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1960’s Counterculture (Hippies) Haight-Ashbury (Summer of Love)

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1 1960’s Counterculture (Hippies) Haight-Ashbury (Summer of Love)

2 HIPPIES Music + Vietnam War = Hippies

3 Hippie Style Men’ s Clothing = tie-dye, bellbottoms or patched jeans, long hair, facial hair, headbands, fringed clothes, and granny glasses Women’s clothing = all the same as the men, with wide leather belts, halter tops, and bare foot The 2 essentials - A PEACE SYMBOL - FLOWER in your HAIR

4 “If it feels good, do it!” This motto for hippies is what caused a lot of the problems for them. The things that felt the best for them was: (Not in any particular order) 1. SEX 2. Drugs 3. Protest

5 1960 DRUGS Marijuana was the gateway drug, and the choice of many.
Marijuana remained on the rise from 1960 to 1978, mostly because of the Hippie movement. Of many

6 The harshest of all 1960 drugs!!
It was made famous in the U.S. by Timothy Leary. (Harvard Teacher) Leary said, “It helps you get in touch with religion!” Leary quote, “Tune in (New Conscious), Turn on (LSD), and drop out (Society)!” “Most Dangerous man in America!” by Richard Nixon Invented in Switzerland in 1940.

7 Hippies and the Sexual Revolution
The idea of “Free Love” was brought about by many different issues! (The Pill, Drugs, Music, and Communes) Communes were living quarters far away from society were hippies could make heir own rules, especially when it got dangerous for the Hippie.

8 Hippie’s and Protesting
Hippie’s loved everyone and everything and the event that set them apart from the rest of the U.S. was the Vietnam War. Hippies are pacifists! The problems for the Hippies were that no one took them serious because of their extra-curricular activities. They did start a wide range movement among the youth of America.

9 Corner of Haight and Ashbury
This was the center of the Hippie movement from 1965 – 1967. The corner was located in San Francisco and in 1967, 50,000 Hippies showed up for the “Summer of Love!” This is when protesting hit an ultimate high against the Vietnam War.

10 Haight-Ashbury Cont. The psychedelic lifestyle came full force and Sex, Drugs, and Rock n Roll went with it. Famous people in U.S. history spent time on the corner. Most of them being Rock stars like Jimi Hendrixs and the famous crazed plotter or killer, Charles Manson. Music was the ultimate outlet for the people on the corner, it was known as Acid Rock, and its lyrics and psychedelic sounds touched the minds and feelings of the Hippies.

11 1960’s Music Rock n roll was growing at an alarming rate, especially since the emergence of Elvis Presley, but the group that will take it a new level was the Beatles The group consisted of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Star, and George Harrison. Songs: Hey Jude, I wanna hold your hand

12 Other Rock Stars of the 1960’s
The Doors, Bob Dylan, and Pink Floyd also became famous, but none of them attended the biggest rock festival of the 1960’s. “WOODSTOCK”

13 WOODSTOCK (1969) This was an Art and Music festival that was held from Aug , 1969. It was held on Max Yasqur’s farm outside of Bethel N.Y. It has been estimated that 500,000 people attended the festivities.

14 WOODSTOCK Cont. There were 4 men that got Woodstock started. They were John Roberts, Joel Rosenman, Artie Kornfeld, and Michael Lang. All under the age of 26. These men ended up spending $2.4 mil on Woodstock. Each band received $12,000 for playing and total cost for bands was $180,000. There was reported during the fun, 2 deaths and 2 births. The concert was to be held in Wallkill, N.Y., but they backed out in July. 1 month before the opening. This publicity sparked the increase in attendance

15 WOODSTOCK Pictures

16 WOODSTOCK Cont. The concert lead to massive drug use, sexual freedom, and individual expression. In 1994, they tried to remake Woodstock for the 25 year reunion, but it ended up being exploited by vendors and it was known more for the violence that broke out, rapes, and deaths.

17 Rock Stars

18 Jimi Hendrixs Jimi probably played the most memorable song at Woodstock! That being the Star Spangled Banner in his own great way. Jimi along with Janis Joplin are said to live the life of a hippie better then any other. Maybe that’s why they both died of overdoses.

19 Rock Stars and the End Other famous musicians at Woodstock were Santana, Jefferson Airplane, and Creedence Clearwater Revival (CCR) The aftermath for dirt and trash was endless, but easily disposable! The developments of the Hippies throughout the 1960’s seems small, but has withstood the tests of time.

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