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The Break from Rome, Part 1 Producing an Heir

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1 The Break from Rome, Part 1 Producing an Heir
Britain 1500–1750 The Break from Rome, Part 1 Producing an Heir Icons key: For more detailed instructions, see the Getting Started presentation Flash activity. These activities are not editable. Teacher’s notes included in the Notes Page Web addresses Accompanying worksheet Sound 1 of 7 © Boardworks Ltd 2014

2 Learning objectives Understand why monarchs felt it was important to produce a male heir. Follow the sequence of events that led to the Act of Supremacy. Analyse the reasons for the break from Rome. Understand the immediate consequences of the Reformation. These learning objectives apply to all parts of the unit 3. The Break from Rome. 2 of 7 © Boardworks Ltd 2014

3 Producing an heir Worksheet One accompanies this slide.

4 Henry VIII’s attempts to produce an heir
Henry VIII was a typical king – he desperately wanted a son who would inherit the throne when he died. In the next activity you are going to piece together the story of Henry’s desperate attempts to produce a male heir to the throne. It is crucial that students appreciate just how important it was for a king to have an heir. It is also worth stressing that an heir was supposed to be male – this will link in with later work on the reigns and problems of Mary and Elizabeth. It is important to remember that Henry was not the eldest son of Henry VII. The eldest son, Arthur, died in Henry took Arthur’s wife as his own to make himself look more like his father’s heir. Consider the advantages and disadvantages of the monarch having more than one male child – this made it more sure that the crown would be kept in the family, but could lead to rivalry. Heir: somebody who will follow after a king when the king dies. In Tudor times this was supposed to be a son. Henry VIII

5 Henry VIII’s divorce Worksheet Two accompanies this slide.
Worksheet Three accompanies slides 5–6.

6 Cause and effect In the previous exercise you worked out a series of causes and effects: Henry wanted a son so he divorced Catherine of Aragon. cause effect A cause is something that makes something else happen. An effect is something that happens as a result of a cause.

7 Cause and effect This activity is designed to stimulate general discussion on the topic. The statements can be classified as cause or effect, and can be reclassified an unlimited number of times. Reset clears all the highlights. There is no marking, as this is an area which is open to debate.

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