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April Leadership Webinar Local Meeting & Event Idea Bounce April 24 th, 2013.

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1 April Leadership Webinar Local Meeting & Event Idea Bounce April 24 th, 2013

2 AGENDA Leaders Share Successes Overview of Recent PDCA Unit Events Ideas from 2013 Expo Leadership Training Idea Bounce

3 Share a Success! Recent Meeting Topic/Agenda # of attendees Local associate support Anything else that was notable (obstacles overcome, something you would do differently next time, etc.)

4 Monthly Educational Meetings How OBAMA-CARE Will Effect Your Company East Bay PDCA Characteristics of the new low & zero VOC coatings and the new set of challengers for painting contractors East Bay PDCA Credit card processing to enhance your sales, costs & comparisons East Bay PDCA CCB License Renewal Requirements Portland PDCA Fundamentals of Safety for Small Businesses Portland PDCA

5 Monthly Educational Meetings Effective Communication Between Your Field Portland PDCA Exterior Stain Training: Benjamin Moore Portland PDCA Building Strategic Partnerships for Profit Portland PDCA Miller Paint Factory Tour and Dinner Portland PDCA Lunch w/ the Lawyer: Review and Tighten Your Contracts Portland PDCA Shop Hop Bus Tour Portland PDCA On Screen Take-Off Software Options and Demonstration Portland PDCA Sales and Motivation: Dale Carnegie Portland PDCA

6 Monthly Educational Meetings Why PDCA Membership Benefits Your Company Denver PDCA Estimating & Technology Use of Apps and Tablets, Software and Office Systems Denver PDCA Avoiding and Resolving Paint Failures Denver PDCA Sub-Contracting, Collections and Liens Denver PDCA State of Field Equipment – Mini Presentations Denver PDCA First Aid Training and Certification Denver PDCA

7 Monthly Educational Meetings Members Only Spray Seminar Washington State Council – Orange peel, fish eye and pin holing - Why do they happen and how do we deal with it? – Overview of the latest spray technologies and how they can make you money – How to get the optimum viscosity for fine finishes – Hands on demo experience with the latest equipment from the top spray vendors – The people at Diamond Prefinish, Inc. - what they do and where they do it - applications to wood, doors, casing, veneers, metal and fiberglass

8 Monthly Educational Meetings Why Smart Employees Under Perform Westchester County PDCA Proven Traditional and Online Marketing Strategies to Dynamically Grow Your Painting Business in 2013 Westchester County PDCA How to Avoid Giving the Lawyers All Your Money 101 Westchester County PDCA Trade Show & Swap Meet Florida PDCA – See greatest products in the paint industry. Representatives from Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, SunColor Paints, PPG Porter Paints, Rustoleum, Wooster Brush, TriTech Industries just to name a few…… – Browse through the “Swap Meet” area to see participating contractors selling used equipment and tools.

9 Monthly Educational Meetings CRM Contact Management programs / staying in front of past clients Contractor Spotlight – Members talks/shares photos about Start to Finish on a Project of Merit – How they accomplished the Job and problems that arose and how overca Accreditation thru Contractor College Shop Hops – Hire a bus to take the monthly meeting members to 3 local commercial / residential shops – How they track their equipment – Share how they reached their level of success – Tour Larger shops – Inspiring

10 Monthly Educational Meetings Hands-on Training Technical Bring in a person explaining how to fix a piece of equipment in the field or at your shop Sprayer Workshop How to Repair Pumps Pressure washer maintenance Paper Hanging Program – Off site location – demonstrate how to apply and few months later how to remove – Team up with Local guild

11 Networking & Retention Events Games Pool Tournament Annual Picnics Charity Painting Projects Retention Charity Events Golf Outing Fishing Outing Clay & Trap Shoot Outing Holiday Parties with Spouses Summer Picnics with Spouses

12 Annual Events or Fundraisers Golf tournament Safety Day & Painter Olympics Painting and Decorating Contractors of CA – PDCA Members & C33 Contractors can send employees to receive safety training on OSHA's most frequently cited areas: 1) Fall Protection & Ladder Safety, 2) Hazard Communication, and 3) Respiratory Protection. Other training includes: CPR/First Aid, Lift Training for JLG & Scissorlift, and Spray Equipment Safety. Casino Night Charity Event Denver PDCA Holiday Dinners Awards Dinners

13 Idea Bounce

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