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Tack up a Horse ( English version)

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1 Tack up a Horse ( English version)
HOW TO Tack up a Horse ( English version)

2 Step One Catch your horse with a halter

3 Step Two Tie your horse to something safe and sturdy.

4 Step Three Now you are going to brush your horse, being very sure to remove any dirt or debris in the areas where the saddle and girth will go.

5 Step Four Now is also a good time to brush/comb their mane and tail.

6 Step Five Next, clean out each of your horses hooves, being sure there are no rocks or debris in them.

7 Step Six Now you are going to put your saddle blanket on the horses back. Position it towards the shoulders and over the withers, slightly ahead of where the saddle will fit.

8 Step Seven Next, put your saddle on, making sure it fits on the saddle pad and doesn’t overlap. Be sure the pad is smooth and not bunched up.

9 Step Eight Attach one side of the girth and bring it under your horses’ belly to buckle the other side.

10 Step Nine Next you need to make sure your stirrups are the right length. The tip of your fingers should be at the start of the buckle, and the stirrup should be to your arm pit. This makes the proper length of your strap; with stirrup, arm length. If yours are not the proper length, adjust at this time.

11 Step Ten Now, get your horses bridle in hand, and take off the halter, buckling the halter around your horses neck so that your horse is still attached to the halter and lead and can not just walk off.

12 Step Eleven Holding the bridle in the position in which it will go on, bring it up and over your horses head, slipping the bit in between the horses teeth.

13 Step Twelve Fasten all the bridles’ straps and unhook the halter.

14 Step Thirteen Next, lead your horse in a few circles and recheck the girth. Tighten it more if needed.

15 Now you are ready to get on your horse and go for a ride!

16 The End

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