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2 Banking and Finance Quiz 1. Here is a small __________________. You'll get the rest of the money after the job is finished. benefitadvancepreview 2. "Here's a ten-pound __________________ ". "Your change, Sir". invoicenoteaccount 3. "What is the __________________ in Poland". "It's the Zloty". moneycurrencygreenback 4. In banking, a _____________ bank is a financial institution primarily engaged in offering financial services and advice to corporations and to wealthy individuals. merchantcommercialclearing 5. If you work longer than your usual working day you should be paid __________________. outgoingoverdueovertime 6. I don't get paid in cash. My salary is paid into my bank __________________. depositdebtaccount 7. The long-term loan you take from a bank to buy a house or flat is called a __________________. mortgageoverdraftarrears 2

3 8. I need to __________________ my belt, and cut down on the money I spend on luxuries. loosentightendo 9. I don't have any cash on me. Can I pay with my __________________ card? depositcreditexpenditure 10. A document which shows all your withdrawals and deposits (usually for one month) is called a "bank __________________". stapler statement bill 11. What's another way to say "to withdraw"? to make out to put outto take out 12. I'd like to _________________ some money to my sister’s account. transferchangeswitch 13. Your _________________ rate determines the repayments you make on the money you borrow from a bank. interest internal repayment 14. The money you borrow from a bank is called a _________________. loaner loan lone 15. I have to _________________ another loan. take outgo for take in 3

4 16. If you'd like to buy a house, you will probably have to take out a _________________. statement mortgagemarriage 17. What's the _________________ on my account? It's $450. ( = there's $450 in your account) bailmoneybalance 18. I'm sorry, Mr. Davis, but your check hasn't ____________________ ( = gone through) yet. cleared transferred claimed 19. If you go abroad you don't have to take a lot of cash with you. Instead, you can take __________________ cheques with you, which are accepted in most hotels, restaurants and shops all over the world. touristtraveller'stravel 20. The bank is closed but we can take some money out of an ______________. ATMHOBSCHAPS 4

5 KEY : advance note currency merchant overtime account mortgage tighten credit statement to take out transfer interest loan take out mortgage balance cleared traveller’s ATM 5

6 CONDITIONALS 1. If you _________________ (send) your order by fax, we _________________ (deliver) the goods immediately. 2. If you _________________ (invite) me for lunch, I _________________ (help) you with your presentation. (an offer) 3. If I ___________________ (speak) Japanese as well as you do, I __________________ (try) to find a job with one of Japanese banks. (I don’t speak a word of Japanese). 4. If we _________________ (have) more employees, we _________________ (work) more efficiently. However, we can’t afford to hire. 5. A: Can I borrow some money from you? B: No way, I’m broke. Even if I _______________ (have) any, I ______________ (not lend) to you! 6. If you ____________________ (be) rich, what car _______________ (you / have)? 6

7 7. If your conditions _________________ (be) competitive, we _________________ (place) an order. Can you send us an offer by email? 8. If I _________________ (get) promoted, I _________________ (be) able to buy a bigger house. (I expect a promotion) 9. If I _________________ (have) more time, I _________________ (do) a course in business English. (I’m very busy though). 10. If I _________________ (be) you, I _________________ (worry / not) about the presentation. 11. We _________________ (cancel) our order if you ________________ (deliver / not) the goods by Friday. 12. If Brittany _________________ (speak) better English, she _________________ (apply) for a job abroad. (Her English is bad). 13. If you _________________ (give) me a 10 % discount, I _________________ (buy) two. (at the market) 7

8 14. If only I could quit smoking! If I ______________ (stop) smoking, I _________________ (save) €1000 a year! 15. If I ___________________ (be) the Prime Minister, I _________________ (reduce) the taxes. 16. You’d better take this seriously because if you ________________ (lose) this contract, we ______________ (have) to fire you. 17. If motorists __________________ (have) to pay an extra tax to drive in cities, they __________________ (use) their cars a lot less. 18. If I __________________ (be) the CEO, I _______________ (make) quite a few changes. 19. If you _________________ (see) Hugo, ______________ (give) him my phone number. 20. I ___________________ (finish) this report by myself, if I __________________ (know) how to. I need help from my colleagues. 8

9 KEY 1. send/will deliver 2. invite/will help 3. spoke/would try 4. had/would work 5. had/wouldn’t lend 6. were/would you have 7. are/will place 8. get/will be able 9. had/would do 10. were/wouldn’t worry 11. will cancel/don’t deliver 12. spoke/would apply 13. give/will buy 14. stopped (could stop)/would save 15. were/would reduce 16. lose/will have to 17. had/would use 18. were/would make 19. see/give 20. would finish/knew 9

10 10

11 WORKBOOK, P. 32 11

12 12

13 13

14 KEY: 14

15 15

16 KEY: 16

17 17

18 KEY: 18

19 19

20 20

21 21

22 KEY: 22

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