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England’s Royal Family Henry VIII and his kiddies…

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1 England’s Royal Family Henry VIII and his kiddies…

2 Absolutism What does it mean to have absolute power? What does divine right mean?

3 Dysfunctional Family Tree… 1.Catherine of Aragon (Divorced-Daughter Mary) 2. Anne Boleyn (Executed- daughter Elizabeth) 3. Jane (Died giving birth to Edward) 4. Anne (Divorced) 5. Kathryn (Executed) 6. Katherine (Widowed) http://www.yo tch?v=en_szN M4Dp4http://www.yo tch?v=en_szN M4Dp4 (8:25)

4 Henry VIII Devout Catholic Needs a male heir, so needs a divorce from wife #1 Pope says NO! Act of Supremacy- King not Pope became head of the Church of England Dies and his son (child #3) comes to rule h?v=3EGzHsye71c (7:13) h?v=3EGzHsye71c

5 King Edward VI Mommy was Henry VIII’s 3 rd wife: Jane Seymour (died giving birth) He was raised Protestant (like Daddy) Took power when Henry died at age 10 in 1547 Died at 16 from tuberculosis He never wanted his sisters to rule so he picked Lady Jane Grey as his heir making his sister, Mary, furious Mary’s supporters get Grey out of office in 9 days and turn the crown to her…A CATHOLIC YIKES!!

6 Queen Mary I (Bloody Mary) Mommy was Henry’s 1 st wife Raised Catholic and spent lots of her childhood in Spain (get it? A Catholic country!!) 1553 became queen after her half brother dies and marries in 1554 King Philip II of Spain (joins two powerful countries together) British Parliament (government) won’t acknowledge Philip as leader so he is just a figurehead She thinks she is pregnant but actually has a cancerous tumor growing (gross…we know!) Gets her “bloody” name for persecuting Protestants, actually burning 300 at the stake She dies in 1558 without naming an heir so her half sister becomes queen even though Mary never wanted this to happen

7 Elizabeth I: Queen of England Protestant (like daddy) Strong educated woman Believed in advancing the country especially economically, exploring the new world, and through the arts (like Shakespeare) Compromises between Catholics and Protestants- relative peace Built up military-Defeated the Spanish Armada Never married…she married her country and devoted her life to her people until her death in 1603

8 Elizabeth I m/watch?v=HujNLAoi xXw (Her dating 3:56) m/watch?v=HujNLAoi xXw m/watch?v=BegQ3W OgFhM&list=UUAiAB uhVSMZJMqyv4Ur5X qA&index=31&feature =plcp (Music video 2:28) m/watch?v=BegQ3W OgFhM&list=UUAiAB uhVSMZJMqyv4Ur5X qA&index=31&feature =plcp

9 MOVIE TIME!! You need a handout called “The Tudor Family of England” Complete the movie questions and if there is time return to this powerpoint for the notes on the back

10 Domestic Policies (At Home) Compromised between the Protestants and the Catholics 45 years of Stability Prosperity Increased Literacy and Expanded the Arts Encouraged Scientific Thinking Loved by the People

11 Foreign Policies (Abroad) Built a strong military Encouraged explorers (coasts of North and South America) Defeated Spanish Armada Protected England against invasions

12 Elizabeth I Quotes “I have already joined myself in marriage to a husband, namely the kingdom of England.” “Better beggar woman and single than Queen and married.” “Though the sex to which I belong is considered weak you will nevertheless find me a rock that bends to no wind.” Never married nor produced a child to be the heir to the throne. Who would be the next monarch??????

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