some writers wrote books that criticized the society by comparing it with an ideal society in which all citizens are equal and prosperous. ****Utopia: Sir Thomas Moore 1516

15 The English Renaissance was especially know for drama. In fact, the best-known English playwrights included William Shakespeare. He drew ideas for his work from medieval legends, classical mythology, and the histories of England, Denmark, and ancient Rome. Shakespeare specifically dealt with universal human qualities such as jealousy, ambition, love, and despair so effectively that his plays are still relevant to audiences today.

16 Words Shakespeare Invented academe accused addiction advertising amazement arouse assassination backing bandit bedroom beached besmirch birthplace blanket bloodstained barefaced blushing bet bump buzzer caked cater champion circumstantial cold-blooded compromise courtship countless critic dauntless dawn deafening discontent dishearten drugged dwindle epileptic equivocal elbow excitement exposure eyeball fashionable fixture flawed frugal generous gloomy gossip green-eyed gust hint hobnob hurried impede impartial invulnerable jaded label lackluster laughable lonely lower luggage lustrous madcap majestic marketable metamorphize mimic monumental moonbeam mountaineer negotiate noiseless obscene obsequiously ode olympian outbreak panders pedant premeditated puking radiance rant remorseless savagery scuffle secure skim milk submerge summit swagger torture tranquil undress unreal varied vaulting worthless zany gnarled grovel academeaccusedaddictionadvertisingamazementarouse assassinationbackingbanditbedroombeachedbesmirch birthplaceblanketbloodstainedbarefacedblushingbetbump buzzercakedcaterchampioncircumstantialcold-blooded compromisecourtshipcountlesscriticdauntlessdawn deafeningdiscontentdisheartendruggeddwindleepileptic equivocalelbowexcitementexposureeyeballfashionablefixture flawedfrugalgenerousgloomygossipgreen-eyedgusthint hobnobhurriedimpedeimpartialinvulnerablejadedlabel lacklusterlaughablelonelylowerluggagelustrousmadcap majesticmarketablemetamorphizemimicmonumental moonbeammountaineernegotiatenoiselessobscene obsequiouslyodeolympianoutbreakpanderspedant premeditatedpukingradiancerantremorselesssavageryscuffle secureskim milksubmergesummitswaggertorturetranquil undressunrealvariedvaultingworthlesszanygnarledgrovel

17 Famous Plays of Shakespeare/Quotes Caesar: "Cowards die many times before their deaths, The valiant never taste of death but once." Julius Caesar (II, ii, 32-37) What light through yonder window breaks? Romeo And Juliet Act 2, scene 2, 2–6 Hamlet: And therefore as a stranger give it welcome. There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

18 Shakespeare Even made in Reduced form!

19 Wrap Up: In groups appoint a writer, researchers and a presenter: Each group of 3 or less will create a Review WEB of as many details as they can from the notes on the NORTHERN RENAISSANCE. Be Ready to share them!

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