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WELCOME TO DELHI RCC. Arrear Demand 2 3 Demand Uploaded through ADCR Portal + IRL Demand < CAP-I report Demand uploaded is incorrect leading to grievances.

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2 Arrear Demand 2

3 3

4 Demand Uploaded through ADCR Portal + IRL Demand < CAP-I report Demand uploaded is incorrect leading to grievances Action plan target to upload 100% demands

5 Received143(1) order – two months Refund of Rs 220 was adjusted against demand of AY 2006-07 Enquired CPC Call centre. Why? To his dismay he knows about DEMAND of 30K+ was uploaded for 2 Ass. Years. What to do?

6 Data was not verified Data was uploaded Unaware how to correct it Give me an direction So is not trained

7 Click on Internet Explorer on the system which is on the taxnet Type the URL For security reasons ITD as well as CPC has gone for 2 factor authentication [RSA] To login to CPC Portal Login with RSA Token Login with regular Userid and password used in ITD apps 7

8 https://cpcaoportal.dep not





13 Unable to login Is your userid mapped As per the recent password change policy have you the password changed within 30 days When the same password is working for my ITD applications why is not working for AST applications Are you holding additional charge ? 13

14 AO is holding Additional charge then AO can upload the arrear data with Range Head’s code If both Range head and AO are additional charges ?

15 Where is the utility Where are the codes What are the valid sections Etc.,


17 Click here To download the arrear demand utility, CBDT instruction, user manual for Arrear demand and associated FAQs Click here To download the manual on how Assessing Officers can identify the returns transferred from CPC to AST Click here To download the help document on Arrear Demand Error Codes Click here To download the presentation explaining the procedure to Upload Arrear Demand Click here To download the clarification document Click here To download the CPC News Letter

18 If you are using MS Office 2003 or below set the security level low. How? Tools > Macros > Security > Low If you are using Windows XP ensure that you have installed the latest Service Pack. How will you know?


20 Demands available with A Os are in 3 modes. IRL,TMS,MANUAL IRL demands can be generated through a report under the module IRL TMS demands are the demands raised using TMS/Local packages - available in dbf form MANUAL demands are raised manually either available in excel or books

21 Find out the demand available on record Verify whether any further orders (154, 143(3) etc.,) are passed Verify any payments done Net will be the correct demand to be uploaded


23 Date error Possibility of spaces in the Total Income Error in date format 23

24 Old demand where PAN is unavailable Demand where PAN is available but files are not available Demands relating to Block Assmt

25 Upload demands raised through AST upto 31-03-2010 only Manual and TMS demands should be uploaded always Demand Date ASTTMSMANUAL < 01-04-2010Upload through ADCR Portal >=01-04-2010Do not uploadUpload through ADCR Portal

26 How do you know that file upload is successful Did you observe the left hand portion of the screen


28 File uploaded successfully Files not uploaded successfully File with this name has already been uploaded Area code does not match Area Type code does not match Range code does not match AO Number does not match

29 Data is received at CPC through exchange tables Inwarded data is thoroughly validated – PAN, Section code [with master tables] Successfully validated records are uploaded to FAS Failed records are tagged with the error codes


31 File uploaded successfully. Verification (Step 1) in progress. File uploaded successfully. Verification (Step 2) in progress. Application Error File Processed Successfully


33 Update document details operation failed Run Time error occurred in Arrear Demand Approval Process File Adaptor Operation failed in Arrear Demand Process Update DB operation failed in Arrear Demand Process ArrearDemandProcess failed while posting to Oracle Apps


35 I have uploaded the demand but CPC did not adjust Did you verify the upload status? How will I do it? DOWNLOAD – OPEN – CHECK STATUS – ACT – UPLOAD How to do? 35



38 Click on the hyperlink download latest arrear demand records Data uploaded by AO will be downloaded as an xml file Open the xml file in ADCR 1.13 utility. Not in Excel Select Home page and click on Import xml Observe column AV (S/P/F) Observe column AX

39 DIN Validation failed (6) The 4 th character of PAN is invalid (For DDT, 4 th character can only be “C”). Application error has occurred at CPC Accounting System (8) If the section is 220(2) in section column, the amount of interest has to be entered in demand column (9) Demand column and Interest column cannot be blank or zero (10) Demand amount cannot be blank or zero (11) Two or more records with the same DIN exist in a single file. Therefore, all such records with the same DIN are rejected/errored out (12)

40 This is Original record but DIN already exists in CPC Accounting System (13) Key attributes, i.e., DIN, AY, PAN, Section Code, Schedule Type and Last Interest Calculation Date should not be changed in the reversal/revised record uploaded with Addl. CIT’s code (14) Arrear demand is already adjusted against refund at CPC. Reversal/Revision rejected.

41 115O147158BA254271B271G276A278 115P148158BFA263271BA272A276AB278A 115R154174264271BB272AA276B278B 115S139(1)174A271271C272B276BB278C 115WE(1)139(4)175271(1)(b)271CA272BB276C 115WE(3)142(1)184271(1)(c)271D272BBB276CC 115WF143(1)201271(1)(d)271E273276CCC 115WG143(3)220(2)271A271F275A276D 115WK153A220271AA271FA275B277 144153C221271AAA271FB276277A

42 Order date is mandatory (17) Demand created in AST on or after 01/04/2010 need not be uploaded through this portal. Therefore, errored out (18) Source of Demand (IRLA/TMS/MNL) is mandatory (19) This record already exists. Duplicate data is being passed with the same file ID. (20) This is original record but PAN, Section code, Schedule Type, AY already exists is CPC Accounting system. It is possible that you or any other AO has already uploaded this demand(21)

43 File processing failed due to System Error in CPC Accounting System (25) File processing failed due to error in DIN Sequence Num generation (26) Error in Updating Application Database (27) Demand Reversal not allowed for AO (28) Original Demand uploading is to be done only with AO’s code (29) PAN Invalid (30) File Corrupted (32)


45 Correction of demands which had errored out Correction of demands which have been successfully upload

46 As per the error displayed in column AX take the corrective measure Generate XML Upload can be done by the Assessing officer himself Range head also can upload this xml file

47 (correction)

48 Demand uploaded in the case of one assessee Ay – 2006-07 Demand u/s 143(1) - 12230696 Demand u/s 154 - 708221 What will happen? 48

49 Download the arrear data Open the xml file in ADCR 1.13 Reduce the demand u/s 143(1) to 0 Upload the demand raised u/s 154 Generate xml Upload through Range Head

50 I have uploaded a demand of 25000 u/s 143(1) but missed out the later 154 where the demand is reduced to 13500 Can I correct the section as 154 and demand as 13500 ?

51 Demand raised and uploaded before 1.4.2010 is 50,000 Rectification done before 1.4.2010 and demand reduced to 20000

52 Demand raised and uploaded before 1.4.2010 is 50000 Rectification done in AST after 1.4.2010 is 20000

53 Demand raised after 1.4.2010 is 50000 Rectification done in AST after 1.4.2010 is 20000

54 Demo

55  AO has uploaded a demand of 100000 to CPC for a particular assessee. During verification AO finds a regular payment of Rs 25000/- made by assessee before 01.04.2010. Hence the net demand to be uploaded is …

56  AO has uploaded a demand of 100000 to CPC for a particular assessee. At CPC Return processing is done and demand of Rs 25000/- is adjusted by CPC

57  AO has uploaded a demand of 100000 to CPC for a particular assessee. If assessee pays part payment ( say of Rs 25000/-) after 31-03-2010

58  AO has uploaded a demand of 100000 to CPC for a particular assessee. If assessee makes full payment of Rs 100000/- after 31.03.2010

59  AO has uploaded a demand of 100000 to CPC for a particular assessee. If assessing officer gives effect (say of Rs 25000/-) on AST after 31.03-2010 (say U/s 154).


61 61

62 What ever demand was there with me I have uploaded and PAN was transferred. Further rectifications of the demand who should do? PAN was transferred to me in between but demand was uploaded by the AO who has transferred PAN to me

63 Information pertaining to Demands created manually or through utilities other than AST should be uploaded regularly. Demands pertaining to my childhood Demands without PAN Demands uploaded by AO is final. CPC cannot verify the demands uploaded. 63


65 Any demand reduced u/s 154 will automatically get reduced provided AO has quoted the PRIOR DIN You have told that any demand rectified u/s 154 will get reduced

66 In whose code the corrections should happen? Demands uploaded fresh Demands failed Demands uploaded successfully AO MUST DOWNLOAD THE xml TO VERIFY WHETHER DEMAND UPLOADED SUCCESSFULLY IN CPC SYSTEM IF FAILED,REMOVE DEFECT AND UPLOAD AGAIN 66

67 When demand is adjusted at CPC how can it be given back to the assessee 67

68 Any balance of refund after such adjustment is paid to the Assessee through the Refund Banker. The electronic information feed is also sent to Refund Banker for the adjusted amount of arrear demand and interest, and this amount will be treated as if it is paid by the assessee to ITD. Through the OLTAS and Refund Banker input feeds, information on payment / adjustment of arrear demand is available outside CPC for update of records. By the report available in IRL 68

69 How many times can I upload the demand How many times can When I upload a file I get an error EVERY UPLOAD WILL REQUIRE A UNIQUE FILE NAME

70 Correction of demand prior to 1.4.2010 should go on eternally? Any orders passed [with demand] after 1.4.2010 [other than AST] should be uploaded through the Utility How to differentiate between 400 from CPC and the field

71 In case of abolished wards can I merge those PANs to my Jurisdiction and upload the demand after due verification

72 Correction on 300,400 challans [AY, DOP etc] is not allowed. But that payment is against the demand. Can I nullify the demand After adjustment (at CPC) if I upload the reduced/nullified demand what will happen

73 Ensure that no PANs are lying in old codes Communicate thru mail What do you do when you encounter an error in AST? Any issue noticed from CPC end in AST raise ticket with CoDesk 73

74 AST > PROCESSING > CPC INTERFACE > Provide Arrear Demand to CPC List of ITRs transferred from CPC List of Rectification Application from CPC List of Scrutiny cases from CPC List of Request for legal Heir from CPC Request CPC to Abort Process

75 First person to see a return is AO Processed Data Transfer Rectification rights transfer

76 Assessee writes to CPC CPC forwards the assessees information along with legal heir details to AO [electronically] Legal heir will be intimated to approach AO for further verification of the legal docs AO will update the details as per AST Inst Range Head will approve the same Legal Heir will then get receive the refund from CPC

77 Login > AST > Give Appeal Effect to other orders > Enter PAN, AY Execute Select section (eg Section 250 if Appeal effect ) in text give remarks e.g Appeal No, Date etc. and save.-- Go to Adjustment and Demand -- Make changes as desired -- and compute...

78 I have sent my ITRV a dozen times. Whether it reached you? Login to efiling website. Services > ITRV Status What is the fate of my efiled RETURN Login to efiling website. Services > CPC Processing Status What happened to my refund Login to efiling website. Services > CPC Refund failure status or

79 080-25186922

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